The Newest Adventures of Our Favorite Goblin Slayer Now on His Tenth Volume

  • Mangaka : Kumo Kagyu
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy
  • Published : August 2020

Introduction: Goblin Slayer Vol. 10

Goblins are real nasty creatures. They like pillaging, looting, abduction, rape, and other gruesome activities. More so, they can quickly reproduce and amass force. Even stories with goblins as protagonists do not bother hiding these facts. Good thing there is someone who has dedicated his entire life and career hunting and eradicating these vile monsters. As what people often say, “Who you gonna call? Goblin Slayer!” Or maybe, something like that.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Our favorite goblin hacking, goblin smacking adventurer has returned on our reading tables for his tenth volume. This time around, our fun bunch of goblin slayers are bound to protect a vineyard close to Priestess’ heart. This vineyard happens to be part of the Temple of the Earth Mother’s properties, and the Temple of the Earth Mother also happens to be where the Priestess was raised. Of course, their long time nemesis are also present. This time, however, someone close to Priestess may be part of the fray.

Why You Should Read Goblin Slayer Vol. 10

1. The Long Wait Has Ended

After waiting for half a year since the last volume, it can even be thought foolish to drop the series at this point. We’re all too deep into the series that we’ll all be patiently (read: restlessly) waiting for the next volume. But before thinking about that, let’s first take our time and enjoy this masterpiece known as Goblin Slayer (Vol. 10). After that… Well, it’s time to distract ourselves again, since another long wait has begun.

2. Goblin Slaying Action

Just like the past volumes of Goblin Slayer, this volume doesn’t forget to spill as much goblin ichor as our thirst long. Of course, these slaying isn’t just the common hack and slash, the thinking, strategizing, and trapmaking, which Goblin Slayer is famous for, is ever so present in this volume. That being said, this volume surely delivers in terms of well though action-packed scenes.

3. Priestess Spotlight

With the synopsis alone, it can easily be deduced that this volume is highly likely to revolve around Priestess one or the other. Surely enough, that is true. In this volume, we get to hear a lot of stories from Priestess’s past, more so about her upbringing. Of course, that also includes the people that played a huge role in her past. However, one of which has some shady connections to goblins. Who’s that? Well, you have to read to find out.

Final Thoughts

The tenth volume of Goblin Slayer surely delivers to each and every one of our expectations. Goblin slaying action? Check. Strategies and well-thought battles? Check. More of our favorite characters? Check. A new addition to the world we already fell in love with? Check. Should we continue? Nah, we’d rather not. Nevertheless, the world of Goblin Slayer still continues to expand. As it goes, we are constantly amazed at how the story is going. So, one final question. Is Goblin Slayer Vol. 10 a worthwhile read? Hell yeah!

Goblin-Slayer-novel The Newest Adventures of Our Favorite Goblin Slayer Now on His Tenth Volume


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