Top 5 Anime Bunny Girls [Updated]

Bunny girls aren’t as commonly discussed as their more popular sibling, the cat girl. However, they hold a place in anime that we believe to be just as important. Here, we rank the top Bunny Girls in all of anime!

Spoilers Ahead!

5. Tabana Shinonono from Infinite Stratos

Infinite-Stratos-Syndrome (ISS) is a rare disease that affects upwards of eight girls every year. Symptoms include: falling in love for no apparent reason, attraction to block-headed imbeciles, and being unintentionally caught in scantily clad situations. Luckily, we have traced this illness to its source. Heed this warning - AVOID CONTACT WITH ICHIKA ORIMURA!! Ichika Orimura is the only male capable of operating an IS robotic exoskeleton, however, you would think him the only male on the planet with the way his classmates fawn over him. Yet; Ichika, god love him and his oblivious numbskullery, fails to pick up on any of the hints these girls are painstakingly laying down.

Tabana Shinonono is the energetic and lively older sister of Ichika’s childhood friend and main love interest; Houki. Houki, the tsundere ice queen that she is, often exacts violent punishment upon her older sister whenever she is in the vicinity. A self-proclaimed genius, we witness Tabana’s intellect on several occasions either when working on one of her many projects, or effortlessly deciphering her sister’s true desires. Whether it be teasing Houki’s romantic relationship with Ichika, or trying to squeeze her sizable chest, it’s always a party when Tabana is in town. Making her debut into the series on a giant animatronic carrot; we knew we were in for a wild ride with this eccentric bunny girl.

4. Yoshino Himekawa from Date A Live

Never being seen without her patented green bunny hood and mischievous bunny puppet sidekick Yoshinon; Yoshino has earned her place among the uppermost echelons of the bunny girl hierarchy. After spirits begin to invade Earth and threaten the lives of its populace; war seems imminent between these deadly beings and the anti-spirit strike force. However, a group known as Ratatoskr is founded in hopes of calming their tempers by stimulating their hearts. The fate of the world rests on the flirting prowess of Shidou Itsuka, an inexperienced teenager. I don’t know if the arm over the shoulder yawn is going to cut it.

Yoshino is one of these spirits. Upon our first meeting with her, she is timid and unreceptive to any kind of social interaction. Her ventriloquist puppet, however, is loud-mouthed, abrasive, and prone to a scolding from Yoshino for speaking too rudely. Yoshino idolizes Yoshinon for being able to so eloquently express her feelings (almost to a fault). She works tirelessly with Ratatoskr on how to develop the ability to speak her mind and do so without Yoshinon present. Yoshino may not be a true bunny girl. However, by combining Yoshino the girl with the full-fledged rabbit Yoshinon, you can’t get more bunny girl than that.

3. Carrot from One Piece

Delving more into the anthropomorphic spectrum of bunny girls; here we have the butt-kicking, ear-biting mink of the warrior beast tribe - Carrot. Finding her place among the crew during the Whole Cake Island arc, Carrot was an integral ally in helping rescue Sanji from his arranged marriage. Carrot is lively, cheerful, and fits right in with the less serious members of the Straw Hat crew. Finding an ally in Chopper, the anthropomorphic reindeer doctor of the Straw Hats, they are often seen joyfully laughing together, or cowering in a corner.

All in all, Carrot is a welcome addition to the cast and one who can hopefully provide more laughs and smiles in the future, as she...travels...alongside the...why are her eyes glowing red? Yes, there is more to Carrot than meets the eye. Her jovial personality shifts drastically when she enters her Sulong form - a powerful shape change possible during a full moon, where she transforms from “Onii-chan, let’s go play!” to “Ara ara, your son calls me mommy too!” Her ears, eyes, and tail grow considerably larger, her eyes are stained blood red, and her entire body emits electrical sparks. With the power to sink an entire fleet single-handedly, this is one bad bunny you don’t want to make angry.

2. Haru from Beastars

Again, more of a rabbit with human characteristics as opposed to a true blue bunny girl, however, Haru offers such a unique character exploration that we felt her inclusion was justified. In Beastars, herbivores and carnivores live side by side; attending University, working nine-to-fives - essentially living in a society akin to ours. However, after witnessing the death of an alpaca in Cherryton Academy’s drama club, unease settles in between the two kinds of animals as to who could possibly be next. Haru is one of the main characters of Beastars and is a pure white dwarf rabbit. As the name implies, she is seen to be fragile and unimportant due to her status as a small herbivore.

