This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]

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bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]
Everything is ending.... I hate this period of time.
bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]
Yeah I know! It sucks a lot that this season is ending...
bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]
I don't know about that. I'm ready for fall. Plus! Banana Fish is continuing!
bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]
Well said Bombon! I like that idea!

Contains Spoilers

The Finale That Didn’t Feel Like a Finale.


bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]

Asobi Asobase finished this week and season of anime out with a finale that didn’t feel like a finale as well. There was no final battle, no gigantic argument followed by a crying, heartfelt makeup, nor was there really anything major. Heck, the joke about the 2nd season came a couple episodes ago. Rather, Asobi Asobase played its hand intelligently by continuing to deliver what it already has all season long.

The episode started out innocently enough with the girls watching a baby for the teacher. It should have been safe, but this baby was a total pervert and troublemaker grabbing the girls boobs, especially Kasumi’s, in a show that he was hungry, but his face said it all. Then he tried to make Hanako go bald with the fan. Joke after joke, the teacher and her cousin come back and whisk the baby away before Hanako can murder him.

At the end, the girls play a game where they draw things and try to convince the others that their character cannot be defeated. If they do, then they win. Hanako isn’t doing so hot so she has Maeda to help. Surely he should be able to pull something out of his hat, right? Wrong. The seemingly perfect Maeda completely lacks art skills and imagination! He can only draw this horrible, creepy looking parasite creature that supposedly is all-powerful. Needless to say, “what happened next?” didn’t need to come because we all knew that Hanako was going to lose.

bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]
Why did it have to end...

Romance that crosses time?


bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]

The season is basically over or coming to an end for most anime, but what anime was I looking forward to the most ending? Island. Why? Was I riveted by the storyline? Did I want to know what would happen to the characters? Or maybe I just wanted all the answers. None of the above. Really, it’s been a terrible anime and the ending solidified it. You know all of that Steins;Gate-esque jumping around various timelines? It’s apparently a figment of your imagination and something that’s only done with perception.

Apparently the anime is supposed to be about Setsuna’s love with the original Rinne, but that’s not the Rinne you’re thinking about. It’s supposed to be Kuon, Rinne’s mother in the current (only) timeline. Kuon gave up her name to her daughter so that her daughter could be the heir of the family so the legend is actually about Setsuna and Kuon, but only because they both “came from” the past as lovers until Setsuna stepped into a cryopod and was frozen in order to find a way to fix the present and save everyone. Kuon realized that he was frozen and jumped in one too but didn’t travel as far as Setsuna. Then somehow, Setsuna stepped into 2 time periods that played out exactly the same which is how we got the first episode and the episode a few episodes back where everywhere repeated itself because history repeats itself. Logical, yes? Yet, somehow Kuon is there and Setsuna falls in love with his daughter in a creepy way but it’s all explained because they’re fatherly feelings of love. He was in love with Kuon all along and somehow this was actually a love story.

Yeah, this was terrible. Sure, if you’re a romantic and believe that love transcends time, you may be a bit more lenient, but you have to love all the plot holes and lack of effort in this episode. You also have to love the homage to Star Wars where there’s incest but no one talks about it after like it’s been solved. Yes, I’m still bitter about Episode 2. Audiences aren’t stupid, but it sure does feel like studios and writers think we are.

bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]
They tried so hard to screw this anime up!

The Truth

Rod Locksley

bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]

When Ray and Zack were close to finally escaping the building, the shocking truth hit our heavily-damaged murderer in the face. After all, Rachel may not be as pure and innocent as she looks, and there's a reason (or more than one, actually) she's one of Gray's angels of death.

We can't ignore the importance of finally visiting Rachel's roof, meaning that she is also able to kill anyone there if she finds it convenient. However, the focus is now on Zack, who has to deal with all the information regarding Rachel's true nature and Gray's retorted plan... all while trying to survive, and dealing with Danny. Stupid as he is, Zack's lack of education is probably the weakest plot armor of Satsuriku no Tenshi, but that's not reason enough to discard this week's key moments, with him sort of understanding there's more to Rachel than what we all know. Her parents found death, the fascination for sewing things, her strong-yet-weird link to God... maybe it's time to put every piece in its place, right?

Too bad the pacing of this show is not the best, because this final stretch would be much more enjoyable. How come Danny seems to know everything about Rachel, but somehow he likes to be cryptic about it?! By this time, the doctor should know how to put Rachel and Zack against each other...

bee-cry1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/25/2018]
I never trusted Rachel in the first place


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