The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review

Become the Ultimate Wizard!

Game Info:

  • System: PSVR
  • Publisher: Perp Games
  • Developer: Carbon Studio
  • Digital Release Date: March 12, 2019
  • Physical Release Date: August 13, 2019

Who it Caters to

The-Wizards-game The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review
Who here has watched Doctor Strange and went, “Dang, I wish I was a wizard!”? We’re sure many of you readers out there have probably uttered this phrase at one point because let’s face it, being a wizard seems pretty cool. The ability to harness magic in your fingertips and make arcane lightning and summon fireballs all by making motions with your hands just seems cool. The Wizards - Enhanced Edition has given us the closest thing to becoming wizards without blowing up property and possibly electrocuting ourselves with our magic prowess we wish we had. Does The Wizards - Enhanced Edition pull off being as grand as the title suggests? We have our answer below in our full review you’ll want to read!

What to Expect

The-Wizards-game The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review
The Wizards - Enhanced Edition is a VR title that pits players in the role of an apprentice wizard. Using your newly found powers you must learn from a master spellcaster and equally save the land from a growing threat that will soon envelope the kingdom! Using the PSVR motion controllers, players will mimic various hand gestures to summon powerful magical arts like fireballs, arcane missiles and even thunder! Advance in the story to gain even more abilities as you begin to master your craft and face off against various creatures like wraiths, goblins and other terrifying beasts. Don’t be scared though, you’re a wizard and that means you have powers beyond your wildest dreams in The Wizards-Enhanced Edition!


The-Wizards-game The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review
You’ve been chosen to become an apprentice wizard. Your master is ready to teach all that he knows about being the ultimate spellcasting warrior but before you lie test that aren’t so simple. You will need to learn how to perform various feats all while facing down a dangerous threat that will test your newly acquired skills. Pass these challenges and you will become one of the strongest beings in the land. Fail and not only does the kingdom suffer a possible destruction from a growing army of baddies but you will probably perish. The pressure is high young apprentice but with your skills, the task isn’t impossible…just very difficult.


The-Wizards-game The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review
Released originally in 2017, developer Carbon Studios released The Wizards in Early Access and VR fans clearly loved this title. After another year—2018—a new version of The Wizards released now with the added moniker of Enhanced Edition. Unfortunately, this awesome VR title was exclusively available on the PC, but that has finally come to a close as PSVR users can now enjoy The Wizards - Enhanced Edition for themselves! However, is this wizard themed VR title worth the hype and wait? We will tell you in our full review of The Wizards - Enhanced Edition for the PSVR!

Without diving into too much lore, The Wizards - Enhanced Edition is pretty easy to explain. Players have become a wizards’ apprentice and now must use their skills learned to face off against a strange new threat. After a short tutorial—which we recommend not skipping even though you can—you will end up in The Sanctum where your adventure begins. Your journey ahead will be filled with perilous threats but you are a wizard. That means you aren’t going into this journey with a flimsy sword or bow, but instead, you are armed with magical crafts that are the main selling point to The Wizards - Enhanced Edition!

From the get-go, The Wizards - Enhanced Edition gives you several spells that will make you really feel like a brand-new mage. You’ll initially have a fireball ability, energy shield and ice bow that are activated by motioning the PlayStation Move Controllers in various ways. As you progress in The Wizards - Enhanced Edition, you’ll gain even more spells that increase the motions you need to make but somehow make you feel like a wizard even more! If there was any issues with the motion controls though—and this could be more on our own end, but we did try it several ways—it’s that sometimes aiming and making the motion of the spells can be a bit weird. There were times we’d try to make arcane missiles—a power you gain early on—but kept summoning the ice bow. Equally, fireballs can sometimes miss their targets and it’s not because you can’t aim but because the motion controller will think you’re aiming at the floor or the ceiling. It doesn’t happen enough to say The Wizards - Enhanced Edition controls poorly though as the ice bow was always spot on and various other spells—which we don’t want to spoil—still aimed with precision 99% of the time.

Now besides shooting fireballs and arcs of lighting like Harry Potter, you’ll be exploring various landscapes solving puzzles and engaging enemies in different situations. The Wizards - Enhanced Edition is peppered with numerous challenges such as surviving waves of enemies in enclosed arenas or having to dodge fire traps while waiting for a door to open. As The Wizards - Enhanced Edition gets even deeper into the dangers you’ll face, your foes will get stronger and often fire back with their own weapons or spells making you move fast and frantically. There’s a real difficulty to The Wizards - Enhanced Edition at times and it can be made even harder with cards that you find scattered across the world. These cards activate multipliers like more enemies or tougher difficulties. If you think your skills are up to par then we recommend using these cards for a real challenge!

Lastly, let’s talk about the audio and visual element of The Wizards - Enhanced Edition. In terms of music and voice action, The Wizards - Enhanced Edition gets an A+ as we loved the grand OST and equally loved our master wizard and his various jokes/quips. Visually, The Wizards - Enhanced Edition has some strengths and weaknesses. Some of the environments in The Wizards - Enhanced Edition look gorgeous from wide open dungeons to spooky catacombs. Then there are sections that look okay at best and seem a bit graphically dated. Enemies have the same issue with some being truly well defined and others okay. Overall though, The Wizards - Enhanced Edition looks and sounds pretty darn good and that is always a nice thing for any VR game.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

The-Wizards-game The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review
The Wizards - Enhanced Edition is why we still keep our PSVR headsets ready to go at a moment notice. Being able to perform various magical feats feels constantly exciting and tested us numerous times with various enemies and situations. There’s a nice pace in The Wizards - Enhanced Edition as you unlock various skills and powers not extremely quickly, but as you progress, that makes you feel truly like an apprentice learning the ropes of his/her power. While some powers work better than others, The Wizards - Enhanced Edition has enough spell variety to never grow tiresome and enemies rarely stand still while you wail on them. You’ll need to get better and better otherwise The Wizards - Enhanced Edition will show you that being a wizard isn’t something you can do in your sleep. The Wizards - Enhanced Edition does falter slightly with some wonky aiming systems and isn’t the most impressive looking PSVR title out there, the overall package for the price of admission makes this truly a bang for your buck. If you want to be a wizard but know that’s not the easiest thing to obtain in real life, then we think you’ll love The Wizards - Enhanced Edition.

Honey's Pros:

  • Learning and performing various spells was fun from the minute we began and never got old as we played
  • The voice actor for the master wizard never gets old as he lays some funny humor
  • Numerous environments to explore with a nice amount of enemy variation
  • The Ice Bow and Lightning Spells constantly put smiles on our faces but equally most of the spells were pretty cool to use
  • Tough but rewarding battles with the ability to use cards gained in game to make for tougher challenges and variants to stages

Honey's Cons:

  • Activating and aiming some spells felt a bit harder then they should have
  • Some visuals within The Wizards - Enhanced Edition don’t look that impressive

Honey's Final Verdict:

The-Wizards-game The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review
The PSVR constantly is giving us VR fans an exciting glimpse into what the future of VR games has for us. That is especially true when you play games like The Wizards - Enhanced Edition! While not perfect—but what PSVR game is— The Wizards - Enhanced Edition gets it right by being fun and giving players a glimpse at what it would be like if they could harness the magical arts in their fingertips. We think many of you PSVR fans will truly enjoy The Wizards - Enhanced Edition, but let us know in the comments below if you want to pick this game up or plan on skipping it. For more game reviews and various other anime articles, be sure to keep stuck to our glorious hive here at Honey’s Anime!

The-Wizards-game The Wizards - Enhanced Edition - PlayStation VR Review


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