Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem) Three Episode Impression Up!

Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem)

Supernatural, Demons, Adventure

Airing Date:
July 15 2019

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LandQ studios

Honey’s Highlights

honey-happy1 Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem) Three Episode Impression Up!
This is like a mix of Cop Craft and Katsute Kami datta Kemono-tachi e, both debuting this same season.
honey-happy1 Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem) Three Episode Impression Up!
I'm calling it, best soundtrack of the season! I love the jazzy '90s vibe!
honey-happy1 Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem) Three Episode Impression Up!
Youkai Ningen Bem originally debuted in 1968, with a new story in 2006... and both did rather bad. Third time is the charm, huh?
honey-happy1 Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem) Three Episode Impression Up!
With better character designs, a new story and cool animation, I think Bem won't go unnoticed this summer.

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The Port Town, Libra City.

Upper Town is the center of politics, economics, and culture and is where all of the wealth is concentrated. Outside is where crime and corruption runs wild where no one trusts anyone. Between those two areas is a massive canal that separates the two and is spanned by a single bridge. The way this town is constructed, is a realization of what human discrimination looks like.

Sonia is a young, female detective who has just moved from Upper Town to Outside for work, chasing after a few cases. That is when she meets three hideous beings how fight to protect humanity. ‘Just what are they…?’ she wonders...

These three monsters known as youkai ningen (demon humans) live, concealing who they really are, while each bearing their own feelings and thoughts. Bem wants to become human himself and fights against evil that would befall humans. Bela looks up to and desires to become human herself and attends school in order to understand humans better. Belo has dove headfirst into the world of gaming, taking a philosophical view of both humans and the world. With every incident, they come into contact with humans, get hurt, and worry. They fight for the sake of humanity, however, due to their horrible form, they are something that humans will never accept.

There is another who is searching for these three beings. She has her thumb on the concealed assembly that controls Libra City from the shadows. But just what is her goal as she tries to get her hands on these three?

Three Episode Impression

Three episodes in, it’s still relatively going through the motions. It has a small cast, but for each episode so far, it concentrates on one character. In the first episode, it mostly centers around Sonia, a detective who is in it for all the right reasons and due to her being incorruptible, she gets exiled to the worst parts of the city, or the “Outside,” where she enters the unknown. In the second episode and third episodes, it concentrates more on the demons who are good. The second episode centers around Bela, while the third episode focuses on Belo as they both do what they can to learn what it means to be human. The titular Bem does exist as the leader of the Bela and Belo, but little is shown about him beyond the first episode and he has yet to be fleshed out. At this point, three episodes doesn’t really do much for this series in introducing the audience to what the full picture is. However, we strongly recommend it for its diverse soundtrack of using jazz in its intro, generic pop in its ending, and how it diversifies with its horror and cyberpunk influenced techno to get us excited for the action and bring us into the atmosphere.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Katsuyuki Konishi

Bem is a firm believer that by defeating evil and saving humans, he too will become a human one day. Thus with his heart full of justice, he leads the youkai ningen. He can sense evil auras regardless of whether they are in Upper Town or Outside, and he appears all over Libra.0
He routinely chooses whatever course of action will save humans after confirming the situation. He’s generally a quiet, emotionless person, and he can give off a cold impression, but he thinks of Bela and Belo as his family. He provides a cover for their actions while looking after them. He’s intelligent and is proud of his muscular frame. He has a special ability to allow him to control electricity.


Voice Actor: M.A.O.

Bela is the youngest of the youkai ningen who earnestly looks up to humans and wishes that she someday can become human, too. She usually goes by the name Annabella and attends the Upper Side famous school, Saint Joseph high school. She enjoys her school life with her friends, and in order not to do something odd when she does become human, she is making her best effort to blend into human society. Due to the fact that she recognizes the fact that she isn’t human due to being a youkai ningen, she does bear a slight prejudice against humans, but due to it, she often gets hurt. She originally was a talkative, expressive girl, but because she hangs around with the silent Bem and the sarcastic Belo, she doesn’t speak much. Bella is graceful in battle and fights skillfully with a whip built into her right arm. She has the unique ability to control cold air.


Voice Actor: Kenshou Ono

Belo is the third youkai ningen who takes a cool stance towards both humans and the world. He’s a genius when it comes to game, and usually, he is playing with his friends at a game arcade on the Outside. This is because he wants to be free from the cramped, inconvenient life of a youkai ningen, and his way of living is to not be held back by unnecessary things. He feigns that he cannot hear what people are saying around him due to the headphones on his head, but this is actually because he wants to preserve a bit of distance between himself and human society. He tends to often say sarcastic things to Bem and Bela, but he is careful to make sure they aren’t hurt by what he does say. He toys with evil with his speed. He doesn’t have a special power, but he is showing signs of growth.


Voice Actor: Maaya Uchida

Sonia is the young detective burning bright with the flames of justice. She’s too serious and stubborn, which leads her to being demoted to the 18th Police District in Outside. Rather than follow the customs of Outside, she does whatever she believes to be true.


Voice Actor: Kenji Nomura

Woods is a detective part of the 18th district. He generally lacks motivation for anything. He is dragged around by Sonia who refuses to follow Outside customs.

Mysterious Lady

Voice Actor: Maaya Sakamoto

She is the mysterious being who controls the concealed assembly and is the one plotting to capture Bem and his family.

Other TitleHumanoid Monster Bem
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Uchuu no Kioku by Maaya Sakamoto
  • Ending Song: Iru Imi by JUNNA

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: ADK Emotions
  • Director: Yoshinori Odaka
  • Series Composition: Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • Character Design: Masakazu Sanagawa
  • Original Illustrator: Range Murata

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honey-happy1 Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem) Three Episode Impression Up!

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honey-happy1 Bem (Humanoid Monster Bem) Three Episode Impression Up!

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