Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime vs Manga

Let’s face it folks, if there’s any argument that causes debates in the world of anime and manga, it’s which is better the original manga adaptation or the anime version. The problem lies with the fact that often, the anime version just tends to do things quite differently then how it was represented in the manga. It’s the same issue with book to movie adaptations in the western world as often, a movie tends to remove a lot of what made the book special. However, even still, there always has to be someone who respects both sides of the argument and try to find the pros and cons with a debate. We’re going to do that today with our article that discusses which is better: Tokyo Ghoul:re the anime or Tokyo Ghoul:re the manga?

How This Will Go!

This is how this will go down, folks. We’re going to keep this article short and to the point. Down below, we will discuss a few pros about the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime adaptation and equally we will talk about some negatives about it as well. The goal here is to see which is better ultimately not from just our perspective but from the community’s as well. We did research online to see what people have been saying about Tokyo Ghoul:re’s animation and took that into consideration while writing this article. We’re not personally saying either one is better or worse, folks; remember that though. These are just opinions we have and share with others about Tokyo Ghoul:re and how it could show a clear victor of which is better between the two versions.

Pro 1: Seeing Tokyo Ghoul:re in anime form

Honestly, one of the best things about seeing a manga get adapted into an anime is the fact that we get to see our favorite series get a form outside still images. Don’t get us wrong folks, the manga art for Tokyo Ghoul:re is drop dead gorgeous, but the animation isn’t too shabby either. While it has some moments of weaker animation here and there, the Tokyo Ghoul:re animation adaptation looks pretty darn good from our perspective. Plus, those action sequences are just stunning to see moving in stunning anime format. Now let’s hope studio Pierrot keeps it up with further episodes of Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Pro 2: Exciting narrative

One thing that hasn’t been lost in the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime adaptation—though some things we’ll soon mention have been lost—is the excellent story. Every week we still grip our computer desks and chairs as we watch what will happen next in Tokyo Ghoul:re. The world set in the prequel story continues strong in Tokyo Ghoul:re and that’s a good thing indeed. We won’t spoil some of the new characters such as Haise Sasaki and how they work into this new tale of humans versus ghouls. If you want to know for yourselves—and we know you do—then you’ll just need to watch the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime or read the manga.

Con 1: A lot of missing content

If you look up the biggest complaints about Tokyo Ghoul:re anime adaptation, it would be that there is a ton of content missing seen in the manga. We won’t say exactly what scenes are missing—in case some of you are trying to avoid spoilers—but there are a lot of chapters skipped in just the first few episodes alone. Trust us folks, we also dislike when an anime adaptation messes with a manga we love but we also understand its not possible to get every scene from the manga either. Ultimately, just don’t expect everything from the manga to make it into the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime.

Con 2: Not to easy to understand for anime only fans

Another complaint we’ve been hearing from fans of both the manga and the anime for Tokyo Ghoul:re is that it’s really confusing, especially if you aren’t a manga reader. Possibly due to the content skipping, Tokyo Ghoul:re feels all over the place in the anime. It doesn’t mean we don’t understand what’s going on, but we can sympathize for anime-only fans of Tokyo Ghoul:re. We recommend picking up the manga for Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re. If you decide not to, you’re going to be a bit lost in this anime adaptation.

Final Thoughts

Tokyo Ghoul:re—anime wise—isn’t perfect and we can see why many of the manga fans are claiming this is a downright terrible adaptation. However, as you can see above, the anime does have some strong points that make Tokyo Ghoul:re at least enjoyable in this adaptation. We just ultimately hope a lot of you guys and girls reading will remember that while its okay to have strong feelings about the things you love, you need to respect that not everyone has the same outlooks as you might. We here at Honey’s Anime think both the anime and manga version of Tokyo Ghoul:re are solid works worth your time in either watching or reading. Though what are you guys thinking about this debate? Comment in the comment section below, but please be mindful to avoid rude comments or hate as those aren’t the messages we’ll allow here. Keep our hive beautiful, folks, and thank you in advance from all of us here at Honey’s Anime.

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