Top 10 Anime Wolf Girls

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Ookami-Kodomo-Ame-to-Yuki-capture-1-700x392 Top 10 Anime Wolf Girls

Pointy ears, furry tails, cute soft paws… These girls have the whole package. I’m clearly talking about wolf girls. They combine adorableness with sex appeal, a wild nature and sharp instincts. We all love how interesting, charming and soft they can be (those tails are so furry, OMG!), which is why we’re making a special list for these girls.

There are many different types of wolf girls in anime. Some of them are mostly human with wolfish traits; some others are anthropomorphized wolves or wolves with the ability to communicate; and others are shape-shifter who can shift between her human, werewolf and wolf forms. What’s important, though, is that all of them are really interesting characters with (in general) very deep personalities that combine human and mostly feminine traits with the strength and wildness of wolves.

I give you the Top 10 anime she-wolves!

10. Bianca (Whitney) from Doubutsu no Mori (Animal Crossing)

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Aired: December 16, 2006

Bianca is a lovely chibi white wolf with a lot of attitude. She’s quite feminine and sophisticated as we can judge from her elegant style, her makeup, the delicate tuft of hair on her forehead and her fashionable summer and winter dressing styles. This wolf lady is quite confident as she’s very much aware of her own sex appeal.

In the movie, it is hinted several times that she had been in a relationship. This may be a reason why she’s such a knowledgeable and experienced girl who can go around giving advice on femininity and relationships. This posh wolf girl definitely seems hard to tame.

9. Lupusregina Beta from Overlord

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul 2015 – Sep 2015

Lupusregina Beta is one of the hottest of the “Pleiades Six Stars”, the maid squad in charge of the last defense line at the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She’s at Ainz’s entire disposition at all times and, just like the rest of the maids and Albedo, Lupu-chan seems to be quite interested in her master. She can be very confident, friendly and even a bit of a tomboy, but that’s what makes her so sociable and such a valuable asset for Ainz Sama.

Her social skills make her a great spy, which is why she’s often assigned to watch on humans. She’s actually very fond of humans and enjoys being in their company, which may be related to her wolf instincts. She also has some wild instincts that are made evident every time she makes a lewd joke that makes her master blush.

8. Liru from Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 2006 – Jun 2006

Liru is one of those sexy animal girls we love so much. Her wolf ears and her sexy furry wolf tail have the same effect as those breathtaking neko-chan we just can’t get enough of. Plus, her bikini top is unbelievably hot and fits her lovely and charismatic personality perfectly.

Of course, Liru is not just a sexy wolf girl. She can also be the cutest puppy ever! Every time she sees a full moon shaped object she turns into the most adorable and playful golden wolf cub. She’s clearly the dream of any sixteen-year-old.

7. Arf from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct 2004 – Dec 2004

Arf is very likely the hottest wolf babe on our list. She was actually born a wolf puppy, but she was destined to die young due to a deadly disease she had contracted. Fate was the one who found her and saved her from her ill destiny by transferring her soul into a magical body sustained by Fate’s mana.

Clearly, Fate did an awesome job, not only in saving Arf but also in giving her a fine body. Of course, Arf is not just a pretty face (and smoking hot body), she’s also Fate’s powerful protector. She can use some powerful magic and turn into a fearsome red-wolf. She’s definitely not to be messed with.

6. Riza Wildman from Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr 2007 – Sep 2007

Riza is a half-breed werewolf, since her father is a werewolf and her mother is human. As such, she doesn’t quite have the strength and physical abilities of a pure werewolf, although she’s much stronger than the average human. Plus, she has those big scary and furry paws with which she can fight anyone.

As we would expect from a good wolf girl, Riza is quite wild and she has very sharp canine instincts. She loves fighting head-on and never backs away. She also loves the adrenaline of driving fast vehicles. She’s not called Wildman for nothing.

5. Nozomu Ezomori from Kanokon

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 2008 – Jun 2008

Nozomu Ezomori is a wolf-spirit girl who hides a lot behind her seemingly quiet and shy personality. She’s deeply in love with Kota and, despite she accuses her rival, Chizuru, of being a “horny beast”, Nozomu often tries to get physical with him too. This shy girl definitely seems to have a wild side.

Despite looking like a child, Nozomu is quite sexy in her loli way. She likes sleeping completely naked on the floor, which is probably related to her wolfish nature. She can also shift at will into her wolf-spirit form, in which she looks exactly the same except for her cute wolf ears and her furry and sexy tail.

4. Yuki from Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children)

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Aired: July 21, 2012

Yuki is a charming and adorable young girl who’s half-werewolf. She can shift into werewolf and wolf forms at will or unintentionally when she gets mad. She has heightened physical abilities, although she has to take lessons to master her wolf skills.

She actually likes being a wolf girl and, as a child, she used to play a lot with her different wolf forms. However, as she grows up, Yuki realizes that being a werewolf keeps her from having a normal life, human friends and human relationships. She’s a very special girl indeed, although sometimes she just wishes she was a normal teenager.

3. Moro from Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Aired: July 12, 1997

Moro is the perfect representation of maternal instinct. She’s a 300 year old wolf goddess who lives in the forest with her two pups and her adoptive daughter, San. Moro has been taking care of San ever since her parents left her to her fate in the forest when she was a baby.

Instead of devouring the baby, this wolf mother raised and nurtured San as she was another one of her cubs. She taught her human daughter to run, move, hunt and behave as a wolf. Moro may be wild, savage and tough but she certainly has a great heart.

Ookami-Kodomo-Ame-to-Yuki-capture-1-700x392 Top 10 Anime Wolf Girls

2. Blue from Wolf’s Rain

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Jan 2003 – Jul 2003

One of the things I find so awesome and captivating about wolves is that, unlike other canines, they mate for life (that’s right, they’re monogamous). Blue is the living proof of this behavior. Once her wolf side is awakened, she leaves her dark past behind and becomes a member of the wolf pack, where she meets Hige and eventually falls desperately in love with him.

As her name indicates, she’s a dark blue (almost black) wolf with deep blue eyes. In her human form she’s a very beautiful woman, although a bit dark and mysterious. However, her most important trait is her loyalty, especially towards Hige. She would just follow him to the end of the world if she had to. She’s perfect! <3

Ookami-Kodomo-Ame-to-Yuki-capture-1-700x392 Top 10 Anime Wolf Girls

1. Holo from Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan 2008 – May 2008

Holo is without a doubt one of our favorite wolf-deities. In her real form she’s a large and fearsome wolf that inspired awe and reverence among villagers. Tired of life in the village where she was no longer appreciated and honored as the great wolf goddess she is, she journeys far away to find out about the world.

On her travels with Lawrence, her companion, she takes the form of a gorgeous teenage girl, although her cutest and most important wolf features remain; namely, her wolf ears and her sexy tail. As a goddess, she is very wise, smart and self-sufficient, although sometimes she uses Lawrence to get what she wants, especially food. She has her sexy wolf charm and she definitely knows how to use it.

Ookami-Kodomo-Ame-to-Yuki-capture-1-700x392 Top 10 Anime Wolf Girls

We’ve come to the end of our lycanthrope females list. There really aren’t as many wolfish girls in anime as one would expect. We can definitely find more foxy and doggy ladies than wolf ones.

Personally, I’d like to see more wolf girls in anime. I honestly think they can be just as sexy as any neko-chan and even more interesting. What do you think? Do you love she-wolves as well?

Also, you can tell me which is your favorite wolf girl, or if you can recall any that has not been included on our list.

Ookami-Kodomo-Ame-to-Yuki-capture-1-700x392 Top 10 Anime Wolf Girls


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