The Woes of Social Media and Anime

Let’s talk about social media for a moment reader out there. Ever since the birth of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube, anime communities everywhere have been blessed with a new outlet to share their love for all things anime. The ability to discuss what series are soon to air and to see companies share trailers or even news articles about anime is a blessing for us anime viewers. Anime communities have been forged from long debates on who is the best waifu out there and why Naruto could—or couldn’t—beat Ichigo from Bleach. In the end, one would think social media platforms haven’t hurt anime in the slightest…but that would be a bit untrue. While anime has grown due to various online outlets, it has caused several big issues that tend to anger anime fans and even cause friends to rage out online. We shall examine the darker side to social media in our article we aptly titled The Woes of Social Media and Anime.


Easily one of the biggest problems with social media is how it can spoil almost any form of media…anime especially. We here at Honey’s Anime can’t count the number of times we saw a post or tweet about something happening in a new episode and crying that the surprise will be forever ruined. Anime spoilers happen daily on Twitter and Instagram as fans want to show their favorite screenshots but often forget people can’t all watch a new episode the minute it airs. Many of us here at Honey’s Anime have full time jobs meaning when an episode airs at 9 am, we’re working and need to wait till the evening to see it. Yes, many readers out there will say you should just mute or turn off your phones to avoid said spoilers, but when your job needs to rely on constant updates sometimes involving social media, this option isn’t feasible. Bottom line, be forewarned if a new episode of a show aired and you decide to venture on social media sites before watching it.

Over Hype Train Cometh

When a new anime series airs—take Dr. Stone or Kimetsu no Yaiba—the hyped fans get can’t be contained. You immediately need to share your thoughts on said series and pray you can gain some new friends/followers to watch the show as well. The problem with this is that often, this hype for a series creates over-hype. Someone will go and see this new amazing show with anticipations that can’t be met and feel the show was over hyped. Fans, contain your hype. Share your passion of a show with others but also realize that hype can be a double-edged sword leading to false expectations.

Petty Arguments Commence

Speaking of over-hype and false expectations, let’s segue into another issue that happens with loving an anime series on social media sites. Akin to what happens in public settings, talking about and/or loving something someone else doesn’t tends to lead to fights. While these brawls are started from petty beginnings, they happen and often social media can be one of the biggest arenas for petty arguments in the anime community. “What you think Steins; Gate is the best sci-fi series or High School DxD is the best harem series, fight me.” These are just some of the random comments we’ve seen that led to brawls on social media sites and it can be frustrating to see anime fans fight over just silly discussions.

Toxic Problems

Lastly—and we saved the best for last—why don’t we discuss the biggest issue of social media and anime, toxic commenters. Besides the petty fights, spoiler tweets and unneeded hype on a series we know is great, toxic comments reign supreme as being the worst element of social media mixing with anime. Due to anime still being considered not popular or understood by most—but it’s getting there, readers—people tend to shame others on social media sites by saying cruel comments or attacking their love for anything anime. We’ve stepped in before on not only our own site but others banning or reporting toxic comments aimed at those who just wish to talk to others. Maybe one day toxic comments will be almost abolished as anime continues to be loved by more and more people daily, but for now, a lot of anime viewers tend to avoid social media sites in fear of being attacked for their love of the medium. Our advice to those who are scared is don’t be! Toxic comments are nothing more than useless words spewed from someone who has nothing better to do. Love what you love and wear the anime badge with pride!

Final Thoughts

The Woes of Social Media and Anime can be quite numerous as you see above. Yet, like anything there’s a silver lining to social media and anime combined. With anime communities booming and social media outlets being the way anime fans show their love for the medium, anime has grown in depth/size over the last decade! No longer do most think anime is just hentai—though some do—but see it as an entertaining form of adult animation. Social media should be thanked for allowing anime to grow and while its not without the few issues here and there, anime fans will endure the few troubles and continue to love all things Japanimation as we hope they will. With that being said, what do you think of our article? Agree with us or disagree? Comment below to let us know! For all your anime article needs and reviews, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

078 The Woes of Social Media and Anime


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