Top 10 Anime Sisterhood

Sisters may have their differences from time to time but when things get rough, they can almost always count on their sister to help out. That’s why we decided to put together a list of some of our favourite anime sisterhoods. It’s not always who you’re related to, but who you form the tightest of bonds with. This list puts together some of the cutest, most beautiful, the strongest sister-sister bonds blood or otherwise and some of the most questionable sisterhoods in anime. Regardless of the relationship dynamic, these are some of the sisterhoods we absolutely love, so here we go, Top 10 Anime Sisterhoods! Read with caution, there are spoilers ahead!

10. Shirai Kuroko & Misaka Mikoto from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2009 – March 2010

First up we have the dynamic duo from Tokiwadai Academy in Academy City, Kuroko and Mikoto. Bearing strong feelings of love, and what sometimes seems like lust, for her roommate and upperclassman, Mikoto, Kuroko bears the utmost respect for one of Academy City’s Level 5 espers and one of her closest friends. Kuroko and Mikoto’s relationship is one of the most refreshing sisterhood’s in anime and can cause viewers to be slightly envious.

The interactions between Kuroko and Mikoto are hilarious and there is always ample banter between the two. Despite seemingly trying to distance herself from Kuroko, Mikoto actually really cares for the wacky and energetic little sister she found herself and despite knowing each other for a short time, Kuroko and Mikoto know each other very well and one can often tell when something is not quite right with the other. Despite being younger than Mikoto, Kuroko often tries to play the role of the older sister, often commenting on Mikoto’s love for cute and childish things. Shockingly enough, Kuroko has managed to close the distance between herself and the Railgun whom she admired, almost like she teleported to her side.

9. Binbouda Momiji & Sakura Ichiko from Binbougami-ga! (Good Luck Girl!)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2012 - September 2012

When someone is born to a wealthy family with good looks and above-average brains, it’s almost as if the universe and Lady Luck have conspired against everyone else and given their attention to that one individual. Luckily for everyone else, the pairing of Binbouda Momiji and Sakura Ichiko proves that people who supposedly have everything, may have to suffer the wrath of irony; even the luckiest of individuals can strike out when it comes to who they end up having to live with.

This is no normal sisterhood, in fact, the lack of love in this paring is painful, but that’s what makes it brilliant, and in some ways, reminiscent of one with their own siblings: sometimes your siblings will want what you have, be it toys, food or even your luck. Momiji and Ichiko perfectly depict the “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” narrative running in many households and friendships and the few moments when they actually get along are short-lived; and perhaps, going by that, it’s actually surprising that they aren’t related by blood!

8. Tadokoro Megumi & Yoshino Yuuki from Shokugeki no Souma: Nii no Sara (Food Wars!: The Second Plate)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2016 – TBC

The next sisterhood serving is none other than energising synergy that occurs when Tadokoro Megumi and Yoshino Yuuki meet each other. Living together at the Polar Star Dormitory at Totsuki Academy, Megumi and Yuuki have naturally become close friends, cheering each other on in various stressful situations. In most cases, Yuuki has taken more of a supportive role and it is this kindness that both she and Megumi display which make their relationship nothing short of a sisterhood.

Megumi’s adorable, mild personality and Yuuki’s refreshingly energetic personality meet and create a flavourful harmony which is awesome to experience. Their interactions have also creating some side-splitting moments and given the theme of camaraderie which permeates Polar Star Dorm like a heavy fragrance, Megumi and Yuuki may not be the only sisterhood of the show. Like the dishes they create, Megumi and Yuuki’s friendship turned sisterly is one that’ll satisfy the palate without overwhelming the viewer. Tasty!

7. Shimizu Kiyoko & Yachi Hitoka from Haikyuu! Season 2

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 2015 – March 2016

Being the manager of a high school volleyball team is a lot of hard work and not everyone will be suited to a job so demanding. It is because of this fact that the soon-to-be high school graduate Shimizu Kiyoko took it upon herself to teach the timid Yachi Hitoka the tools of the trade so that she could manage the team herself. Thus, the Yachi-Shimizu sisterhood was born!

Being as timid as she was, Yachi Hitoka admired Shimizu’s calm and collected demeanour in the face of a team filled with some of the most intimidating players around. Treating Shimizu as an elder sister figure, Yachi solidified her resolve to become the volleyball manager in the next season and some major life lessons can be learned from their interactions. As Shimizu Onee-chan once said, “It doesn’t matter how you feel in the beginning, even things that people start on a whim become very important to them too.” And that is how Shimizu and Hitoka’s relationship became one of our favourite sisterhoods, with a spike so fast, no one saw it coming.