Haru despises the labels she has been branded with and seeks to fight back against any preconceived notions people have of her. How does she do it? Well, you know the old expression. “Breeding like rabbits” has never been truer.

Haru seeks recognition the only way she knows how. Converting her status of ‘fragile’ into that of a ‘slut’, she is generally excluded from school due to her sexual promiscuity. Upon becoming more sexually active, others seemed to only view her as a sexual being, and less so as a real person. Despite this, however, Haru is brave, honest, and not afraid to speak her mind. She often frequents the Black Market (known for being incredibly dangerous) and is rather blunt or even rude to those close to her.

1. Mai Sakurajima from Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

Topping this list is the bunny girl so famous that the entire show was named after her notoriety, we have the child superstar turned invisible exhibitionist; Mai Sakurajima. After the bombastically blaring lights of show business became too much for Mai to handle during her childhood superstardom, she longed for nothing more than to be forgotten by everyone around her (eventually going on a professional hiatus). Luckily, the laws of physics seemed to have gone on vacation that day, as Mai is suddenly afflicted with Puberty Syndrome. Rare in its cases, this disease causes strange happenings to occur to those it infects.

In Mai’s case, it makes her invisible to the naked eye. Wanting to test her newfound powers, she dons a bunny suit and parades up and down the library, checking to see if she really is that unnoticeable. It wasn’t until Sakuta Azusagawa, a young male classmate, caught her in the act that the journey of conquering her anxiety could begin. Mai is fairly serious and very intelligent with an air of unapproachability about her. Despite this, she is tormented by both her past and the fear that she may be forgotten forever. Together with Sakuta’s assistance, the two try to combat both Mai’s inner demons, as well as others affected by Puberty Syndrome.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. This was our list of the top bunny girls in anime. Whether it be a girl dressed as a rabbit, a rabbit with the personality of a girl, or anything in between, these bunny girls offer a unique take on the character type. Let us know your favorite bunny girl in the comments below!

BEASTARS-wallpaper-500x500 Top 5 Anime Bunny Girls [Updated]


Author: Ruel Butler

Anime lover and aspiring fiction writer who's dream is to create a story to move the next generation in the same way that I have been moved by my favorite anime. Currently living it up in Tokyo and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else!

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Kemonomimi, or animal ears, will never go out of style. Ever. They’re just so great. We see cat eared girls popping up in any series now, regardless of whether or not they are appropriate. But that’s okay, we still love them. But what of the other animal girls: the dogs, the cows, the bunnies? It feels like they just don’t get the love they deserve sometimes, despite being just as adorable as their feline friends.

So for that reason amongst others, today we feel it is appropriate to bring the joys of bunny girls to light, for your viewing pleasure. But I’m afraid you won’t find just any old playboy bunny suits here. No, these are the real deal, ears and tails come pre-attached. Well mostly.

10. Komugi Yoshida from Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 10th 2016 - March 27th 2016

Komugi Yoshida is just your regular middle school idol, who, despite her two idol classmates beating her in popularity, is determined to never give up on her dreams. After coming across an injured creature named Usa-P and taking care of it, the unusual creature offers to give her the powers of a Legendary Girl to repay her. And so begins the story of Nurse Witch Komugi-chan: magical girl, idol and middle school girl.

One of the few main characters on the list, Komugi’s fluffy ears aren’t permanent, but rather one of the adorable perks of her magical girl transformation. As a parody of the magical girl genre, if you like magical girls you can expect to see a lot of familiar traits in Komugi. With the classic clumsiness, slight hopelessness and kind heart that any magical girl should have, we would go as far as to say Komugi is just bun-tastic.

9. Usa-Tan from Etotama

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 9th 2015 - June 25th 2015

Etotama follows Nyan-tan, a cat spirit, in her journey to becoming one of the twelve Chinese zodiacs, all of whom are of course embodied by cute girls. To aid her in her quest, she has enlisted the help of high schooler Takeru Amato, or put more accurately she’s freeloading at his house. Usa-Tan, the Zodiac God of Rabbit, is one of the challengers Nyan-Tan must face, ranked at number four amongst the Zodiac Gods.

