This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]

This week is






mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
Finally! It feels like it has been forever since we got this!
mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
It is time to talk about the hottest moments in anime this week!
mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
I wonder what the Honey's Anime Editors have chosen for this week?
mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
Let's not wait any longer and get into those shows handpicked by the Editors of Honey's Anime!

Contains Spoilers

Shino!!! Nooooo!!!

Alfonso "Fonzy" Ortiz

In this week’s episode of Mobile Suit Gundam:Iron Blooded Orphans, Tekkadan and Gjallarhorn (lead by McGillis) are amidst a battle they are deeming as their last. As tensions rise and Tekkadan keeps their motivation high, the fight seems to go awry and they lose about half of the fleet to the hands of Elion, commander of the Arianrhod Fleet. They soon realize they have one chance to fight back but don’t know if it will be enough to retreat to safety. This is when things start to get interesting, and yet, feels central!

Shino comes up with a plan to help everyone regain control of the battle and allow those who are injured, to retreat to safety. Shino already has a broken arm, but still volunteers to help in the plan he came up with. The plan, to use the very same weapon they acquired which what has been beating them up so badly in this “last battle” they are so adamant about. The weapon is the Dáinsleif Canon, powerful enough to penetrate through a fully armoured ship like a knife going through butter. During this time, Yamagi and Shino are having a moment (fujoshi sees kind of moment) where Yamagi is showing his concern and true feeling towards his shipmate and friend who is going out on a suicide mission. You can definitely see the love and it doesn’t help when Shino’s attempt to destroy Elion’s command deck (with him in it) was all for naught and Tekkadan’s last hope to gain control of this battle is gone.

The moment here, and it’s a really sad one - one of the saddest in the series to date - is when Shino throws himself out towards the enemy, due to his failure, and is torn apart by the Dáinsleif Canons, left and right… All the while Yamagi senses Shino has been killed and the one he loved is forever gone. *sniff sniff*

mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
This is just as sad as when Biscuit died… Oh, the feels!! *sniff*



Gabriel DropOut has been quite popular this season even though it is soaring in the shadow of Demi-chan wa Kataritai. That being said, Gabudoro or Gabriel DropOut is flat out fantastic on the humor. Last week we were treated to a whole episode about Vingette which was gold and this week was Raphiel’s turn. Raphiel has zero chill all the time but this morning, she finds herself in a crisis that most angels do not face, her boobs are bigger (Or she gained weight) and now her bra is holding on by a prayer. She resolves not to do anything too extreme today because that could make the bra break.

That plan goes swimmingly till she finds out it is the physical exam day. Gabriel is reluctant and Vingette convinces her to participate via a treat of Yakiniku later. Those two are fine but the problem is that slightly athletic Satanichia is killing it in these tests because Raphiel cannot move too much. Normally this is not an issue, there is one massive downside; it will go 1000000% to Satanichia’s head if she passes. To Raphiel, there is nothing worse than listening to her pointless prattle and haughty comments for at least a good week when they all know that Satanichia is just an idiot with dumb luck.

Raphiel takes one for the team and crushes Satanichia in the 1000 meter dash. Thank goodness we will not have to listen to her next week…. But then…. Raphiel’s bra gives up. It snaps and suddenly she is exposed. (Not really but it is pretty funny that it lasts till the end and then snaps.)

mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
It seems there are just some things that even super Sadist Raphiel cannot let go of...

Kuzu no Honkai is One Hell of a Drug


Oh my gosh. Kuzu no Honkai is one hell of a drug. I can’t believe that all the characters are turning out to be so much more different than they appear, especially when their thoughts are involved. Watching Moca with Mugi is interesting as Moca continually thinks about how Mugi likes someone else and won’t look her way and then BAM! She starts crying. At first, you think Moca is crying because Mugi will never like her the same way and she’s been upset about it since the movie theatre. You think Moca is sad that she can’t possibly hold Mugi’s hand. Then you get a twist and it is completely and utterly thought out. Moca cries on purpose and gets Mugi to attempt to comfort her.
Then that is so not all. Moca goes on to talk about how she knows she can do anything she wants so long as she cries. No one will question her. Moca cries and game over, man. Then you see Mugi doing all the things that she wants like kiss her and he ends up on top of her naked body. And then she goes on to think about how special their friendship is and suddenly, we’re back at the movie theatres and she decides she doesn’t want that and leaves. What just happened?! Moca took us through a flurry of emotions and I am left utterly lost. Jeez.

mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
Just what the heck is happening here?!

We've All Been There

Lizzy Nyanko

Something that is so lovable about Aggressive Retsuko and makes it so popular, is how even though it involves super cute little Sanrio critters, it is incredibly realistic when it comes to workplace interactions and life situations.
In this week’s episode, we see Retsuko and her co-worker, Feneko, talking about the flu going around and how they need to be careful so as not to get sick. And then, the dreaded moment happens. Kabae the hippo shows up dripping snot, with an obvious fever and practically at the most contagious stage of the flu. Oh, and she has no mask on either. Is she serious!? ‘Go home!!’ Is what the girls think, but Kabae insists she’s fine and will stay. Feneko and Retsuko go full metalhead together complaining about this inconsiderate B**** and then it gets worse. Kabae sneezes all over Retsuko! GRRRR!! I seriously can’t even with that girl!!
We’ve all been in an office or class with someone spreading disease who clearly has no business being around people. This moment stuck with me this week because, well... It’s flu season, and this was just too real!!

mo-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/28/2017]
How dare you sneeze all over my girl!???


And that is it for this week! What did you think? Did you see any of the moments that are discussed here? Let us know below!!