This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]

This week is






bee-love This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]
Yessss! It's about time!
bee-love This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]
Summer is starting to end. I am sad.
bee-love This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]
Is it really already ending?
bee-love This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]
Who cares?! It's time for Hot Moments in Anime!

Contains Spoilers

The End


So Re:CREATORS is over. Aka the Madoka Magica of the Isekai Trope. I for one, was happy to see that Meteora found her way into the world and I am still confused as to where Magane went off, but maybe that was about the whole thing where she was saying that she loved this world.

The resolution was cute and yeah, while it was average, I still enjoyed the ending of the show. So many shows end on a high note, but I am really glad that Rei Hiroe did it this way. It is really hard to say which character I liked the best because they all have their plusses and minuses. The one for me would be Meteora. I enjoyed her the most even with her deadpan everything. She was cute, fun, and the backbone of everything. I enjoyed Mamika on screen, but I feel like if she would have overstayed her welcome had she lasted longer. All in all, the series felt good for note ending on a high note and then rushing through everyone leaving. It was a nice, warm moment in a series that was rather dark. I really hope we get a 2nd season with some sort of issue with Magane and Meteora staying in this world which stems from the part of Altair that was angry about everything that magically disappeared when her creator appeared. Who knows!? I am looking forward to whatever happens though!

bee-love This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]
No tears here! That was a good resolution for me. More anime should end like that. The story does not end because the fight is over. People do not stop existing because of it.

Hardest Working Person with Nothing to Show!


This week my hot moment comes from my personal favorite of the season, Aho Girl. If you have not watched this anime, you are denying yourself a great joy. Seriously. This week’s moment follows Akuru’s little sister Ruri as she attempts to find something she’s good at. Ruri utterly fails at studying and can hardly pass her tests despite all of her hard efforts. Don’t we feel like that sometimes? Sometimes studying feels hopeless and we wonder what is even the point. Heck, dieting can feel like that (if you know what I mean).

Anyway, Ruri decides to put all of her efforts into learning how to ride a bicycle and although she keeps falling, Ruri is determined to ride. Ruri even falls while getting up at one point. Then with Yoshiko’s statement about how hard working Ruri is, her spirits are lifted up. Aww, right? Well, Yoshiko quickly stamps on Ruri’s heart as she makes a statement about how all of her efforts are for not. HA! Man, if that’s not a statement about some things in our lives, I don’t know what is. Still, it’s a funny yet kind of bittersweet moment for us all!

bee-love This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]
We are all failures in our own way.

Back to Kanto! A trip down Memory Lane

Rod Locksley

I used to love Pokémon, but now? Let’s say I don’t feel the same way about it… however, I went back to this because episode #42 was special: it was Ash back to Kanto, meeting Brock and Misty again. For starters —see what I did there?—, let me say that I don’t really know what was going on for the last few weeks, but the story here is that the pokémon school Ash is attending in Alola, celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with a trip to Kanto, which sounds really exciting for the Alolan children, but very boring for Ash itself. Everything changes when we find Misty and Brock waiting for their friend at the airport, and the old school jokes starts. I missed it! Actually, my nostalgia missed it!! Brock falling for a cute girl, Pikachu electrocuting everyone... even the Squirtle Squad is here! It’s so weird seeing boys and girls going crazy for pokémon we all know, like Ninetails, Ponyta or Muk, but on the other side, this reminds us of ourselves, 20 years back, marveling at this pocket monsters thing. What is better than this? Seeing a lot of characters that we really find familiar in a show that doesn’t seem like “ours” anymore. There’s a silly joke where Marowak hits Onix that made me feel so stupid for laughing, but that was nothing compared to the moment Jigglypuff began it’s singing —and we all know what follows that, marker involved. If you prefer battles rather than this Slice of Life feeling, the next episode will feature Ash and Misty having a Gym Battle… and if you like fanservice, ep. #42 has this brief moment of Misty and Lana in swimsuits. To each their own, right?

bee-love This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/19/2017]
I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did! Nice episode!


And that is it for this first week of summer! Thank you for staying with us until the end. What did you think? Did you see any of the hot moments that are discussed here? Be sure to let us know below!!