The Oppai Revolution!!! How Oppai Have Grown in the Last Decade of Anime

As otaku, it is written in our DNA to love anime oppai. The bigger the oppai, the better the girl. As silly as that sounds, it seems anime creators agree with that sentiment. Over the last decade, oppai have undergone a revolution that has made them even more appealing than before! Oppai have gotten not only bigger in the anime world but in numerous anime shows. For more proof, let’s discuss all things oppai and examine how they have grown in the anime world in more ways than one! Warning, expect a lot of possible nosebleeds and desires to awaken.

They Have Grown!!!

Around the 2010s, oppai were already beginning to swell and we mean literally. Not only were characters getting larger oppai out of nowhere—we’re looking at you Nami from One Piece—but they seemed to be on every anime girl around. Several girls from Bakemonogatari had extremely large oppai despite their petite frames—such as Tsubasa Hanekawa and Hitagi Senjougahara—and even shows not geared to guys like Love Lab had girls with ample oppai. Even in the last few years, oppai obsession has grown and we can show that with two girls from quite popular series.

Rem from Re:Zero and Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero—both anime of which are isekai as a side note for further thought—are gifted with large oppai when in reality, they don’t need them. Both characters bring a lot to the table due to their butt-kicking ways but they were definitely created to please fans and we see that in several dozen scenes between both series. "The point?" you might ask? Oppai are growing in the industry and regardless of your frame and stature in the anime world, you may be given oppai larger than most to balance out the other characteristics you may have.

Oppai Sells, Obviously

Not to attack those who love flat-chests—as some anime girls are best with flatter oppai—the reality of larger oppai versus smaller is simple. Well-endowed anime girls can sell quite better than those without. Those who need proof just need to turn to MegaHouse and Banpresto's Glitter & Glamours series of anime statues.

If you’re a collector of anime statues—and what otaku isn’t—then you’ve probably seen the MegaHouse line of statues for series like Dragon Ball and One Piece. These statues have some famous ladies—like Android 18 and Tsunada from Naruto—with even bigger oppai than their original designs! Now, if you look at the high price tags and the fact these statues sell out quickly—and are often copied by fake companies—shows they are desired. We all love our big oppai girls but why not have them bigger and have them on our desks to stare at for long periods of time…which we swear we haven’t done.

Tiny Girl, Large Oppai

Has anyone noticed a very obvious reoccurring theme in the anime world as of the last several years? Anime girls who are barely 5 feet tall have busts that prove gravity doesn’t work in the anime landscape. These mini-girls are given huge oppai and we sometimes are left gawking due to the unrealistic design but also the fact that there are big oppai on our screens.

Recently, two anime have featured girls with huge oppai on small-sized girls. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! and Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World are our primary focus. Hana Uzaki despite being labeled as a “college” student looks like barely like a high schooler and has oppai that most girls in the anime wish they had. Mismis Klass from Our Last Crusade also was given a large set of oppai that might beat out main girl Alice! Large oppai, as of late, have been bestowed on many anime girls regardless of height or real factor.

Is This Oppai Revolution Bad, Though?

In our honest opinion, large oppai might set unrealistic world values—but what is realistic in anime? if you really think about it—and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like most anime clichés, oppai have grown in the world of anime in the last decade but that doesn’t mean their presence is to act like a political movement or statement. In our minds here at Honey’s Anime, we just think creators are having more fun dreaming up lustful anime babes and for them to do that, they need to up the oppai factor tenfold to really grab our attention.

Final Thoughts

As anime gets bigger and bigger it seems oppai have followed suit and we really aren’t complaining. Series like My First Girlfriend is a Gal and Prison School wouldn’t have the same impact if the main ladies didn’t have extremely large oppai and we bet they wouldn’t be as well-known.

Do you like big oppai or do you prefer them smaller? Comment below with your love for all things oppai so we can discuss this very important topic with you readers out there! For even more oppai-related articles keep stuck to our oppai-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Maken-Ki-Battling-Venus-Wallpaper-498x500 The Oppai Revolution!!! How Oppai Have Grown in the Last Decade of Anime


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