Top 10 Anime Characters You Wish Sat Next to You in School

Tonari no Seki-kun

"Tonari no Seki-kun"

Haven’t we all thought to ourselves one time or another, what if that anime character sat next to me in class? How more fun and joyful school would've been, or from a girls perspective, how would my favorite anime male character look like in real life. How fun it would be if he sat next to me in school.

Imagination is a funny thing and there is no end to what the human mind can think of. That is why this list will consist of the top 10 anime characters you wish he sits next to you in school! It can be a bunch of different reasons. Maybe because you think you will be best friends, or maybe just because of the sight of that cute anime character. Doesn’t matter! All will be answered in a matter of minutes so stick around and read through the choices on this list.

10. Sojiro Izumi from Lucky Star

lucky star soujirou izumi
lucky star dvd
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 8, 2007 – September 17, 2007

Here we have a interesting choice for a male anime character to have as your partner in crime at school. First, Sojiro Izumi might be next to you in class because he needs some extra answers or to repeat something he totally forgot. Or maybe it’s because he’s a lolicon.

Yeah, he is a bit older, but why he's been chosen for the last spot on this list is because he would make the school life a lot more fun and interesting with his hobby’s. Video Games and Anime, which is why it would be so fun to sit next to him chatting about different kinds of games and anime.

But, ladies be warned of his lolicon side!

lucky star soujiro capture

9. Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuroko’s Basketball

tetsuya kuroko kuroko no basket
Kuroko no Basuke
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 8, 2012 – September 22, 2012

In real life, Kuroko would be quite the cute guy, and if you ask girls who love this anime, who wouldn't want a cute boy next to them in class? But because Kuroko is quite good at being the “shadow”, so to speak, when it comes to being with others, he might not be the most interesting fellow to sit next to in school.

He also has great team spirit and is very oriented, it would be great to have such a classmate next to oneself. Kuroko is the real gentleman when it comes to women, any girl would want to have such a nice and proper guy beside them. As it seems, he is good at cheering gloomy girls up too. So sitting next to Tetsuya Kuroko wouldn’t be so bad, wouldn’t it?

tetsuya kuroko basket wallpaper

8. Kousaka Kyousuke from Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

oreimo kyousuke kousaka
ore no imouto ga konnnani kawaii wake nai dvd
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 3, 2010 – December 19, 2010

Kyousuke would be the normal guy to sit next to in class, but perhaps what makes him special is because of his younger sister and how he has a little knowledge dealing with hot blooded girls who like to take charge. So for the guys, it would be a good classmate to have because the conversations about how to deal with angry little sisters. And of course, video games and visits to Akihabara.

For the girls, Kyousuke is a handsome young man who isn't stupid and knows how to deal with girls, so he wouldn’t be a bad person to sit next to him in class.

oreimo kyousuke wallpaper

7. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

one piece luffy
one piece dvd 02
  • Episodes: Unknown
  • Aired: October 20, 1999 - Ongoing

Now, Luffy is a guy who probably will get both of you in trouble if you sit next to him in school, but who wouldn’t want to sit next to a real pirate? The stories he would tell, and because he is known as a trouble-maker, the teacher will always look like she is prepared for anything when it comes to you two.

School would be a lot more fun with stories about the open sea and the freedom as a pirate, and all the treasure out there just waiting for anyone who wants to claim it. The bad part about this would probably be that you'd want to leave school and join Luffy’s crew as a pirate yourself.

“Kaizoku, oh ni ore wa naru!”

one piece luffy wallpaper

6. Son Goku from Dragon Ball

dragonball wallpaper dvd
  • Episodes: 153
  • Aired: February 26, 1986 – April 12, 1989

Goku is someone both boys and girls will love. He will be the perfect guy to sit next to in class because of his cheerfulness and his energetic attitude. Also because of his love for competition, so be prepared to start working out too if you want to keep up with a guy like Goku.

He will most likely never look down on you no matter what your actions might be, mainly because of his ability to see the good in others. I believe because of Goku’s personality he would be a great friend to anyone who might sit next to him. And his happy attitude will surely rub off on you as well.

dragonball z son goku wallpaper

5. L from Death Note

deathnote L prof
  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: October 4, 2006 – June 27, 2007

First of all, everyone will probably look at you too, mostly because of L’s way of sitting in a chair and because he will most likely be eating something sweet like a dessert in the most delicate way he can think of while sitting next to you. But never be fooled by his appearance.

L is very intelligent and would be a great partner to have next to you in school, even if he has a kind of weird way about himself. He will be a great friend to talk to about serious things but also someone you can joke around with a lot.

death note l wallpaper

4. Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist

fullmetal alchemist
  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: October 4, 2003 – October 2, 2004

It would be so cool to be sitting next to a genius like Edward Elric, and to see those bionic parts on his body while discussing alchemy and maybe even taking up that as a subject yourself? Edward is a guy I believe many will like to sit next to, probably because of his humour, plus he is a smart and friendly guy.

I think it would be best to have him as a classmate in science class or chemistry! That would be the best teaching/learning experience ever while also having a new and totally different friend like Edward, one of the Elric brothers.

fullmetal alchemist edward wallpaper

3. Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto

Sasuke Uchiha
naruto shippuden dvd 02
  • Episodes: 220
  • Aired: October 3, 2002 – February 8, 2007

I do know why all the girls want to have a guy like Sasuke next to them in school. It would create some tension in the classroom for sure. Between girls and boys! He might be a cute guy, but he's also a boy genius of the Uchiha clan. How cool wouldn’t it be to have a real ninja next to you and to see the Sharingan in action.

Depending on his mood, you could get a glimpse of how hard the life of a shinobi really is. And if you get to know him and his background, maybe your own problems wouldn’t be that important any longer. For the guys, maybe it’s more of a motivation to have a genius like Uchiha Sasuke next to oneself. And for the girls, it would more be like day dreaming everyday at school.

naruto uchiha sasuke wallpaper

2. Takumi Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama

kaichou wa maid sama takumi
kaichou ha maid sama DVD
  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 2, 2010 – September 24, 2010

“Pretty boy” has to be best way to describe Takumi Usui. He is a handsome young man and will draw some attention while sitting next to you in school. Mainly because he will be a heart breaker amongst the girls, and because of his looks he will probably be quite the popular guy.

Even though he doesn’t show it, he is smart and would be a great guy to sit next to in class for those difficult math questions. Also because he is very athletic, it would be a good way for those who want to become more handsome like Takumi. Would be interesting to sit next to such a popular and handsome guy.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get into the spotlight because of just sitting next to him?

kaichou wa maid sama usui takumi wallpaper

1. Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

kuroshitusuji- sebastian-prof
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 3, 2008 – March 27, 2009

We have seen that Sebastian Michaelis can be a great helper and friend to have for a classmate. It would be like heaven wouldn’t it? You can get help with any question you don’t know the answer to and he is not a bad guy to look at. Because of his gentleman posture and appearance, he has a calm and cool personality.

If someone tries to start a fight with you, you can always ask your friend Sebastian to help you from getting into trouble. Always good to have demon butler on your side huh? Just let him know that you’re looking for a butler and a friend.

kuroshitsuji sebastian wallpaper

Black Butler wallpaper 01

It’s always fun to dream and to see a glimpse of how it would be to see our favorite anime characters in real life, because of the imagination in our hearts. But to meet them in real life, will they live up to our expectations or will they just go on with what they normally do in their anime life?

I hope this was a good read? Be sure to comment on what male character you wish to have next to you in school!

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