Usa-Tan’s outfit comes as no surprise, a traditional casino style bunny suit to go with her long protruding ears. Confident and intelligent, Usa-tan lives up to her princess like personality by owning several of her own companies including Usa-tan Company and Usa-tan Productions. Understandably this means she has no trouble toying around with the other, not so bright, Gods and poor Nyan-tan. Always lady-like, Usa-tan is perfectly suited to being a member of the ridiculous and hilarious Etotama cast.

8. Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims from Astarotte no Omocha! (Astarotte's Toy!)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 11th 2011 - June 26th 2011

At the ripe old age of 10, succubus princess Astarotte Ygvar is now expected to begin assembling her male harem, to ensure her successful future of course. Hating men and claiming that she will only begin a harem if a human man is involved, Naoya Touhara is brought over from Earth to solve the issue. However with numerous women around she isn’t the only one with her eyes on Naoya, enter Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims, the Great Sage Ini.

Despite being old 7 years old Ingrid is currently the most intelligent being in the world of Alfheimr, partly due to her genius father and the fact that she reads an unreasonable number of books. A quiet kuudere, with her bunny ears and small frame Ingrid gives the rest of the cast a run for their money when it comes to cuteness. In fact I’d go as far as to say she’s the most down right adorable bunny on this list.

7. Mina Tsukuda from Getsumen to Heiki Mina

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: January 14th 2007 - March 25th 2007

Originally a fictitious anime from the drama Densha Otoko, Getsumen to Heiki Mina features Mina Tsukuda as a transforming, bunny law enforcer. After aliens discovered the joys of Earth sports, they began to partake in the fun, with some of them getting a little bit too excited, harassing stadiums and attacking fans. As part of Rabbit Force, Mina Tsukuda’s job is to uphold a treaty ensuring that such incidents don’t occur by using her powers as her battle ready alter ego Miina Tsukishiro.

Balancing her life as a high school girl, Miina, and SpoLuna announcer, Mina’s story is one of how with hard work and a never give up attitude, you can achieve anything. A surprisingly diligent and responsible main character for a magical girl series, if you need a schoolgirl to fight aliens she’s probably your best bet. As someone who hates carrots, the fact that she gets her powers as a Miina from food containing carrots can prove quite troublesome at times, troublesome and amusing. Being one of the few bunny girl protagonists around, Getsumen to Heiki Mina is about as rabbit filled as an anime can get.

6. Chuchu from Show By Rock!!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 5th 2015 - June 21st 2015

Show by Rock, based on a mobile game by the same name, follows high school girl Cyan who gets sucked into the world of her favorite rhythm game. She soon meets band Plasmagica, including lead singer and guitarist Chuchu, and the group work to make their mark in Midi City, the city of music. As creator and leader of the band Chuchu holds the most authority and is seemingly the most dedicated to their success.

A well-mannered honor student, Chuchu’s charisma and diligence make her the perfect leader to keep such an oddball group together and ensure their success. Not believing in charms or fate, Chuchu reasons that everything can be earned through practice and hard work, which goes hand in hand with her secret desire to start a solo career away from the others. As such, she is sometimes in danger of letting her pride get the better of her, with her own dreams of fans and fame. Despite this, she’s a good girl at heart and becomes incredibly attached to her bandmates throughout the series.

5. Vert Far Breton from Dog Days

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2nd 2011 - June 25th 2011

In the world of Dog Days, wars aren’t so much bloody battlefields as they are fun, country-wide activities aired on TV. With animal ears galore and fallen warriors turning into cute fluffy blobs, Dog Days is about as relaxed as fighting gets. Vert Far Brenton works for the Galette faction as part of Génoise, Gaul Galette des Rois’s bodyguard team.

Part of such an elite team, Vert is Gallette’s master archer, though as one of the most air headed characters in the show (a show full of air headed characters) at times she can do more harm than good. The only bunny girl to appear so far in the show, Vert has quite a unique appearance amongst a cast of mostly cats and dogs. Despite their origins as the shows “bad guys”, the members of Génoise are friendly as anything in reality, Vert included, and later on become victims of the show’s more amusing and ecchi antics.

4. Charlotte E. Yeager from Strike Witches

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 4th 2008 - September 19th 2008

The year 1944 on all alternate version of Earth, and the planet is under siege by an alien race known as the Neuroi, who have already devastated parts of Europe and Africa. To combat them, units were formed consisting of Witches donning Striker Units, utilizing a combination of magic and technology to fight. Charlotte E. Yeager, known as Shirley to her friends, is a member of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, originally stationed in Britannia.

