Top 10 Akame ga Kill! Characters Deaths *SPOILERS*

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Character death is one of the reasons that made Akame ga Kill! a memorable anime of 2014. With characters dropping dead like flies, the only way to do them justice is clearly by listing their top 10 fatality.

There comes a time when a good session of brutality is necessary in one’s anime career. Akame ga Kill! will satiate that need. If you’ve not partaken in the craze that is Akame ga Kill!, this list will contain spoilers and it will ruin your whole experience. I’m not going to deny that it was a difficult battle to decide who’s death would make the top 10, but based on the factors such as plot contribution, emotional/shock value, and form of downfall, here are the top 10 best character deaths in Akame ga Kill!

10. Bols Death

Bols, the masked flamethrower, formerly a member of the Incineration Squad then recruited as a member of Jaegers, is at number ten in our selection. Though his appearance often creeps people out, Bols is a sweetheart with a shy personality. With his ruthless killing pattern, the dissonance between his personality and fighting style, makes Bols an interesting character that contributed to the humour in this gruesome anime.

Bols death may have caused you a teary eye. His open acceptance towards the consequences of his past atrocities makes his death an inevitable one. Nevertheless, he remains a kind and caring soul right till the end, which ultimately causes his demise. Clearly, Bols is a trapped man who was carrying out deathly orders which haunt him till the end. His death perhaps gave viewers closure for his lovable character.

9. Chelsea Death

Chelsea’s death is one of those slowly approaching events that suddenly blind-sighted viewers. Although she is able to contribute greatly in the downfall of two large players from Jaegers, her adorable Teigu, Gaea Foundation (I bet a true envy from all girls), didn’t allow her a fighting chance in a real vicious battle.

Chelsea is killed by Kurome and her puppets while carrying out her solo mission. Her death comes in at number nine, mostly because of the shock value it carries. After being defeated in an obviously biased battle, Chelsea is decapitated and her head is left to hang in the capital for Tatsumi to find. A truly memorable scene in the anime. The unfortunate part about her death is that her character was only starting to get good or at least useful to the Night Raid.

8. Tatsumi Death

Tatsumi’s death comes close to the anime’s completion. He dies in the final battle with the massive Shikoutazer, wielded by the boy Emperor. Calling forth his memories of his good friend, Bulat, Tatsumi further evolves his Incursio and dons it with Dragon wings. Unfortunately, the impact in his fight is too much to let him live. His final moments on screen show his battered armour, protecting the citizens from the crushing Shikoutazer. Later, his body shatters away with Esdeath.

As the main protagonist, Tatsumi’s death is quite unexpected. I thought with the power that is solely anime, he would be somehow protected from an unfortunate end. However, that is not how the creators of Akame ga Kill!’s anime envisioned his conclusion. True to his noble spirit, he dies saving innocent people. Although it was a great lost because he had just evolved his Teigu into a cooler winged form, which would have been a badass to look forward to. The only plus side is that he could reunite with all his other dead friends.

7. Seryu Ubiquitious Death

Let’s all talk about this crazy b*tch. Seryu, poor girl. She is extremely misguided by her justice seeking and vengeful spirit. As a result of a lab experiment, Seryu is able to last longer in the anime with her ammunition regrowing abilities. Her character’s story ends with her body splitting into two by Mine’s Pumpkin.

Seryu’s death is a long awaited event by most people. It would almost be insane to allow this twisted character to last so many episodes into the anime. The best part about her death is that she held on to her ideals no matter how wrong they were and ignored the truth about her soiled perception of the Empire. Her death is quite satisfying to say the least.

6. Lubbock Death

Why do all the good, cool ones have to die?! He didn’t even get to confess his love for his crush. Oh, anime gods are cruel with this killing. In the anime, Lubbock is killed in a battle with Syura, the teleporting Teigu wielder. After an intense battle in the sky, Lubbock falls to impaling spears, a gruesome scene for such a funny character.

Lubbock dies before he was able to confess his love for Najenda, Night Raid’s boss. His character mostly provided comedic relief with his perverted tendencies. But deep down he reveals his reason to join Night Raid and his dedication to follow Najenda anywhere. Before his death, Lubbock displays his ability to outsmart two Rakshasa Demons, making him an invaluable piece to the revolution. It is incredibly sad to see Lubbock go because his character simply deserved much more.

