Top 10 Anime Possessions [Updated]

Some strange creature overtaking your mind and controlling your body... it’s certainly a terrifying thought. Even if the entity is friendly and helpful, you’re going to run into your fair share of issues when two beings occupy the same physical shell. You can satisfy your curiosity about this fascinating topic by turning to the medium of anime, which has explored all kinds of possessions over the years from the traditional demonic style to variations like codependent existence and role reversal. So, just in time for the Halloween season, we’re taking a look at the ten best possessions in anime history. Let’s get started!

10. Fuyuna Shinzaki and the Daemonia from Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou (Day Break Illusion)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2013 – September 2013

Akari’s cousin Fuyuna is an intelligent and capable kid, but gets nowhere near as much attention because Akari has such a flamboyant gift for fortune-telling. Jealousy grows within Fuyuna’s heart, leaving her vulnerable to possession by a kind of demon called a Daemonia.

In a normal magical girl show, this would be the cue for Akari to transform and expel the evil from Fuyuna’s heart to save her. But since Day Break Illusion goes down a darker path, it turns out that the Daemonia can’t be exorcized without killing the host along with it. To make matters worse, when Fuyuna dies after Akari defeats the monster, nobody besides her dearest cousin remembers that Fuyuna ever existed. This is only the first of many tragedies that our heroine will have to face along her journey...

9. Hiyori Iki and Yato from Noragami OVA

  • Episodes: 2
  • Aired: February 2014 – July 2014

As a god, Yato has a whole goody bag full of useful powers to pull out whenever necessary, but one of his favorites is possessing unsuspecting humans to do his bidding every once in a while. In the OVA episode “God’s Possession, God’s Curse”, Yato hijacks Hiyori’s body on her first day of high school so he can “make sure she has a great debut” (but really, he just wants to screw around).

This new version of Hiyori has Yato’s blue eyes, sports his little crown symbol atop her head, and acts much more outgoing and theatrical than Hiyori herself ever would in public. Yato jumps atop a table to introduce Hiyori, scores a winning soccer goal, pretends to be a sexy waitress, and does so many other embarrassing things before Hiyori manages to put a stop to his antics. But in the end, she does learn a valuable lesson about stepping outside of her comfort zone, so perhaps Yato’s prank was actually helpful in some roundabout way.

8. Akira Fudo and Amon from Devilman: Crybaby

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: January 2018

When Akira is possessed by Amon, an all-powerful demon lord who is feared and revered by devils everywhere, he only survives because his pure heart was able to subdue Amon’s darkness. But Akira didn’t come out of the experience unscathed—he skyrocketed through puberty overnight and became uncontrollably ravenous for food, sex, and bloody murder.

Even though Akira’s demonic instincts plague his every waking moment, he desperately tries to fight against them so he can use his newly awakened powers for good. Unfortunately, society sees him as a devil through and through...

7. Demons and Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail

  • Episodes: 175
  • Aired: October 2009 – March 2013

Mirajane may look like a typical bubbly older sister type, but don’t be fooled by her bright smile and slight frame. She’s an S-class wizard with the power of “Satan Soul”, which allows her to take over the bodies of demons she’s defeated over the years. Yes, the demons don’t possess her, she possesses them!

We first see this magic during the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, when Freed pushes Mirajane one step too far by beating her brother half to death. She awakens her long-dormant Satan Soul ability, transforming into a menacing demon and raining down her revenge on the unsuspecting Freed. Then she reverts back to her normal self and invokes the power of friendship to convince the other wizard to rejoin the Fairy Tail guild. From killing to kindness, Mirajane can do it all!

6. Chrome Dokuro and Mukuro Rokudo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Reborn!)

  • Episodes: 203
  • Aired: October 2006 – September 2010

After spending several lifetimes traveling through the Six Paths of Reincarnation, Mukuro emerges with the power to control other people using his mind. He nearly kills Tsuna by turning the young mafia boss’ allies against him, but ultimately falls to the might of Tsuna’s Hyper Dying Will Mode and gets carted off to a maximum-security prison where he has no contact with the outside world.

