Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

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One of the top comments we hear from people about anime is that it all looks the same.

We at Honey’s Anime know that they are absolutely wrong. You may find at first glance that much of the design work does look similar but if you watch as much as we do you can tell the difference down to the studio. ufotable is one of the studios that stands out for its design work by effectively blending computer-generated elements and standard, hand-drawn animation cells. It’s especially apparent in their action-oriented anime. The pace and tempo of the way two opponents clash are so distinct that you know right away it’s one of their scenes. Yet not all of their shows are about epic action made with cutting-edge technology; some are simple old-fashioned hand-drawn anime. We now count down the top ten anime by ufotable. Be sure to check out the original article below as this is an update to our previous ufotable list!

10.Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2017- Sep. 2017

The future is fluid and the present is in the past, as a group of time travelers attempt to preserve history from those who seek to change it. Izuminokami and his partner, Horikawa, travel to 1860s Japan to stop the Retrograde Army from preventing Japan from opening itself to the world. With the help of several swordsmen, the two fight the demonic forces on rooftops and in the streets as they try and prevent the assassination of key historical figures. But sometimes in order to keep things on track, they must do the unthinkable and let an innocent die.

Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu is a sleek, modern anime filled with an excellent blend of CGI and standard animated frames. The colors are rich and full of texture. You get a lot of detail in the buildings and backgrounds. The fights are fast and filled with sparks of color as the weapons clash. The character design focuses on elegance with tall, lean characters that will make a shojo’s heart skip a beat. If you like historical fiction and a group of hot male leads that have relationships that are a fujoshi dream, watch this anime. If you like cute guys doing battle, Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu is the perfect Ufotable project for you.

9. Coyote Ragtime Show

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2006- Sep. 2006

We’ve got an old-fashioned western set in space crossed with Treasure Island in Coyote Ragtime Show. The main character is a coyote, or outlaw, named Mister. He was once the partner of a great space pirate named Bill. The pirate Bill died shortly after his last massive heist. The only person who knows where it’s hidden is Mister, who breaks out of prison in the hopes of claiming the loot before anyone else finds it. The biggest complication is his responsibility to find Franka, Bill’s daughter, and ensure she receives her inheritance. Bill and Franka will have to stay one step ahead of the androids, assassins, criminals, and of course the law in order to find the treasure and escape with their lives.

Coyote Ragtime is consistently praised for the quality of its mature storytelling and animation. That’s a great feat considering the story was built from the ground up as an original animation. You frequently see it on top ten lists for space adventures. A fun story combined with a streak of seriousness is what you get with Coyote Ragtime.

8. Futakoi Alternative (Twin Love Alternative)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Apr. 2005- Jun. 2005

Rantarou Futaba’s life hasn’t exactly gone the way he had planned. He had to drop out of college to take over the family business. The business isn’t a traditional one, either, it’s not a restaurant or a glass-blowing shop – it’s a detective agency. He isn’t alone; like any good gumshoe he has an assistant. He actually has two, twins by the name of Sara and Souju. He often struggles to find his footing as a detective, a problem exacerbated by a lot of unfinished business left behind by his father. He also seems to have a yakuza problem: they keep trying to kill him.

Despite all its madcap mayhem, the story at its roots is a tale of a young man trying to step out from his father’s shadow. He is unprepared for this life of responsibility and will have to grow up fast, all while just as many people are relying on him as are waiting for him to fail. The story also has a cute romantic subplot involving a love triangle between Rentarou and his assistants. The animation may not be what you think of when you think Ufotable, but the story and the animation are solid giving this a spot on the top 10.

7. Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! (Manabi Straight)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2007- Mar. 2007

Manabi is a plucky high school girl that loves her all-girls Seioh Private High School. The school is considered prestigious but falling on hard times due to decreasing enrollment. Her beloved school may be shut down. I know you’ve heard this story before. The reason this time is that it’s not just her school but many other schools as well. Japan is in the middle of a population collapse and many companies are hiring workers to fill the shortage right out of middle school. In order to increase the morale of the remaining students (no, she doesn’t become an idol), Manabi becomes student council president and begins planning a school festival. The story that follows is clearly a slice-of-life anime focusing on how Manabi working with Mika Inamori, the only other student council member, and three other classmates named Mutsuki Uehara, Mei Etoh, and Momoha Odori as they do their best to revitalize the school’s student body.