Known for being one of the fastest witches on earth, Charlotte’s rabbit familiar is a perfect fit for her. Although not a true rabbit girl, when fighting with her Strike Unit she, like the rest of the cast, pops out some cute ears and a fluffy tail. Bright and outgoing, Charlotte’s positive attitude and confidence makes her liked by many and ensures she has little trouble making friends. Although sometimes her live fast, die young attitude is a bit much for some.

3. Melona from Queen's Blade: Rurou no Senshi (Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2nd 2009 - June 18th 2009

Once every four years, a new Queen is chosen, with the only requirement being to win the Queen’s Blade tournament. Imaginably this is much harder than it seems, with not only other combatants to worry about, but schemers, thieves and assassins who wish only to make a profit off of the tournament. One such problem is Melona, a servant and assassin of the powerful Swamp Witch, sent to disrupt the tournament.

Melona is a fairly well known character, particularly amongst ecchi crowds, due to the fact that she’s made entirely out of pink slime, her most notable feature being the gooey pink hands covering her breasts. As a slime girl, she is capable of not only using said goo as a weapon, but mimicking the attacks of others, altering her appearance, and numerous other impressive abilities which enable her to be such a proficient assassin. Both cruel and seductive, Melona enjoys playing with and tormenting her foes in very creative ways, making her an excellent villain for a series like Queen’s Blade.

2. Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra from Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 5th 2015 - September 20th 2015

In a world threatened by the return of a once defeated Demon God, six heroes, the Braves of the Six Flowers, are chosen to venture into the demon’s homeland and ensure that such a thing does not come to pass. Granted powers to ensure that they can fend off their demonic foes, Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra, the first Princess of Piena, is one of these Braves. But when seven Braves show up instead of the prophesied six, things immediately get complicated.

Bunny eared characters seem to follow a trend of being one of a kind in their series, with Nashetania following suit as the only bunny character to appear in Rokka no Yuusha thus far. The Saint of Blades, she is capable of creating incredible numbers of blades from thin air for both offensive and defensive purposes, making her one of the strongest offensive members of the cast. A tricky girl to figure out, Nashetania has a habit of acting very differently around different people, being a helpless and cutesy princess in front of protagonist Adlet, whilst showing a darker, harsh side of herself around others. Interesting, pretty and possibly hiding something, Nashetania is one of the most well developed characters on this list, and a joy to watch.

1. Kurousagi from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?)

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Jan 12, 2013 to Mar 16, 2013

After being transported to the world of Little Garden, our super powered and very fortunate problem children protagonists are soon met by their summoner Kurousagi, also known as Black Rabbit. Despite being the ideal girl to introduce them to their new environment, the problematic kids have no trouble poking fun at and generally harassing our cute rabbit girl to near breaking point. Despite being slightly incompetent (read: pitiable), it’s down to Kurousagi to accompany super natural annoyances Izayoi, You and Asuka in their battle against the world’s Devil King.

The perfect fusion of sexy, casino style bunny girl and cotton tailed, ear twitching half-rabbit, Kurousagi is the ideal when it comes to anime bunny girls. Although both hopeless and kind of pathetic at times, Kurousagi’s loyalty and spirited attitude is admirable, doing everything in her power to help her friends and the No Name community she belongs to. Although often the butt of jokes, she also remains one of the most powerful members of the cast, holding four of her clan’s ‘gifts’ along with her naturally incredible speed and strength. Possibly more important than everything else however, when fighting or emotional her hair turns a pretty pastel pink color, which is just adorable.

Final Thoughts

There’s been a definite increase in animal eared girls in recent years, likely due to the explosion of moe shows hitting our screens. So if the industry continues in this direction we can hope to see yet more fluffy tailed females appearing before us.

So that’s our top 10 bunny girls in anime, and hopefully they were to your liking. But that’s enough of us rabbiting on, we’d like to know what you think! So whether it’s about your favorite bunny of the list, or that you’re hopping mad that your favorite didn’t make it, leave us a comment below.

BEASTARS-wallpaper-500x500 Top 5 Anime Bunny Girls [Updated]


Author: Kristian

British guy doing student things in Tokyo. Slice-of-life and moe anime are my speciality, though I think something good can be found in almost every show. Outside of anime I spend most of my time feeding on DotA 2 or studying Japanese in a quest to one day watch cute girls without subtitles.

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BEASTARS-wallpaper-500x500 Top 5 Anime Bunny Girls [Updated]

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