That is until he finds a dying girl named Chrome who needs his help. In exchange for keeping her alive with his powers, Mukuro’s consciousness resides within Chrome’s body to observe the world through her eyes. And when the situation calls for a big heroic rescue, he can temporarily take over her body and return to his original form to kick some ass on behalf of the Vongola famiglia.

5. Jack and Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 2009 – September 2009

Oz knows almost nothing about his life before the Vessalius family took him in, other than that Jack, the spirit possessing him, has something to do with it. Well, as it turns out, that spirit is actually the original soul for his body and Oz is the one possessing Jack! In the past, Jack forced Oz to sever the Chains of the World and commit many atrocities in his name. Then he used some memory magic shenanigans to de-age himself and hide away within the amnesiac Oz until the day that he can run amuck once more. Who knew that a possession role reversal could be so intriguing?

4. Shinichi Izumi and Migi from Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte –the maxim–)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2014 – March 2015

It seems impossible that an ordinary human could become friends with a parasitic alien who attempted to hijack his body, but Shinichi did it anyway. When the parasites descended upon Earth, the one that targeted Shinichi was unable to take over his brain because he was wearing headphones at the time. So the parasite settled on possessing his right hand (taking on the name “Migi”, the Japanese word for “right”) and partnering with Shinichi to protect both of their lives in this terrifying new world. As the bond between them grows, Migi takes on human-like traits and Shinichi starts to be more emotionless like a parasite. What exactly does this mean for their future?

3. Yugi Muto and the Pharaoh from Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

  • Episodes: 224
  • Aired: April 2000 – September 2004

One day, while tinkering with an ancient Egyptian puzzle that his grandfather gave him, Yugi becomes the first person to ever solve it correctly. But instead of a prize, the poor kid’s body is possessed by the soul of a long-dead pharaoh who remembers nothing about his past other than that he’s got a knack for games. By combining Yugi’s smarts with the pharaoh’s intuition and charisma, they become the greatest Duel Monsters player of all time.

However, all good things must come to an end. Yugi and the pharaoh grow to be inseparable comrades over their time together, but the time eventually comes for the pharaoh to return to his own era. As a final goodbye, they face off against each other for the first and only time to decide which of them is truly the king of games. For a show that’s often unbearably silly, this ending is genuinely heartwarming.

2. Ling Yao and Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • Episodes: 64
  • Aired: April 2009 – July 2010

Prince Ling is unusual in many ways, not the least of which is that he actively encouraged Greed to possess him. He’s so dedicated to returning to his country with the philosopher’s stone that he jumped at the opportunity to merge with a homunculus, knowing full well that he’d never have full control of his body again. Luckily, he retains his humanity after the possession and works with Greed to achieve both of their goals. The two personalities bounce off of each other perfectly, making “Greedling” one of the highlights for the manga/Brotherhood storyline in the eyes of many fans.

1. Naruto Uzumaki and Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox from Naruto

  • Episodes: 220
  • Aired: October 2002 – February 2007

When he was just a baby, Naruto was forced to be a vessel for the monstrous Nine-Tailed Fox demon as a way to keep his village safe from its wrath. The villagers feared and hated this strange child, causing Naruto to grow up as an outcast who desperately sought attention and praise from the people who shunned him. Even the Nine-Tailed Fox itself tormented him from inside his own mind.

But much later in his life, during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto finds the courage to confront the demon and convince it to work with him. Naruto and Kurama finally see eye to eye and the seal is broken, allowing Naruto to enter the Kurama Chakra Mode and decimate the other Tailed Beasts attacking him. When it comes to anime possessions, there’s hardly a more iconic pair than the hyperactive ninja kid and the evil fox spirit who made him the man he is today.

Final Thoughts

For more possessions in anime, please check out the previous version of this list below! But for now, what are your favorite possessions in anime? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Kiseijuu-capture-2-Sentai-700x418 Top 10 Anime Possessions [Updated]


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

After the hard-hitting East Coast lifestyle hit me a bit too hard, I started pursuing my passion as a writer in my cozy home state of Ohio. Aside from that, I spend my time cooking, cosplaying, collecting anime merch, and being an improv comedy actor. I also love sneaking alliterations and stupid puns into my writing, so be on the lookout for them! 😉

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Kiseijuu-capture-2-Sentai-700x418 Top 10 Anime Possessions [Updated]

The mind is the soul and the soul is the collective of who we are. The piece of us, that is us. Thus, when someone decides to pull themselves up a chair in the space that is our mind, we risk forever losing ourselves to this foreign presence. As our voice falls silent and sense of self wears thin, it can take some of the most unforeseen things to keep us attached to reality. This is a depiction of how fickle the mind can be; and in the world of anime, the cause behind why some of our most beloved heroes fall to pieces. So we ask that you hold your heads together, because brought to you by Honey’s Anime, is our Top 10 Anime Possessions. Get ready for a mind-blowing countdown.

