The Third Wheeling of Yuigahama Yui – Was She Doomed From the Start? - Oregairu Season 3

Fans of the romantic slice of life series, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy ga Machigatteiru (Oregairu) will have had their heartstrings pulled at the recent painful experiences that Yuigahama Yui has had to experience due to the developing relationship between herself and Hachiman, as well as the relationship between herself and Yukinoshita Yukino. Yui has seen herself get left at the last minute for Yukino’s sake, and in this current season, Yui’s romantic feelings for Hachiman have been brought to centre-stage. The question we have here given how it is clear that Hachiman doesn’t quite feel the same way is – was Yui always doomed to be the friend of the main pair?

Service Club

When Hachiman was punished and sent to the Service Club by Hiratsuka-sensei, Yukinoshita Yukino was the only member at the time. The first and second seasons developed the relationship between the three of them as the Service Club. This means that Yui came in as the third member at a later stage, making her the proverbial third wheel. However, Yui’s third-wheeling in the series is also in contrast to the fact that Yukino was in the car involved in Hachiman’s accident early in his high school career, an accident that took place because Hachiman was saving Yui’s dog.

While the accident may have been a secret underlying component bringing them together, Yukino’s initial objection to Yui joining the service club; as well as the fact that Yui is different from the indifferent and colder Yukino and Hachiman, creates the image of her separation from them. Yui also battles feelings of inadequacy because of her belief that she doesn’t have the talent that makes others great.


In season three, due to Yukinoshita’s student council obligations, Yui and Hachiman have spent a lot more time together by themselves. The series which, up until this point, showed the growing relationship among the three now shows fissures in that relationship. Their co-dependency has reached a critical point and Yui, who struggles with not being able to solve problems on her own, finds her feelings hurt on quite a few occasions.

Yui’s feelings for Hachiman have been alluded to and explored a little bit as the series progressed, but her most recent outing with him was the sad outcome – Hachiman doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Hachiman’s dismissal of Yui’s feelings, especially when he prioritises helping Yukino with the seemingly collapsing prom proposal. Hachiman’s relationship with Yukino is wrought with its own brand of tension, so the third wheeling of Yuigahama Yui is set in stone with his plan to set up a fake prom to help Yukino despite her wishes.

Final Thoughts

Friendships, love triangles, and internal turmoil, Oregairu’s third season is filled with much of the same drama we’ve seen in previous instances of the show, and certain story points are unravelling in interesting fashion. It seems unlikely that Yui will get the kind of ending she so dearly wants; however, it might not be the right thing to do to dismiss the possibility. As it stands; however, Yui has decided to help Hachiman help Yukino despite her feelings for the former, something which must take a lot of maturity to do. What are your thoughts on the situation in Oregairu season 3? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think!

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