The school-based slice-of-life plot is a true departure from what we think of as Ufotable’s wheelhouse. We have cute girls running around and getting into mischief and all the characters have hearts of gold. You won’t get supernatural battles in this one but you will get a lot of moe. We put this one on the list because its unconventionally Ufotable.

6. Tales of Symphonia The Animation

  • Episodes: 4
  • Aired: Jun. 2007- Dec. 2007

The world is dying. The land is barren and all life is on the brink of extinction. The world is without mana, the spiritual energy that sustains life. A young girl named Colette, her best friends Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage, a mercenary named Kratos, and a half-elf named Raine form a fellowship and go on a journey to restore that precious resource to the world. She will need to travel the world to release the seals on several shrines to let the mana flow once more. The sacrifice and moral choice she will have to make is far greater than she ever could realize. She finds that releasing the mana to save her world might mean destroying another. Can she save her world without destroying someone else’s?

Ufotable builds a rich world with a lot of depth in Tales of Symphonia. You have an entire mythos created for this fantasy-set story. The animation is traditional and it has a warmth you don’t tend to get with CGI. You will enjoy this anime if you want excellent storytelling with great animation.

5. Kara no Kyoukai (Garden of Sinners)

  • Episodes: 1 (Movie) (8 Movies Total)
  • Aired: Dec. 2007

A string of schoolgirl suicides leaves Japan in shock and the police baffled. A detective agency that specializes in investigating the paranormal takes up the call to seek the reason for these tragedies. The head of the agency, a mage by the name of Touko Aozaki, tasks Mikiya Kokutou and Shiki Ryougi to investigate. The two detectives couldn’t be more different. Mkiya is a normal person who relies on his skills and reason to solve a case, while Shiki has a different set of skills best applied to hunting the paranormal. Her Mystic Eyes allow her to see and bring an end to malevolent spirits. The plot of the first film deals with the investigation and the succeeding film focuses on the relationships of the main characters, the supernatural, and the real truth behind the events.

Garden of Sinners has an eerie quality that carries throughout the whole series. The anime is dark in both story and visuals. The rich earth tones make every scene have a noir feel that can leave you with goosebumps. A truly interesting fact is that the Garden of Sinners may, in fact, be set in the same universe as the Fate franchise -- another very successful ufotable anime. You want to watch Garden of Sinners when you’ve got the time to sit back and take it in. The story moves slowly, but that isn’t a drawback as you find the deliberate pace is filled with suspense and only makes the story better.

4. God Eater

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul. 2015- Mar. 2016

The world 53 years from now isn’t a pretty one. The emergence of monsters called Aragami have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Aragami have shaken off everything that man can fire at them with near immunity to conventional weapons. Humanity decides to fight fire with fire by infusing humans with oracle cells taken from the Aragami that allow them to wield a god arc, the only known weapon capable of killing an Aragami. The special forces that can wield these awesome weapons are simply called god eaters. We follow a god eater named Lenka as he works to master his god arc as he fights to rid the world of the Aragami once and for all.

The first thing you’ll notice about the production is that the animation is heavily CGI. You’ll also find that the action is fast and flashy and definitely ufotable. The story was adapted from a PlayStation video game that puts you in the role of the protagonist and challenges you to work your way up the ranks of god eaters. The story may not have the depth of some of the other works and may lack in character development, but it gets a spot on this list for is the heavy reliance on CGI and the groundwork it lays for future works.

3.Tales of Zestiria the X

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2016- Sep. 2016

The story begins with Sorey who grew up high in the mountains in a village of seraphim, spiritual beings not typically visible to humans. Sorey is an exception as one of the only humans still able to see the faery-like people. He is naturally curious and spends most of his time exploring the massive ruin complexes of an ancient civilization. In that civilization, every human could see seraphim and they lived together in harmony. While exploring an off-limits ruin with his seraphim friend Mikleo, he meets princess Alisha, who was searching for a shepherd. A shepherd is a human granted special powers that can cleanse malevolence, the dark force that corrupts the heart of men, seraphim, and beast. Alisha and Sorey part ways after a sort adventure and he decides to begin exploring the world. He first journeys to the capital see Alisha and gets caught up in a supernatural event where a seraphim named Lailah bestows on him the powers to become a shepherd. He then travels the land in an attempt to quell the chaos stemming from the increasing malevolence in the land.