10. Kukuri Yukizome from K

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct. 2012 – Dec. 2012

There is a world in which seven individuals are bestowed with unimaginable powers. They are no secret to this world in which they live, and are held in high regards. These individuals are known as Kings, and this is the world of K.

When the murder of a Red Clansman is caught on tape and spread virally, a manhunt ensues for the supposed perpetrator; Yashiro Isana. Now on the run, he must outwit the likes of the now tattered Red King; head of Scepter 4, Blue King, and loyal apprentice of the late Seventh King; Kurou Yatogami. While Yashiro fights to clear his name from everyone’s hit list, a devastating battle amongst Kings unfolds in its wake, threatening an all-out war. Will the world be prepared?

History 101; not all kings are as promising as they look. The Seventh, and Colorless, King is a snippet right from this course’s textbook. Confused with his sense of placement in the world, the sadistic king assumes multiple identities in his pursuit of “greatness”; but it isn’t until we see him here at episode 13 of K, that we truly get a glimpse at how pitiful this king truly is. Temporarily commandeering the body of Kukuri Yukizome, the Colorless King seeks to exact his ploy against the additional kings. However, with his own sense of self in fragments, it was only a matter of time before Kukuri’s true mind slipped to the forefront and managed to let out a lonesome cry for help. Unfortunately, that’s about all she’s capable of.

9. Rabura Chichibu from Punch Line

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2015 – Jun. 2015

Yuuta Iridatsu is an ordinary high schooler who suffers from acute light headedness at the sight of women’s; you guessed it, panties. Typical right? That is, up until the day he encountered the bombastic vigilante; Strange Juice. Now with his soul parted from his body, Yuuta uses his newfound ability to get a front row seat at the IMAX theater of women’s crotches. Unfortunately, whenever his feeble mind faints from the overwhelming sight, an asteroid ironically comes crashing down to earth. Now, Yuuta must place his dirty intentions on hold as he hunts the cause of this unwelcomed connection to his true love.

Likewise, this gender swapping body possession comes in the name of good faith here at episode 4 of Punch Line. Looking to give a preemptive warning, Yuuta swoops into the voluptuous body of aimless Rabura Chichibu. Surprisingly without any ecchi intentions. Apparently when the time is right, Yuuta can actually keep his half-witted self on task. Whether or not his efforts are worth it; however, remains to be seen as suddenly it’s time to play 21 questions. Don’t worry Yuuta, we feel your struggle.

8. Subaru Natsuki from Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr. 2016 – Sep. 2016

Suddenly being summoned to another world may sound mind boggling as is, but the questions may have to wait for Subaru Natsuki, who’ll have to fend for his life beforehand. At the timely appearance of the mysterious girl; Satella, Subaru is saved… momentarily. Everything is soon brought to an abrupt end when the pair find themselves victims of murder. However; having hit the reset button, Subaru is revived a few hours back in the past thanks to his attainment of an ability he calls “Return by Death”, allowing him to resurface prior to his demise. But can everything in life be fixed with a do-over?

Let’s hope so, because Subaru could certainly use a temporal reset here at episode 23. Things get a little creepy once Subaru’s secret is blown. Subaru’s as in, not Subaru. With his body hijacked by Petelgeuse, the insane spirit doesn’t hesitate to take his new toy for a ride. At the brandish of Julius’s sword, the crazed Betelgeuse satisfyingly glides his face across its edge, seemingly enjoying the pain as any madman would. Menacingly ranting off the word “love” over and over again before Subaru begs for Felis to off him only helps to make this scene that much harder to forget. Seriously, this is one hell of an anime worth watching!

