The Start of a Great Adventure - Solo Leveling Vol. 1 (Light Novel)

The Start of a Great Adventure
  • Mangaka : Chugong
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Fantasy, Action, Adventure
  • Published : February 2021

Solo Leveling has been very popular at this point. In fact, its rise in popularity has warranted for it to have an animated adaptation, which is said to be released in Fall this year. As big fans of the series, we sure are glad it’s getting traction. We mean, it’s really amazing how big of a fanbase it has at this point. Better yet, the series is finally being released in English. Yes, both the manhwa and the light novel. But for this article, we’ll only be talking about the light novel, so let’s get into it.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Solo Leveling is Korean light novel that focuses on Jinwoo Sung. He used to live on a normal Earth, but a weird phenomenon suddenly happened. Gates leading to a world of monsters keep appearing in different parts of the world. In order to close a gate, they must kill all the monsters and the boss within that gate. On that note, some humans also awakened powers thanks to this weird phenomenon. Jinwoo is an E-rank hunter, which means he’s only a step above a common human and way below a monster’s rank. This, however, changed when he got abandoned in a special class gate.

Why You Should Read Solo Leveling

1. The start of everything

As we’ve already said earlier, this is the start of Jinwoo’s journey. The moment he becomes the sacrifice to the creepy dungeon boss, his life has already changed. In fact, nobody knows whether or not he really is still alive. What we know, however, is that he’s become pretty badass. He has daily quests, which he must do unless he wants to be penalized. It’s only the first volume, but we can already tell we’re going to have a long, wild ride of fighting, grinding, and leveling up, and we’ve already got our popcorn for the ride!

2. Real-life game world

Solo Leveling interestingly has features a game should have. Although this much is pretty common to us since a lot of isekai series incorporate the same feature into their world-building. Like the others, only Jinwoo has a system, which also gives us a very clear status on how strong our protagonist currently is. It also works as a very nifty cheat sheet of every skill and ability he currently has. For gamers like us, it’s like watching a Livestream of a pro-player. It’s both highly entertaining and educational. At least, as long as we pay enough attention to his antics.

3. Road to being overpowered

It’s pretty obvious at this point. It’s only been a few chapters in, but Jinwoo has already been multiple times stronger than the wimpy E-rank hunter that he once was. Interestingly, his growth still hasn’t reached its peak yet. It seems like he’s only just learned of the ropes. We expect him to grind like mortar in the future volumes, and we can no longer wait for him to reach that point. We mean, it’s pretty awesome seeing our protagonist massacre hordes of monsters after all.

Final Thoughts

Solo Leveling lives up to its popularity. The series is pretty amazing to say the least. There’s a lot of power grinding, leveling up, and killing monsters. What’s more, is that it’s pretty satisfying to watch Jinwoo work his way from rock bottom to his way to the top. For big fans of the fantasy genre, then it can’t get any better than Solo Leveling.

Ore-Dake-Level-Upna-Ken-novel The Start of a Great Adventure - Solo Leveling Vol. 1 (Light Novel)


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