The blend of CGI and standard animation that ufotable is known for is on full display in Tales of Zestiria the X. The character design is filled with color and detail. You seldom spot a shot where the character moves and their clothing, eyes, or hair don’t respond accordingly. The adventure is great, too. You are left with just enough doubt in Sorey’s abilities that you don’t know if he will be successful in his quest. We get just a hint of romance, too, though we hope for more. The diverse cast of supporting characters around Sorey isn’t simply a harem, either. His followers include male and female seraphim and humans. The world building is excellent and you are left imagining what other adventures you could have. We place this high on our list because of its great quality in story and animation.

2. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct. 2014- Dec. 2014

The 5th Holy Grail War is a battle between seven mages using seven heroic spirits. The spirits are materialized by the master through the grail and pulled from myth and history. We classify these spirits depending on their specialty and ability: saber, lancer, archer, rider, caster, assassin, and berserker. The last master standing wins the grail and is granted any wish. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works focuses on Shirou Emiya, a high school student and a novice mage. Unlike most involved in the war, he was drawn into it by accident. Shirou is aided by his servant Saber, one of the most powerful servants that can be summoned. He also forms an alliance with a classmate Rin Toosaka (neither of them knew the other was a mage until the war started) and her servant Archer. The two fight against nearly insurmountable odds in a battle that can only end in survival or death.

The Fate Franchise is ufotable. The story of masters and servants was a smash hit making them one of the most successful studios in the business. The Unlimited Blade Works arc is one of the best adaptations of the franchise. ufotable brings amazing animation to the screen with fight scenes that are near works of art. The pace of the action is spot on, too. You don’t feel like there are any dead spots in the 25 episodes; even the one episode that is often considered filler is important if you understand the context. If you like action and supernatural battles this one in the franchise is for you. You even get an epilogue and an alternate ending OVA if you need to see more.


  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct. 2011- Dec. 2011

Fate/Zero is the story of the 4th Holy Grail war and is a prequel in the Fate universe. The Holy Grail War as we know is a competition between mages and their servants against other mages and servants for the right to claim the grail and have a wish granted by the omnipotent vessel. Kiritsugu Emiya (yes, same last name as Shirou from UBW) is the main protagonist of this story. He is known as the Mage Killer and has been employed by the powerful mage family the Einzberns to fight in the war for them. As part of their deal he was married to Irisviel Einzbern. Kiritsugu becomes Saber’s master, the same Saber that will one day serve Shirou, and faces off against six other servant and master pairs in the bloody quest for the grail.

We know right away the series is going to be bloody and filled with action. The characters in some cases have a lot more dimension to them, too. You get fleshed out master-servant dynamics. You get a look at each of the characters’ motivations and goals for the being in the grail war as well as a story with a lot of twists and turns. We even get a look a young Rin Toosaka’s early heroics, though not in the Grail War, she does save a bunch of children. The best reason to watch this series is Kiritsugu; he has one of the most powerful servants, but he has Saber act as his wife’s bodyguard. He decides to fight the Holy Grail War without a servant making him a total badass putting this in the number one spot.

Final Thoughts

ufotable is one of the most successful animation studios out there. The shows they produce are often some of the most talked about of the season. ufotable is a studio that tends to work on the cutting edge, integrating new techniques and technology into their storytelling. The company even has the ufotable Café, a place where your latte is truly an art and the menu is inspired by their works. We can almost guarantee that if you like action and magic, you’ll find something in ufotable’s list of works that will make you a fan.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]


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Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

These top 10 anime from ufotable are practically all of the projects the studio has worked on since it was founded back in 2000. This company of around 150 employees (as of 2013) is definitely a newcomer when it comes to the world of producing anime. Though it has only been around for 15 years, it has released some great work and has carved a niche for itself.

An important note: ufotable is the primary producer, of the shows listed, unless otherwise stated.

Action, adventure, harem, magic, slice of life, and superhero are just some of the genres ufotable has worked on. The list below covers these genres and many more. You’ll even find some quirky shows such as the anime that comes in at #10!