7. Ritsu Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2016 – Sep. 2016

Spoon bending and all from when he was just a young child, 8th grader Shigeo Kageyama; aka Mob, has a magical mind. However; his abilities didn’t amuse everyone, and instead drew a lot of negative attention; thus pushing him to avoid using his wonderful talents. But with someone as special as Shigeo, something is bound to get interesting sooner or later.

Surprisingly, it’s his troubled younger brother; Ritsu, who takes the spotlight at episode 7. Much like his older brother, Ritsu possesses latent psychic abilities; so when the fallen spirit, Dimples, searches for a means of restoring his past might, Ritsu becomes his delightful target. After he is fooled into allowing Dimples to possess his body, Dimples; unfortunately, realizes that he’s not even capable of a full body takeover. Forcing him to simply fine-tune Ritsu’s power output. Exacting revenge now takes a funny turn in this quirky supernatural series as the improbable duo hopscotch around town making a name for themselves by pummeling delinquents. Perhaps Mob will have to put this loose cannon back in its place.

6. Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: Apr. 2008 – Mar. 2009

Death City; a world of Death Scythe wielding Shinigami, and home to the technical academy Shibusen. All of which sit lovingly under a chuckling sun. Shibusen; headed by Shinigami-Lord Death, is famous for one thing; raising “Death Scythes”. Born of human hybrids whom have the ability to shift into Demon Weapons, these scythes are paired with talented meisters as they hunt to consume 100 souls in the fantastical world of Soul Eater.

Demon Scythe Soul Eater Evans, and his meister Maka Albarn get their fair taste of blood in this grim world when Soul falls to the darkness of the Black Blood. Presented through the likes of a demonic Little Ogre, Soul walks a fragile path as he fights off the grim essence. The “best” part about watching your friends lose themselves to manipulation is being forced to play a part in it. One word to describe watching Soul’s possession trickle over to Maka at the height of episode 20 is “invigorating”. The more the merrier. After all, it takes two to tango.

5. Elena Arshavina from World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman (Seiken Tsukai no World Break)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2015 – Mar. 2015

Ever wanted to know who you were in a past life? Well, at Akane Private Academy, three students; Moroha Haimura, Satsuki Ranjou, and Shizuno Urushibara, learn to use that knowledge to their advantage as they train in the use of Ancestral Arts. These students are known as saviors, and their purpose is to protect the world against beings called Metaphysicals. Following these three progress forward while constantly being weighted down by the past in the intricate world of World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman is all the reason to tune in for yourselves.

Speaking of intricate, sometimes possession isn’t as obvious as it can often be depicted. Such is the case here on episode 8 of World Break, where we get a taste of the multifaceted outreach of what possession really is. As Condrat infests the disrupted mind of Elena (Leshya), she quickly loses herself to his malevolent influence. However, it was only moments prior when the real extent of his consumption had been revealed. Believing all this time that she had a brother, Condrat proves that memory to be untrue as it was he who had implanted the false belief into her head. Slowly bringing her to a breaking point like a growing infection. Now that’s painful.

4. Yukio Okumura from Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr. 2011 – Oct. 2011

Troublesome teenager; Rin Okumura, finds his life turned inside out when he comes to the devastating revelation that he is the son of Satan, and his father has ordered for him to return home. With demons safely stowed in Gehenna, and humans going about their lives in the world of Assiah; there is only one way to travel the path between the two realms. That is through possession. In his desperate attempt to conquer Assiah, Satan birthed a human child with hopes of him eventually becoming a vessel for his possession; and now it is time to make good on that debt. Unwilling to follow through, Rin trains to become an exorcist and, alongside his brother Yukio, fight to defend Assiah from the demon king.

As any exorcist should know, hanging around demons means that you’re constantly under the threat of falling victim to possession. The question is, do your skills work when the target vessel is yourself? This might not be the easiest question to answer, as Yukio is a bit occupied keeping Satan from taking custody of his body here at episode 23. With a struggle as tough as this, not even his brother Rin is exempt from his wrath. This demon purge is going to take more than just a few magic tricks; Yukio’s going to have to find his inner strength if he hopes to remain whole.

