Daisuke Kanbe: Under the Rich Playboy Mask, a True Gem!

One look at Daisuke Kanbe and you’re left with a powerful impression ranging from “I wanna be him” to “I wanna be WITH him” to even “I think he looks like a shallow jerk”. Daisuke leaves an impression on everyone with his slicked-back hair, freshly pressed suits, and powerful, aloof demeanor.

His callous manner of speech combined with his ridiculous spending to get exactly what he wants when he wants makes him out to be a spoiled brat obsessed with his own pleasure. This is the cover that Daisuke needs so he can investigate into his own family and company without alerting anyone. For most of Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED, we only see snippets of the man Daisuke truly is. These are some of the moments that shed some light on his true self!


Balance: Limited (Episode 4)

While running away from healthy food he doesn’t like seems very childish, the way Daisuke handles having no money or his omniscient, AI butler is pretty calm for someone seemingly dependent on these things. He does lack common knowledge and skills but he doesn’t decide tasks or food are beneath him just because he’s unfamiliar with them.

Haru has a pretty easy time bossing Daisuke around which is pretty different from most of their discourse. Daisuke sort of gets him back by making Haru foot the bill for the day as if it’s natural. Later, Daisuke even returns triumphantly to his house to prepare the super cheap meal Haru taught him. He’s not so helpless as poor Shizue made him out to be!

Agreeable Sometimes (Episode 3)

Daisuke spends a lot of time and a lot of money one-upping Haru so he doesn’t have to do honest police work. Paying off thugs and destroying buildings all seem to point to Daisuke seemingly having no interest in people or justice and simply wanting results.

Taking out a hostile man holding old ladies hostage seems like a no-brainer yet Daisuke goes way out of his way to ascertain information on the target, utilize expensive gadgets, and pay for the criminal’s sister’s surgery so he won’t have a reason to fight them. Daisuke demonstrates an incredible amount of compassion for him and Haru by respecting their earnest desires. Daisuke even put his own life on the line because he trusted Haru’s intuition so much even when no one else did.

Taking Responsibility for his Family’s Actions (Episode 11)

Confronting his grandmother over the murder of his mother was undoubtedly a hard thing, especially with her being the strong matriarch presiding over the family. But beyond his personal grievances, Daisuke couldn’t stand that their family was profiting from a secret material they were willing to sell to terrorists and criminals. He proves here that while he’s accustomed to his cushy life, he won’t sacrifice people to maintain it.

He does hesitate when his grandmother threatens that revealing the family secret could plunge the world into chaos but once Haru accidentally releases him of that burden, he can only feel thankful. He knows that it’s not up to him to decide how the world will act but he does continue his detective work to protect against the inevitable bad guys that pop up.

Final Thoughts

Though it’s not apparent at first, Daisuke is a good guy at heart. Definitely flashy and used to getting his way, but still a good guy. He cares about his family, the justice system, and Haru, even though he has a funny way of showing it. He’s willing to adapt and learn by unconventional means but at his strongest is a terrifying foe. Daisuke may not be winning any prizes for best boyfriend or friend material, but he’s certainly got his good points that add to his sophisticated charm!

Fugou-Keiji-BalanceUnlimited-Wallpaper-4-609x500 Daisuke Kanbe: Under the Rich Playboy Mask, a True Gem!


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