This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]

This week is






bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
No one spoil anything for me this week!
bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
Spring anime is here and with it, the hot picks from the editors of Honey's Anime!
bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
I wonder what was good this past week! I am so excited
bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
Let's go and talk about anime!

Contains Spoilers

Who needs clothes to fight?


sin Nanatsu no Taizai is FINALLY here and I for one, could not be more excited about this show. From a character who looks just like Meiko from Prison School, to what looks like Queens Blade with more nudity, what is not to love about this new series?!

It opens with Lucifer being cast out of heaven. She falls to Earth meeting Maria, a believer, before Lucifer falls down into Hell. Leviathan stumbles across Lucifer affixed to a cross upside down and decides to convince her to help her take over the seven deadly sins run by Belial so that Leviathan can become one too. Lucifer is blase about it until she runs into Satan who she drops like a sack of bricks and then Belial challenges her. Lucifer takes her out and reveals now that she has been cast out, she can become a demon. Thus the story begins. This anime is going to be the fanservice anime of the season. While the story is okay, the tits everywhere, the nonstop skinship and physical contact between the girls, and of course the completely necessary act of tearing all clothes off of the bodies of the women as soon as they are hit with an attack, are what is going to keep viewers, myself included, coming back again and again.

The story has yet to develop much, but I am sure that somehow, regardless of how it turns out, there will be other influencing factors to help us watch these sexy vixens fight each other.

bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
I want to do the same things to Lucifer that Leviathan did. ehehehehehehe

Demon Discrimination


While it is technically nothing new, Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul brought in the idea of demon enslavement in last week’s episode and raised the question: What is more ethical? Killing of human oppressors or continue allowing the humans to torture demons and use them as their slaves? While it is easy to say that humans should not be killed, what if you discovered that the humans experimented and tortured demons?

It is an age old question. Do the means justify the means? This seems to be a common theme in more serious anime yet Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul does not seem like a serious anime what with the main character’s constant blushing whenever she is near a bishounen. I was ready to write off this anime, but since we are playing with the idea of vengeance and discrimination, why not give it a shot? I guess I will continue watching Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul for now. I hope it is still good by the end!

On another note, they mentioned that being a dragon means you are a demon. Since when are dragons demons? Seriously. They do not come from the depths of Hell. I am pretty sure dragons are more like animals that rule the earth. What is that?

bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
There is so much more to anime than just a story an animation. You gotta think about it!

The Cutest Scarecrow in the World

Rod Locksley

Trying new anime is always fun, but I never thought Hinako Note would be any better than the average Slice of Life with moe girls. However, I found in this series the cutest scarecrow on Earth and a very good reason for her to be a well thought out character. She is Hinako Sakuragi, a freshman girl that just moved to Tokyo. She grew up on the countryside, so a big city is always intimidating, but it’s far worse because she’s so shy to the point that, most of the time, Hinako is not able to talk with strangers.. or people, at all. It sounds like a sad Slice of Life, right? But Hinako Note has lots of humor, chibi kawaii drawings and even a couple of fanservice moments thanks to Chiaki’s huge oppai. Besides Chiaki, owner of Hinako’s new house (and also coffee and bookstore) in the city, we also have Kuina, a weird girl that loves books so much she eats them and Mayuki, a tiny blond that fulfills our maid fantasies.

It’s a nice group of characters for every loli lover, I guess, yet the best part of this show is how cutely Hinako’s childhood is portrayed. When people talk to her, she gets paralyzed, so farmers “used her” as a scarecrow, standing still and keeping animals away. In return, these kind people gave her huge baskets with vegetables so she can bring them home to her family.She really suffered for not being able to thank them, so she developed a strong desire to overcome her problem… and what better way than to study acting? Hey, probably Hinako Note won’t become the best show in the world, but it surely has a very interesting story, and like I said, the most tender and cute scarecrow in anime. Granted.

bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
Oh, I know I will love this...

In Over His Head

Lizzy Nyanko

Last week’s episode of Boku no Hero Academia marked the start of the well-beloved shounen anime staple, the Big Tournament. The first battle is a race, and with all the newbies a little wiser after the big battle last season, the race they find themselves in gets very intense, very quickly. The expected people are ahead; Todoroki swishes to first place with Bakugo in a close second.
Against all odds, we see Deku literally flying through the air on a large piece of metal, passing absolutely everybody and eventually coming out as the 1st place winner in the center ring! Finally! Nothing broken and he’s victorious!

This would have been my moment of the week, if the next stage of the tournament hadn’t been explained. Apparently, teams will be formed and ranking affords a point value to the participants. Deku, as the race winner, is worth the most points, so anyone who beats him, wins! Immediately, the other competitors’ bloodlust fills the air and Deku knows he’s screwed. The pure terror in Deku’s face when he hears this is priceless! But you have to admit, you really feel for him when you learn about his situation.

There’s the setup for this season! Can’t wait to see what other clever ideas Deku comes up with to avoid using his quirk… Gotta love that clever little nerd...

bee-unacceptable This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [04/18/2017]
I sure hope he keeps the broken bones to a minimum! hehe~


And that is it for this week! Thank you for staying with us until the end. What did you think? Did you see any of the moments that are discussed here? Let us know below!!