The Reality of Life in Mujirushi

  • Mangaka : Naoki Urasawa
  • Publisher : Viz Media
  • Genre : Mystery, Drama, Seinen
  • Published : July 2020

Mujirushi Introduction

We are always told that life doesn’t play favorites. Well, we would like to give our deepest, sincerest disapproval. We believe that life does play favorites. Some people have it good, while others have it not so good. That is talking about the majority. There are also a lot of people who are born with silver, golden, or even platinum spoons in their mouth. On the other hand, there are also those who are forced to be victims of this cruel reality, and life sometimes even like picking on those poor souls. Every misfortune just comes to them one after the other.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Imagine being the main character in your own movie, but you are not the hero type character. We’re talking about a severely unfortunate character. A character that has been living an honest life but is peer pressured to avoid taxes at a wrong time. That character then gets left behind by his wife after she won a luxurious cruise. That’s not all, that character then gets duped into getting a lot of loans to fund a probably mask business, which turned out to be completely useless. Fine, don’t imagine. That’s our MC in Mujirushi.

Why You Should Read Mujirushi

1. Donald T-- Eh, Beverly Duncan

Famous figures in manga aren't really that uncommon nowadays. In fact, Baki even featured American presidents from Bush to the present bowing to Yujiro Hanma’s power and might. True enough, that was an entertaining read. In Mujirushi, the feature isn’t as direct as Baki. Actually, it’s more of an allusion more than a feature. Nonetheless, the semblance between Beverly Duncan and Donald Trump is uncanny. We mean, in this writer's opinion, she even won the presidency in a very low method. She also likes spouting bullcrap and drivel.

2. Hilarious Misadventure in France

The thing about Mujirushi is that it starts and ends in one volume. That means it completely tells a story that doesn’t leave us, the readers, cliffhanger. Hell, do we like that. In addition to that, the story in itself is pretty great. It follows Kamoda’s one time (mis)adventure in France in his bid to desperately earn a few bucks. The plan in itself is absolutely maniacal, but the exhibition just falls short in more than a few corners. Nevertheless, those corners are what made the entire story go bonkers.

Why You Should Skip Mujirushi

1. Totally Dumb Main Character

Mujirushi’s main character, Kamoda, is a real total piece of work. To be fair to him, we won’t have a Mujirushi to read if he has not been a total bloke. Right from the beginning, he chose to avoid taxes just because everybody is doing it -- which proves that peer pressure shan’t make anybody cower. He didn’t learn from that either. He gets scammed right after his wife leaves, and he even follows a damn crow just because it has a paper tied on its foot. Oh, a kind hearted lady even tried to stop him, and yet, here we are.

Final Thoughts

Mujirushi offers a completely different angle to the struggles of life. Well, at least the first part. Those that follow are complete out of this world, but entertaining to read. We don’t really take joy in the misfortunes of others, but there are those like Kamoda’s that make us sympathize while being intrigued. We have no idea what is going on in his mind, but he definitely has some weird ideas. Most of which, we don’t approve, but we do find entertaining. All in all, Mujirushi is a great and interesting read.

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Author: Christian Markle

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