There is an End to Gacha Games

Has anyone noticed Google Play Store and/or App Store as of recently? If you scroll to the games sections you’ll find a lot of titles, but one genre seems to be on a constant rise and doesn’t seem to stop…gacha games. If you’re new to gacha games think of Fire Emblem Heroes, Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 and/or Fate/Grand Order. These games have players playing internal lotteries within the various titles to score characters to use in-game or items that will help their parties. Gacha games keep coming out left and right to the point that it seems like every RPG on mobile devices has a gacha element to it in some shape or form! That’s why we have to ask this very important—in our minds at least—question. Is There an End In Sight For gacha Games?

Over Saturation

Many gamers out there probably don’t believe in over saturation when you see a million Call of Duty games come out. The first thought you have probably is “they still sell well though” and you’d be right; games like Call of Duty still have a huge fan base that seems to never die out. However, without getting into the math behind it, Call of Duty is a series that has begun to lose fans and players due to the over saturated FPS market and the fact that Call of Duty seems to never die out. Gacha games can be compared to Call of Duty easily as they tend to not change from game to game—outside the characters and franchises used—and always rely on the same formula to make money off the player base. Gacha games are going to die out sooner than you think if they continue to live off the principle that people are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a rare 5-Star hero.

Same Old Song

Gacha themed games can be truly enjoyable and let us experience our favorite franchises in a collaborative title that uses the whole franchise as the main medium. While this should equal fun let’s be honest for a second. Gacha games are rarely ever different from one another. They all tend to be turn based JRPGs and often they all use the same systems like sign on daily for summon points and buy summon items to boost your chances at nabbing cool characters/items. We’ve talked before on similar articles about the repetition that is gacha games but let it be known that if anything will end the genre, it will be the repeated formula done ad nauseam.

My Poor Wallet

Gambling…another topic we’ve mentioned in similar gacha articles. Gambling is fun in small—and controlled—doses but when you have ten gacha games on your phone you begin to realize its not as fun as you think. Gacha games can truly put a dent into your wallet by having players spent hundreds of dollars for in-game lotteries. Be smart about how many gacha games you play folks…they might ruin your bank accounts when you realize ten dollar summon bundles might not hurt if its one game or two but ten of them equals out to a hundred dollars…that might hurt your paycheck more than you realize.

What’s Left?

Outside the repetition and money spending issues, we wonder one last thing. What else can gacha games do? Gacha games rarely ever change the formula, but is there anything else they can actually do? With a gameplay system dedicated to having players invest and spend their hard-earned money, there’s not much else gacha games can provide players. That thought alone leads us to believe that the end is nigh for the gacha game influx and eventually, the genre will die out for a multitude of reasons. One of which is the fact that you can’t really change a formula set around gambling and time spending.

Final Thoughts

Many readers out there will probably think we don’t like gacha games or games with gacha themes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We have not only played—and still play—a dozen gacha games ourselves but we’ve also reviewed newer ones and praise how many developers try to at least do different things for their consumers. That being said though, gacha games never change and we truly believe the end is in sight if they keep coming out left and right like they do. What do you think folks? Is the end of gacha games coming or will there be a revolution? Comment below your thoughts as well as your favorite gacha games! Be sure to keep stuck to our hive for more articles like this one done by us here at Honey’s Anime!

078 There is an End to Gacha Games


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