The Other Characters Are Also Interesting! - Fiancée of the Wizard Vol. 1

  • Episodes : Masaki Kazuka, Syuri Nakamura, Keiko Sakano
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Fantasy, Isekai, Romance
  • Producers : August 2020

Contains Spoilers

Introduction: Fiancée of the Wizard

Isekai, the dream of many. But what if instead of being the gleaming hero or the demon lord’s spawn, the heroine isn’t even a goblin, monster, slime, spider, or somebody with a fancy game system. Instead, she is just plain old townsfolk, an NPC. Someone who is barely recognizable to the rest and plays minimal to no significant role. Will it be a boring waste of time? Will it be an unlucky twist of fate?

Discussion Time

Fiancée of the Wizard focuses on the life of Filimina via Adina. Since this is an isekai story, Filimina isn’t originally Filimina. She was an ordinary Japanese office worker shy away from 30. However, she was one day hit by a vehicle. Is it the isekai star, Truck-kun? We’re not sure, but she was reincarnated to the body of a dying three-year-old girl, Filimina. With her intact memory, she immediately figured out what is happening around her and explored. Unfortunately, she realized that she wasn’t the glamorous hero, but mere townsfolk.

Why You Should Read Fiancee of the Wizard

1. An Isekai Not Focusing on Being Overpowered

Unlike a lot of isekai stories with protagonists either aiming to conquer the world or save the world from the evil antagonist. In this series, however, the protagonist isn’t going to do any of that. After all, she isn’t an all-powerful hero nor has an invincible weapon. Rather than fighting all sorts of monsters, we get to see a heart tickling love story. On the other hand, there are still a few hints of action since the heroine’s partner is the overpowered wizard.

2. Another Look at Fantasy

If you’re thinking of still reading action-packed scenes, just give it up. The series focuses more on the romance between Filimina and Egiedeyrus. The world does include magic, fantasy, summoning, and all, but they are treated more as a matter of facts, than exciting tales. That is what makes this series pretty interesting. It shows us that romance in the fantasy world exists, more so, star torn lovers. However, these kinds of stories aren’t the same as how school life is fantasy in our world. For one, kids in fantasy get betrothed at a very young age.

Why You Should Skip Fiancee of the Wizard

1. A Middle-Aged Woman Acting Like a Maiden

Since this is an isekai, we are made aware that our protagonist, Filimina, is an adult that has been reincarnated to this new world. That being said, she is literally a middle-aged woman living in a young girl’s body. As such, looking at her acting coy and embarrassed like a teenager could be a bit cringy. Nevertheless, she still is growing up in her body and is technically still a teenage girl, but the fact that she's an adult can knock on your mind like a very unwanted visitor making sure you’re uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Fiancee of the Wizard isn’t your ordinary isekai story. For one, it focuses more on the bonding between characters than being powerful. Another is that it makes us view isekai with a different lens. Maybe, just maybe, reincarnating in a fantasy world doesn’t always guarantee a flavorful tale. Maybe it can be just like Filimina, being a boring side character. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the world needs to end. It just has to be a different kind of adventure, an exciting normal one.

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