Times When Money WAS the Answer in The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED

We have countless stories of how wealth can’t solve our problems and adversity is best overcome through our own strength… But let’s face it, we could avoid a LOT of our problems if money wasn’t an issue. In Fugou Keiji: Balance Unlimited (The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED), we see exactly what living life without the worry of money can do for a person! Here are the top 5 examples where no amount of morals could top the good cold, hard cash can make happen!

Bombs Away (With the Right Pay)

Fugou-Keiji-BalanceUnlimited-Wallpaper Times When Money WAS the Answer in The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED

In the very first episode, Daisuke makes a point of being over-the-top reckless and eccentric, causing incredible damages and paying them off near-instantly. Knowing time is of the essence, Daisuke chooses to purchase the fastest, most reliable car to carry out his plan currently in front of him. When it’s owner, a young prince from the Abura Emirates, jokingly agrees to sell it for 300 million yen Daisuke throws him out of the car and transfers 1 billion yen instead. This extremely exorbitant amount of money sort of makes up for the disrespect shown to a foreign royal which could have resulted in country-level hostilities. Surely manners and protocols would be respected by people hoping to keep their jobs, but decorum won’t help them get to the car bomb in time. Daisuke even buys the rights to control a draw bridge over a huge river as the final part of his plan to divert the bomb to a place where there will be no civilian casualties. Even as the car plummets off the bridge and falls into the river, Daisuke’s endless bank account continues to pay off any person or property his crazy stunt inconvenienced.

Paying for a Better Reality

Despite it seeming like detective Takei was on the side of justice, he had his own secrets hindering the investigation of Daisuke’s mother Sayuri’s death. How does one get someone to talk? Appealing to their conscious? Torture? If the reality is that they won’t come clean, just change their reality! Using a skillful combination of knockout gas and a state of the art alternate reality headset, Daisuke, Suzue, and Katou trick Takei into thinking he’s experiencing some form of the afterlife where his past sins are coming back to haunt him. In doing so, they manage to get more information out of him and grow closer to finding out the truth that’s being hidden so thoroughly.

Man’s Second Best Friend

When a young kid loses his precious dog Shiro, Daisuke and Haru are somewhat strong-armed by the willful kid into helping him. Daisuke’s attitude his cold as usual but even without being able to use HEUSC to hack into security footage, he gives an honest go at finding the dog. Haru, being the good man he is, keeps searching for days and is eventually joined by the boy’s friends as well. Shiro is finally located and the boy could not be happier, but Daisuke reveals to Haru the dog is actually a replacement from the same litter. Shiro has been dead for days, having been hit by a car shortly after running away from the boy.

This might seem like a moral dilemma, and it might be natural to think that it’s better to let the kid know and not treat living beings as if they’re replaceable. However, Daisuke is saving two lives. Imagine the boy having brought the police in and rounding up his friends, refusing to give up after days, learning that none of it mattered for the careless mistake of letting go of Shiro’s leash for a few seconds that day. The weight of that guilt at such a tender age could have changed the course of his life and made him lose faith in law enforcement, his friends, and even himself. In the case of the second Shiro, it’s not uncommon for expensive dogs that are not bought as puppies to never get adopted and are often put down or crowded into shelters. Shiro isn’t there anymore, but this new dog will get to feel the love and adoration the boy wishes to give.

Remove the Cause, Not the Symptom

Daisuke doesn’t seem to have qualms about paying off low-lifes to get to bigger criminals but in the case of a seemingly crazed would-be spree killer, Daisuke changes the course of two people’s lives. After sitting with a quite young guy on the train before his hostage livestream, Haru is certain the guy is not a killer. By hacking into his emails, Daisuke and Haru learn of his sick little sister who needs an expensive surgery in America. When they realize the livestream is just a desperate brother’s attempt to save his sister at any cost, Daisuke completely unarms him by offering to pay for the surgery himself. Otherwise, the young man would have lost his life to the awaiting police sniper and so would have his sister.

Necessity (and Money) is the Mother of Invention

One of the most inventive ways Daisuke utilized his money in Millionaire Detective was when all hope seemed lost and his AI butler HEUSC went rouge against him. Unable to receive information or footage when normally such data is at his fingertips, Daisuke gets the brilliant idea to use the footage from people’s phones to map out the city and as a result, locate the path of his suspect. Sending out an add for people to spin around with their cameras on to win 100,000 yen effectively created a personal security camera network safe from HEUSC’s influence.

Final Thoughts

Money can’t be a replacement for cleverness, intuition, or determination, but it can be an incredible tool in the right hands. Daisuke shows us how it can be used for good when combining all his other strengths even if he still tends to be a bit excessive. If you had unlimited funds, how would you solve life’s complicated problems? Let us know in the comments.
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Fugou-Keiji-BalanceUnlimited-Wallpaper Times When Money WAS the Answer in The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED


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