10. Gyo (OVA)

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: February 15, 2012

Japan is under attack by the dead brought back to life! No. It’s not what you’re thinking. Zombies aren’t the problem. It’s actually the re-animation of lifeless fish fused with metal legs! This attack is much more shocking (and arguably smells worse).

In the midst of this disgusting attack, Kaori returns to Tokyo to look for her boyfriend. During the chaos she lost touch with him. She’s worried he’ll be killed by these murderous, scaly creatures. Or worse, he’ll be infected with the mysterious disease these fish have been spreading to people.

This 70-minute OVA, by ufotable, didn’t win them any major awards from critics. It did however showcase their willingness to take on interesting. The premise is obviously intriguing and the creators were willing to throw some very gross scenes in your face. So, there’s something to respect about a studio confident enough to put this type of project together and fully commit to the vision. Even though it’s not a great anime, it is definitely memorable and has kept people talking about ufotable.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

9. Dokkoida (Dokkoida?!)

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 5, 2003 to September 20, 2003

Dokkoida is Earth’s protector and possibly one of the greatest heroes in the universe! Though you wouldn’t know it just by looking at the young man beneath the mechanized suit. Suzuo is a 19 year old desperately looking for a part-time job.

During this time he meets a young girl named Kosuzu aka Tanpopo. She secretly works for the Galaxy Federation Police and is searching for an earthling to try out a prototype suit. The suit will give its wearer the strength and abilities to take on intergalactic criminals. With his hopes crushed of ever finding a job, he eagerly takes the opportunity to try out the prototype and become a superhero.

Tanpopo, however, failed to explain to Suzuo that upon donning the suit he’d be obliged to work for the Galaxy Federation Police and use his new power to arrest intergalactic criminals. Reluctantly, he warms up to his new job. But, things won’t be easy for Suzuo. Especially when the criminals he catches take on new identities and become his new neighbors!

Dokkoida was an important series for ufotable because it was aimed toward a younger demographic. Few of the anime produced by ufotable, later on, were aimed specifically at pre-teens. But with Dokkoida, the studio proved (early on) that they weren’t afraid of taking on “wacky” or strange projects. They were capable of making a product for a wide range of fans.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

8. Coyote Ragtime Show

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 4, 2006 to September 19, 2006

In this world, space traveling outlaws are known as “coyotes”. None is more famous than the space pirate Bill. Before his death, Bill pulled one last heist with the biggest payoff anyone had ever heard of. Unfortunately, no one knows where he hid it. That is no one but a fellow “coyote” named Mister.

With ten days left of time to serve, for a traffic violation, Mister breaks out of prison with the assistance of Bishop and Katana. Obviously, he wants to find that pile of money before anyone else can figure out where it’s hidden. But before he can start on that journey he has a responsibility to find and look after Franka (Bruce’s daughter).

Franka is only interested in getting the inheritance left to her by her father. Several other people, all with their own agendas, are after Mister. He’ll have to evade androids, federal investigators, bounty hunters, and much more. But if he pulls it off, he’ll have found the treasure and overcome obstacles more dangerous than anything Bruce ever faced.

Coyote Ragtime was an original series created by ufotable. Later it would be adapted into a manga series, though that was ultimately unsuccessful. This show is continues to show ufotable’s fearlessness. They’ll tackle any project head on. It’s almost as if they choose projects just to prove to fans, and to themselves, that they can create whatever they want.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

7. Futakoi Alternative (Twin Love Alternative)

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 7, 2005 to June 30, 2015

entarou is a young, college dropout left with big shoes to fill. His father was the head of the Futaba Detective Agency. Unfortunately, he passed away three weeks ago and the business has been left in Rantarou’s unproven hands. Lucky for him, he has two assistants to help him. These twins, Sara and Souju, quickly warm up to him and begin to develop romantic feelings toward him.

It doesn’t look like Rentarou will have much time to settle into his new role as investigator and business owner. He has to deal with some big problems left behind by his father. While that’s going on, he juggles everyday issues such as his home constantly getting destroyed and avoiding attacks from the Yakuza.

You know… your typical, run of the mill problems. No one said this job would be easy. But, he will have to take on these dilemmas if he wants to step out of his father’s shadow and earn the respect of people who are waiting for him to screw up.