3. Yuichiro Hyakuya from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (Owari no Seraph)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2015 – Jun. 2015

When humans become endangered thanks to a virus that kills anyone above the age of 13, the hands of darkness get to work, as long-hidden vampires emerge in an attempt to seize power.

Yuichiro and Mikaela Hyakuya are amongst a group of children taken captive by the blood thirsty beasts; but when Mikaela schemes an escape mission sure to fail, it is Yuichiro who has to live with the guilt of being the only one to survive. Now as a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, he seeks to exact his revenge against those that stripped him of his family; but the vengeful path in Seraph of the End may come at a cost.

Being possessed can usually be cured by going down a list of home remedies, but things aren’t so bread and butter when the body-possessing demon comes from deep within. In episode 11, Yuichiro unexpectedly loses himself to an inner demonic presence, causing him to go berserk. As with every great demonic possession, Yuichiro’s appearance gets a makeover as he smacks people around left and right. Even better, his demonic overhaul sees to it that his desires are lost entirely in a lust to kill humans. Sometimes it’s all about letting your demon wings spread.

2. Majin Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

  • Episodes: 291
  • Aired: Apr. 1989 – Jan. 1996

For those wet-behind-the-ears fellas who may not know, allow us to introduce you to the world of Dragon Ball.

When a young baby is discovered by Grandpa Gohan after crash landing on a planet us humans like to call Earth, the world as we know it changed forever. Soon to be known as Goku, this young boy grew to become one of the greatest heroes we’ve seen in the world of anime. A young Saiyan warrior; he will soon defeat the odds as he triumphs over tyrants such as King Piccolo, Frieza, and many more. All for the better if you ask us, as this blazing, action packed, heartfelt, legendary series just keeps giving.

Much like the entirety of the series, this moment just never gets old. A classic of the classics. The one, the only; Majin Vegeta.

Consumed by his lust for power and eagerness to surpass Goku, Vegeta fell victim to his own greed. After allowing himself to be consumed by the evil power of Bobbidi at the turning point of episode 228, Vegeta set out to overtake Goku with his new found wickedness. Nevertheless, a ray of light still seemed to surge through Vegeta as the presence of something even more malicious than himself soon showed its face. Perhaps there lies true strength in sacrifice; and if so, Vegeta is one to be touted for sure. As we counted the seconds tick by before Vegeta met his culmination, we witnessed the birth of a legacy. Sometimes it takes a tainted mind to truly see the reality that you’re faced with in life. May he rest in peace.

1. Miyako Komagusu from Ghost Hound! (Shinreigari: Ghost Hound)

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: Oct. 2007 – Apr. 2008

Suiten; or better yet, the Unseen World is home to ghosts and malevolence. Thus, when Makoto, Taro, and Masayuki manage to let their souls enter this parallel world, things aren’t so uplifting. With changes afoot, spirits from the Unseen World are now jumping ship to the real world; and as you’d expect, the repercussions are prominent ones. Why is this possible? Well that sounds like a mystery worth unraveling. This is Ghost Hound, and we now introduce you to number 1 of Honey’s Anime’s Top 10 Anime Possessions.

Supernatural occurrences are of no surprise to Miyako Komagusu, who has lived with the ability to see ghosts all her life. With connections to the Unseen World, and living at a shrine shrouded by the paranormal; her possession doesn’t come as a big surprise, but doesn’t fail to tingle your nerves either. Episode 14 portrays that ghastly atmosphere with perfection. Looking upon Miyako as she shifts into a possessed, almost trance-like state, it’s as if you’re witnessing her mind elevate beyond existence. Her alluring gawks and slavish flow of her hair seep into the back of your mind like a sickness. Drowning you within her presence. It makes you wonder if she was ever human at all.

Final Thoughts

Those who lose their sense of self, might as well be holding up a “vacant state of mind for sale” sign. Or perhaps you’d prefer to ride passenger? If so, hopefully this list of Top 10 Anime Possessions has given you a taste of what could come of letting someone - or something - else take the wheel for once. Now, rid yourselves of your demons and swing by the comments section below. We would love to know what kind of possessive anime you’ve stumbled across.

Kiseijuu-capture-2-Sentai-700x418 Top 10 Anime Possessions [Updated]


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