This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]

This week is






bee-surprised2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]
Summer is coming to a close. So fast.
bee-surprised2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]
I know! Fall is right around the corner.
bee-surprised2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]
There are just a few stragglers before we move into Fall! This week and next will be the dying throes of Summer. Someone has BETTER talk about the finale for Boku no Hero Academia.
bee-surprised2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]
Anyway, it's time for Hot Moments in Anime!

Contains Spoilers

Real talk: I have mixed feelings about Bakugo.


Finally, we get to the fight against All Might with Bakugo & Midoriya. The fight and the episode are great. Bakugo finally gets how powers going, even at the expense of his consciousness towards the end, to stop All Might long enough to allow Midoriya to get through the gate. They do succeed in the end and it is overall, a really remarkable fight.

However, it is all of the things that Bakugo says to Midoriya that really rub me the wrong way. I love the hothead characters from anime because they are always, much like how Bakugo is, a few bricks short of a baker's dozen in some aspect. Bakugo has power and is rather smart, but his social and emotional maturity are that of a three-year-old. This then leads to him lashing out at everyone. It’s just the culmination of all of these terrible things that, while I want to like Bakugo, I also am tired of seeing him act the same way. Many characters have gotten excellent development in Boku no Hero Academia, but Bakugo is still there being somewhat cool with his reactions and outbursts, but heavily annoying to the point that I almost want to stop watching him when he comes on my screen. Here is to hoping that season 3 gives him some kind of emotional maturity.

bee-surprised2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]
Come on Bakugo! Get it together!

Stupid Useless Idiots


Something that really irks me aside from an anime that basically goes nowhere has to be when all the girls in anime talk about how terrible guys are, but depend on them to do things. This occurred in one of the anime lacking in any real anything really this season: Classroom of the Elite. The girls got super upset with the guys, which I don’t blame them, and stated that they wanted nothing to do with the boys. They wanted to be separated from the boys and stated the boys can’t be trusted, but then ordered them to move their tents. I just wanted to slap the girls and be like, do it yourself!

I get so irritated by these bossy women who refuse to do anything themselves. Granted, I get irritated by the boys who do the same thing, but this occurred in Classroom of the Elite. OMG, this anime is coming to an end and I still don’t see why anyone gave this anime a good score. Someone explain it to me. First off, the main character has yet to prove himself as all that interesting, although he has some moments, but he’s also extremely trusted for no reason. Then we have a lot of random filler episodes like the locker room camera episode. This is literally the second to last episode and while I was hoping to feel like Class D had redemptive qualities, quickly, I have developed dislike for all the girls, although the boys are barely redemptive themselves. This anime is just so frustrating; why does everyone like it so much?!

bee-surprised2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]

What the “F”?! Frieza is playing with everyone’s mind

Rod Locksley

Last time we checked, Frieza was totally cool… but now, he’s even better! As the tournament continues, there’s so many cool moments, all in the form of short fights against unknown people from other universes, so that’s why we were waiting for some Frieza, and this episode was his time to shine! —pun intended, because he went gold. While Goku is struggling with a minor character he could normally beat in a few seconds, Gohan was ambushed by the powerful yardratian, who easily humiliated him. Why are they (Gohan and Vegeta included) saving the SSJ form? No one knows, that’s for sure, but the one deciding to use all his power is Frieza, entering the scene with his characteristic laugh… and almost killing the yardratian after making his teleport powers look useless. And now is when things get interesting. See, Frieza is arguably the best character in the Dragon Ball series, or at least the best villainous and the most fun to watch; if we add the plot between Frieza and Cooler to join forces and eliminate the competition, it’s even better. So far, Cooler and Frieza had this verbal agreement, so what about some proofs? F had to eliminate Gohan, his own teammate, as everyone and their mothers panicked at the idea of 2 fighters of the same universe fighting each other. Whatever the result, this was a very shocking moment either way, and one of those that remind us that not everything here is pure filler. As we know, Frieza is not a team player so eliminating Cooler wasn’t a shocker… but what will he do now? I’m not buying his calm and friendly side, however Jiren, Toppo, Hit and Kalle are still in competition. Will we see Frieza testing his might against any of them? That would be so great!

bee-surprised2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/26/2017]
I hate Frieza, but I love his mid games. We’re lucky he’s on our side… I guess?


And that is it for this week! Thank you for staying with us until the end. What did you think? Did you see any of the hot moments that are discussed here? Be sure to let us know below!!