We have a story about a young man who inherits a detective agency, his home is constantly destroyed, the Yakuza is after him, and his assistants are twins who fall in love with him… yup this definitely seems like a plot right up ufotable’s proverbial alley. This is another one of those series that does well enough to keep ufotable afloat while keeping its fans on their toes. No one ever quite knows what to expect when it comes their projects.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

6. Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 8, 2007 to March 28, 2007

Manami Amamiya is a young girl with her eyes set on bringing about change to her new school. Seioh Private High School is an all-girls school with a strong tradition in excellence. However, that tradition matters less and less as the number of students decrease year after year. This is happening to schools all over.

Birth-rates are falling hence employers are scrambling to find workers. A strong education from a prestigious school is no longer valued when the majority of people can skip high school and still create a successful career.

Seioh has fallen into a slump and Manami is just the person to get it back on its feet. Her motto of “go straight forward” (simple enough) is the kind of direct message that students can get behind. “Manabi” (Manami’s nickname) quickly becomes the student council president and sets in motion plans to create a successful student festival and improve the daily lives of all students at Seioh.

This is clearly a slice of life show with a clear-cut message: make the most out of your high school years. Students in Japan (and in general) tend to put too much stress on themselves during their high school years. They worry about getting high marks in all subjects, entering a prestigious college, and building the foundation for a lucrative career.

These are definitely important things to work on, to an extent. Manabi Straight takes away the pressure of these responsibilities. It’s a world where students can focus on the here & now and live their high school life to the fullest.

This is the first anime on the list that was a joint venture with ufotable and another animation studio. In this case, it was co-developed by MediaWorks. This is one of the few times MediaWorks had a hand in developing an anime series. But, they probably figured it would be a smart financial move since they were the ones who published the manga back in 2005 and would later publish the game (for Playstation 2) in 2007.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

5. Kara no Kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners) Franchise

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 8 (films)
  • Aired: December 1, 2007 to September 28, 2013

Though several story arcs and subplots take place throughout the films, the predominant narrative is centered on Shiki Ryougi and her relationship to Mikiya Kokutou. A string of school girl suicides has taken place in town and people are befuddled by the reasons for these deaths. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious connection between all of the girls. The only common factor is that all the girls jumped off of the same skyscraper: The Fujou Building.

The suicides and Shiki’s role in uncovering what’s really going on are the main plot of the first film. After that the narrative deals with the relationship between the two main characters, a tragic accident, supernatural forces, and many other intriguing elements.

Kara no Kyoukai is based off of a Japanese light-novel series with the same name. The author, Kinoko Nasu, also created the Fate/stay night and Tsukuhime. These universes share common elements such as magic, counter force, and mystic eyes. So don’t be surprised to see some characters or abilities inspired by these other works.

Another detail it shares with Fate/stay night is that they are both ufotable’s money makers. Kara no Kyoukai was first produced back in 2007. Since then, each new addition to the series has been warmly welcomed by fans and critics alike. This is the point, on the list, where shows stop being about ufotable making a statement with shows they choose to produce. Now, the anime are commercially successful and generally praised the community.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

4. Tales of Symphonia The Animation Franchise

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 11 (OVA)
  • Aired: June 8, 2007 to October 24, 2012

Sylvarant is a world that has slowly been dying over the years. The land has become barren and humanity is on the brink of destruction. The only hope lies in a young girl, Colette, from a small town called Iselia. Along with Kratos (a mercenary) and Raine (a half-elf), she begins her journey to restore Mana to the world. Mana is the spiritual energy tied to all living things. She’ll have to visit elemental shrines spread out across the land. Once the seals have been released at the shrines the world can begin to regenerate.

However things are not so black and white. During her quest she learns that restoring her world may come at a great price. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction (at least that’s what the laws of physics tell us). That seems to be the case for Colette and her group. Bringing Sylvarant back to life may mean having to destroy another world in the process. The connection between Sylvarant and this alternate world is a mystery she’ll have to solve if she hopes to save her people while preventing the annihilation of another world.

It seems like ufotable enjoyed the collaboration they had with MediaWorks in producing Manabi Straight. So much so that they were willing to try a new partnership for Tales of Symphonia. This time they took on two partners: Geneon Universal Entertainment and Frontier Works. ufotable animated the series while the other two companies took on the responsibilities of production and distribution.

