This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]

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honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
August is pretty much done and I still can't cope with my current favorite shows coming to an end...
honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
Well, I have my reasons to love plenty of current shows, but you know what they say: all new seasons bring new waifus.
honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
OK, that's technically true so I'll give you that, but who are 'they'?
honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
Wait. Aren't we ignoring another thing we want to know? What our writers think of this week's episodes!

Contains Spoilers

Inner Hate Release


honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]

Well it was bound to happen. Medhi being so controlled by her mother caused our cute healer to become something far from cute. Our episode began with another competition between Medhi's mom and Masato's mom with the appearance of a school festival event. Mamako went in favor of a cafe and of course our other controlling mom was all for it. Mamako being amazing had a huge success with the Cafe leaving the customers to actually want to help serve themselves. Masato used this freedom from the Cafe to see how Medhi was doing but her mom killed Masato due to him seeing Medhi naked. Masato gained a ghost form due all of his instant deaths thanks to Wize and he learned a plan to seduce him and allow Medhi to win. That plan failed and again, a new competition bloomed in the form of a beauty contest. It should surprise no one Mamko won and Masato knew he needed to escape Medhi's mom going ballistic. Medhi admits she hates being controlled and equally hates feeling alone but Masato and his friends readily remind Medhi they are her friends. Enraged, Medhi's mom strangles her daughter and while Mamako comes and saves the day Medhi unleashes her rage and becomes a huge dragon! Can Masato's party save this child from becoming evil or will the scars of her overbearing parent lead her to become pure hate and evil?!

honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
UH OH... Medhi has become a full on dragon! The team might be in trouble for once...

Fighting Yet Another Familia?

Meghan May Dellinger

honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]

After being chastised by Hestia for his night spent in the Pleasure District, Bell decides to help Mikoto free Haruhime by earning enough money to buy the renard. Hermes also tells them of the object he delivered to Ishtar, a Killing Stone, though he doesn’t explain what the item is. At the same time, the Ishtar Familia sets out to kidnap Bell, intending to use him as leverage against Freya, and along with their mysterious Killing Stone, to start a war.

It is rather ironic how much time our girl-crazy hero Bell has spent running away from women this season! The moment he had while looking through the storybook was sweet, as he questions whether Haruhime is truly the “filthy” person she thinks she has become. There was obviously no question that he would stand up for Haruhime - it’s just in his nature! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Mikoto and Bell will have an easy task, as Haruhime and the Killing Stone are linked in some sort of important ritual. Of course, if the Ishtar Familia are trying to kidnap Bell as well, that certainly complicates things… It looks like the Hestia Familia might be in for another fight soon! Though one thing is certain - war is inevitable for the Ishtar and Freya Familias, though we’re still not sure why.

honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
I want to like Aisha, she seems like she really cares for Haruhime… But I’m worried for Bell!

Bonds That Can’t Be Broken

Mary Lee Sauder

honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]

Now that the members of the spider demon family have finally been wiped out, we get to learn a little more about their leader Rui’s backstory. When he was a human, he was so sickly that he could barely manage going outside, until the mysterious smooth criminal Muzan turned him into a demon. Rui thought that he could make his parents proud with his strong new body, but they were devastated at the monster that he had become and tried to kill him out of despair one night. They had planned on joining him in death, but Rui retaliated before they could explain and lived with the guilt for decades.

Tanjiro honors Rui in death by including the demon’s headless body in his embrace with Nezuko, showing him the kind of familial bond that he had always longed for. Once Rui passes on, his parents reappear before him and swear that they’ll always stay together, even if it has to be in Hell. It’s such a genuinely sweet moment, and it reminds me a lot of the emotional scenes in Death Parade – both shows make the point that, no matter what kind of life you may have led, those deep human connections stay with you forever. Even someone as sadistic as Rui had people who loved him and who he loved back in return.

honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
Also, Nezuko running around the forest in tiny child form was too adorable for words. She’s just so cute!

Keeping the Streets Clean

Title: Bem Ep. 05


Bem and his crew must fight against a man with vacuum powers while also dealing with a newly formed police unit. With their most recent fight revealing all of their yokai identities to Sonia, Bem, Bela, and Belo are now the targets of a special police unit formed with the sole purpose of capturing them. The new unit is led by a minion of the Unseen Council named Felt who takes over Sonia's precinct forcing her to gather info alone. While battling against Sweeper, Bem is forced to transform alerting Felt and the police of his presence. They are able to get the upper hand on Bem nearly capture him, but with the help of Bela and Belo he is able to escape and finish off Sweeper before escaping from the police.

There were a lot of interesting things that happened in this episode, with Sonia finally getting her voice heard by her higher-ups, the formation of the special police unit, and some new minor info about the main villain of the series. However, despite all of this the best moment in the episode happens with the minor bad guy for this episode, Sweeper. He's a man that used cleaning and murder as coping mechanisms to deal with his abusive home life. This ultimately led him to throw away his humanity to become a vacuum Yokai, only to be tossed aside by Felt's unit like the trash he so desperately wanted to clean up from the city. This anime has done such a great job with these minor villains and showing off just how weird they are, but they really took this one took the next level. I'm a little disappointed that more of the episode didn't focus on Sweeper and his battle with Bem.

honey-annoyed This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/27/2019]
I wonder just how much the mysterious lady knows about Bem and how she is connected to the Yokai.


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