Three Characters You Already Know from Re:CREATORS Without Even Watching It

If ReCREATORS is anything, it is a breath of fresh air into not only this season, but the world of anime as well. We are being treated to a set of characters that are normally divided by genre and unable to meet each other. By doing so, we see stereotypes from different stories that may not always get along and mesh well in a setting where many characters are present. ReCREATORS has also taken the isekai or another world theme, which has been beaten to death as of recent seasons, and inverted it. Normally the main character is whisked away to some whimsical world where there is either magic or the government needs help/scrutinizes them. In ReCREATORS, it is the characters of other series that have been brought to the other world now as they are in the world of the Creators. The government, our government, is now scrutinizing them!

This show is unique and it is refreshing, but what if we told you that this series is actually full of characters that you have met and seen in other anime? Of course, we do not mean to allege that Rei Hiroe ripped off anyone, but rather that the characters that we are seeing within the series are very clearly inspirations from other shows. Would you believe us? What if we could show you information and facts about these characters that would lead you to see that we are right? Well that's what we are going to do, so let's take a look at three characters from ReCREATORS that are clearly inspirations from other series!

3. Mamika Kirameki

The first character on our journey today is probably the most obvious. Mamika Kirameki hails from the series Magical Slayer Mamika and is a very clear inspiration from Madoka Kaname of the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica series. From the way they are dressed, to color setups and even hairstyles, it is very obvious that Mamika comes from Madoka. She even has a line that is similar to Madoka's. Mamika says "Even friends have secrets" while Madoka has said over and over something along the lines of "Everyone in class has their own secrets". Another point to bring up is the fact that they rock the same color of ribbons in their hair.

There are some differences to make it not appear though as if she is a total rip-off. Mamika's show is for children that airs in the morning while Madoka Magica was a late-night series. She also talks about love and acceptance as well as getting along a lot in the most recent episode (episode 6) which is reminiscent of a certain pigtailed magical girl aka Sailor Moon. Usagi loves to say lines like that throughout the series. It should also be noted that Madoka and Mamika's weapons are different. Mamika sports a magical wand similar to what Usagi uses, while Madoka uses a bow.

2. Alicetelia February

Next up is the loud knight with the magical horse and lance, Alicetelia February. She hails from the series Hiiro no Alicetelia. Alicetelia is another one of the very obvious characters to hail from another series and be a "direct inspiration". When we say Princess Armored Knight, do any characters come running to your mind? What if there was some sort of race/battle with various characters? That is right, we are talking about Saber from the Fate series! Both she and Saber were summoned to the present era to battle in their respective series. Alicetelia is the hero of her story just like Saber is of hers. Both of them also share the same goal of wanting to save their hometowns from destruction. Not to mention too, both are blonds, sport heavy armor, and can tend to speak about their ideas.

Of course, the stories do have to divulge a bit so as to not appear to be the exact same thing. Clearly there is a bit more fighting in the Fate series, but it seems that the King whom Alicetelia serves is absolved of any wrongdoing in her life. She also leaves everything to her own judgement claiming to have to defeat evil and stand up for justice. Maybe not the exact same as Saber, but enough to make them similar while maintaining a degree of individuality. Still though, Alicetelia is an intriguing character.

1. Magane Chikujouin

The last one might shoot over your head if you do not follow a certain series. Magane Chikujouin is a very clear inspiration of Ougi Oshino from the Owarimonogatari series. Besides the fact that both characters are creepy from the beginning, Magane is very clearly an antagonist and speaks in a manner very similar to Ougi. Both have a roundabout way of speaking, and whether it is a coincidence or not, Maaya Sakamoto has gone out of her way to sound just like Kaori Mizuhashi in the way she voices Magane. Very clearly, this character is an homage to Nisio Isin's very famous series. Magane's power, the ability to take a lie and portray it as a lie to cancel out the falsehood and make it truth, is similar to the power that Misogi Kumagawa has in Medaka Box. All Fiction negates what is reality and what Magane's power does is essentially take that which is not true, to make it true. Again, here is your variation so as to make sure that Magane is not a carbon copy of Ougi, but nonetheless, the parallels are there.

Whaddaya think? Was this an interesting read? We had to do a lot of digging, but this was a lot of fun to dive in and analyze. Are there more facts that you would like to include or add? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We hope you are enjoying ReCREATORS and we hope that you continue to enjoy more specials like this from us here at Honey's Anime!

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