5. Kurome Death

Younger sister to Akame, Kurome’s death is bound to happen in order to absolve the siblings’ rivalry and responsibility for one other. Kurome is weakened by Chelsea in her trickery and could not recover fully. The episodes after the attack, Kurome is shown losing hair and falling over. It is almost impossible to not predict her end. She battles it out with Akame where they both spill their backstory. Her death comes with heavy rain and emotional resolution.

Kurome’s death locks a spot in top five because of her sisterly complex with Akame. Dying in the sword of her older sister whom she had loved dearly, Kurome shows us the endearing side of the villains. Her death also allows Akame to move forward in her story as she completely relieves her sister from their horrid fate. Since the sisters refuse to settle their past in less violence, fans would appreciate that it was Kurome that got cut and not Akame.

4. Susanoo Death

Susanoo who enters the anime halfway through, becomes Najenda’s humanoid Teigu. He acts like a man-servant to the Night Raid but also holds immense combatant skill. He draws strength from his master and intensify his speed and hits when Najenda calls out his trump card, Magatama Manisfestation.

Susanoo perishes in the hands of Esdeath while attempting to save Tatsumi from the Empire. His death is not only about his epic fight with Esdeath, he has also demonstrated his ultimate ability to sacrifice for the sake of his master and comrades. His sacrifice contributes to the Night Raid’s success to flee from the Empire during that fight while effectively retrieve Tatsumi, who will later become invaluable to destroying the Emperor.

3. Mine Death

Mine probably didn’t show much promise in the initial stages. More likely, she was lingering on the edge of being unnecessarily annoying. BUT she later outdo herself through her revelation on her feelings for Tatsumi. She, then, becomes the anime’s injection of Tsundereness, and somewhat Romance.

In the anime, Mine’s character ends after she defeats General Budo. Although her teigu, Pumpkin is able to overpower Budo’s lightning Aldramelech, she couldn't withstand the impact on her body and dies. Her death is arguably the most emotionally charged as she dies in the arms of Tatsumi, her lover. Her final moments and dialogue with him definitely sealed her death in top three. If you need a refresher, here is how it goes:

Mine: I’m glad I fell in love with you.
Tatsumi: Mine. Don’t die. Don’t you dare die. You’re going to stand on the winning side, aren’t you?
Mine: What are you saying? I’m already on the winning side.

They kiss and she dies. I’d offer you a tissue, but I don’t have one.

2. Bulat Death

Bulat is the muscle of the Night Raid and is also Tatsumi’s trainer. They both form a tight brotherly bond and he is much adored by his mentee. He is also the original user of Tatsumi’s teigu, Incursio.

Bulat, the big brother of the Night Raid, is axed early in the anime, which made his death more meaningful than the rest that died quickly after the midpoint of the anime. The initial deaths tend of inflict more shock and value because the members had to deal emotionally with losing a friend. Especially for Tatsumi’s development in the anime, Bulat’s death helps a lot. Bulat also personally passes down his Teigu to Tatsumi, which makes his death important and necessary. Bulat’s death fuels their brotherly camaraderie, and strengthens Tatsumi in the later parts of the anime.

1. Esdeath Death

First on the list is Esdeath, the cold-hearted general of the Empire. She is introduced as the strongest teigu wielder and seemingly impossible to defeat. Her character is given depth with her desire to find love, which she eventually finds in Tatsumi. They both form a story line of star-crossed lovers, albeit one-sided. Her fighting style and Demon’s Extract teigu make her borderline psychotic, but she counters that with her softness for Tatsumi.

Her death concludes the anime and bring upon victory for the Revolutionary Army. She tops the list because her death is resulted from the long-awaited battle between her and Akame. True enough, the two girls gave a great combat show. She accepts defeat and saunters to Tatsumi’s dead body. Esdeath has got to be the biggest bitch in anime because even until her final moments, she selfishly takes Tatsumi, freezes and shatters their two bodies together.

Here you go, the selections for top ten best character deaths in Akame ga Kills. What do you think about the number of characters that died in their revolutionary goals? Was it necessary or not? Who was your favourite death? Do let us know down the comment sections below There were simply too many to pick from and deaths such as Sheele, PM Honest, Leone and the four Rakshasha Demons deserve honourable mention.

Do let us know what you think about the fallen characters and who was your favourite killing!

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