Geneon would later change its name to NBCUniversal Entertainment. Frontier Works is mostly known for their distribution of anime related products such as OVA’s, radio dramas, drama CD’s, and anime soundtracks.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

3. God Eater

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 6 (so far)
  • Aired: July 12, 2015 ~

God Eater takes place in a world ravaged by the arrival of monsters known as Aragami. These beings cannot be harmed by any of mankind’s weapons. The only hope for battling these creatures and restoring humanity lies in the creation of a new weapon called “God Arcs”. These “arcs” are made from “Oracle Cells”, cells from the Aragami.

A special force was created around the utilization of these weapons. The ones who specialize in fighting off the Aragami and mastering the use of “God Arcs” are known as God Eaters.

God Eater is based off the similarly titled PSP video game franchise. Players take on the role of the central character (originally nameless, but known as Yuu Kannagi in later games). The player makes his way through the ranks of the God Eaters, eventually reaching the rank of First Unit Leader. Though the anime has a different protagonist, both universes share characters, events, and similar story arcs.

God Eater is one of ufotable’s current anime and probably it’s most high profile production. With Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works wrapped up God Eater is using the momentum to push ufotable into continued mainstream success.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

2. Fate/zero

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 12, 2011 to Jun 24, 2012

This 4th Holy Grail War takes place ten years before Emiya Shirou’s battle. Just as with the previous three wars, Masters and Servants are paired up to fight each other for the greatest treasure known to man: The Holy Grail.

Center stage is Emiya Kiritsugu aka the Magus Killer. Later he will become Shirou’s adoptive father and play a prominent role in his development of magic and ideology. But, for now, he is Saber’s Master and has a very jaded outlook on life. Once, he had hopes of becoming a “hero for justice”.

Now, he does not hesitate to use vicious methods to take down anyone that would stand in his way. Deep down his goal is to bring about peace. But, he has lost his path and he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to obtain The Grail and realize his dream.

Just like the other series from the “Fate” franchise this show is packed with action, magic, drama, and character development. There’s never a dull moment in the battle for The Holy Grail. This being a prequel to Fate/stay night, we’re able to see the events leading up to the 5th Holy Grail War and are given insight as to the motives of central characters within that story.

This series brought together Aniplex and Notes in a collaboration that would prove very successful. Notes also goes by the name Type-Moon. You might recognize this company as the ones who developed the visual novel for Fate/stay night. This series is one of ufotable’s best shows to date.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

1. Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2 Seasons)

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 12, 2014 to June 28, 2015

The Holy Grail War is a battle between seven masters using their seven heroic spirits. These spirits are: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker. The last person standing claims the Holy Grail for themselves and is granted all of its power.

Fate/stay night focuses on the 5th Holy Grail War and on Emiya Shirou in particular. Shirou is a novice mage who only has the briefest of introductions into the world of magic. But, he’s about to be thrown into the world’s greatest battle for the most powerful magical artifact, the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail War has begun and Shirou needs to find the strength to survive and claim the Grail. If not, he and the entire world may fall prey to the will of whoever takes the Grail and uses its power for their own desires.

The 5th Holy Grail War is the most intense one yet. Shirou’s connection to the previous war is something he’ll have to figure out if he wants to truly understand himself and his opponents. Will he come to the same conclusion as Kiritsugu when it comes to becoming a “hero for justice”? Or will he find the strength to stay true to his beliefs and master the abilities his teacher tried to protect him from?

FSN: UBW brought back the powerhouse team of ufotable, Aniplex, and Notes. These three produced an even more popular and more successful series than their previous venture. This is easily ufotable’s most well-known series. They didn’t create it all by themselves, but it has brought enough attention to the company so that they can tackle even bigger projects and continue to stay in the mainstream spotlight.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

Nininga Shinobuden

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]
Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]

Machi Asobi Awaodori(Japanese traditional dance Matsuri) Poster

ufotable definitely has variety when it comes to their body of work. They’ve released some anime that are meant for mainstream consumption. But, they also have a few that were geared to a small subculture and sometimes even gained a cult following.

Though not everything they release deserves a 10/10 rating, their projects have been becoming more consistent in terms of production value and storytelling. I’m eager to see what how God Eater turns out and I look forward to their future projects.

Gakuen-Utopia-Manabi-Straight-wallpaper-670x500 Top 10 Anime Made by ufotable [Updated Best Recommendations]


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