6. The Fire Sisters: Araragi Karen & Tsukihi from Nisemonogatari

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: January 2012 – March 2012

A pair who fully epitomise the phrase “Dynamic Duo”, The Fire Sisters are allies of justice who dish it out on a daily basis and have earned something akin to legend status among middle schoolers. Despite having very different personalities, the fire in their hearts and in their names burns with the same white-hot intensity.

Karen is the more boorish, tomboyish and gregarious half of the Fire Sisters and is fairly radical in her pursuit of justice, while Tsukihi is the more elegant and ladylike half. Despite being so different in personality, Karen & Tsukihi get along very well and their ability to make their brother, Koyomi, uncomfortable at any time is the sort of thing that only a tight sisterly bond could produce.

5. Akame & Kurome from Akame ga KILL!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 2014 – December 2014

Separated from each other after Akame betrayed the Empire, her little sister, Kurome, took it upon herself to her own sister. With Akame and Kurome now fighting on opposing sides, their sisterhood which was one of co-dependence evolves into something of a darker texture. When they were on the same side, they were inseparable and supported each other, as expected of blood sisters.

Unfortunately for them, they were born in a war-torn era filled with strife and being two different individuals, they ended up seeking to protect entirely different things. All things aside, Akame and Kurome love each other to the moon and back. Eventually, their blades will meet and only one will remain, both have strengthened their resolve and will carry out their duty to kill each other. Because they care deeply for each other. Akame and Kurome make no sense, but we love them anyway!

4. Kiryuuin Satsuki & Matoi Ryuuko from KILL la KILL

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2013 – March 2014

Found in a fashionable spot on the list are the Kamui-donning, life-fibre slaying sisters from KILL la KILL. Due to various circumstances surrounding their father Kiryuuin Soichiro and mother, Ragyo, these two did not know they were related until the last few episodes of the series. After being at each other’s necks for the majority of the series, they decided to unite against a common enemy and a threat to life as we know it, their own mother.

Despite having to work together to beat Ragyo; however, the relationship between Satsuki and Ryuuko is awkward as expected and it took everything she had for Ryuuko to call Satsuki her older sister. It all made sense; however, when they donned their Kamui together, having a side-by-side transformation sequence which was nothing short of awesome.

3. Kirishima Touka & Fueguchi Hinami from Tokyo Ghoul

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2014 – September 2014

At 3rd place we have two very different, but very similar ghouls. Different in personality with similar pasts. As history would have it, Touka was around when Hinami was going through the grief of losing her mother to the CCG and her father to Jason, a situation of loss Touka knew too well, having lost her father early in her life too.

After losing her parents, Hinami is lost, confused and angry, but with the support of fellow resident at Anteiku, Touka, Hinami manages to get through her grief. Outraged by Hinami’s mother’s death, Touka goes out of her way to avenge her, and does. From that moment on, Touka assumed the role of an older sister in Hinami’s life. With the help of Kaneki and everyone else at Anteiku, Touka managed to become Hinami’s pseudo-family and in turn, learned a bit about herself as well. Nothing like the power of sisterhood in torrid times!

Nisemonogatari -wallpaper-700x495 Top 10 Anime Sisterhood

2. Tights and Bulma Briefs from Dragon Ball Super

  • Episodes: TBC
  • Aired: July 2015 –

With one of the most shocking revelations in Dragon Ball history, comes a sisterhood no one expected: Bulma has an older sister with connections to Jaco and the rest of the authorities in space! Indeed, after not making a single appearance in any other Dragon Ball animation, it turns out that the live wire that is Bulma Briefs has a sister!

Needing to find a means to bring Jaco the Galactic Patrolman to earth to speak to the God of Destruction, Beerus, Bulma contacted her blonde-haired, dark-eyed older sister to help her out. Tights and Bulma bear many similarities, and apart from having differently coloured hair, eyes and wardrobes, they look the same. Like Bulma, Tights is bratty and bossy at times and these two are perhaps the most similar sister pairing on this list!

Nisemonogatari -wallpaper-700x495 Top 10 Anime Sisterhood

1. Rem and Ram from Re:Zero

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 2016 – September 2016

Readers, readers, at the number one spot on our list is none other than Rem and Ram. Readers, readers, one of our favourite sisterhoods is the intricate Rem and Ram sisterhood from Re:Zero. Working as twin maids for Roswaal A. Mathers in his mansion, Rem and Ram complement each other perfectly. Or so we may think. Being identical twins, they look very similar apart from the colour of their hair and eyes and although they both seem calm and collected, they are actually crazy about each other. That might need elaboration, no, correction, that will need elaboration.

Rem is the brilliant younger twin and quite adept at everything she does from cleaning to cooking, while her sister is quite adept at… nothing really. Despite this, Rem deeply admires her older sister and often shows contempt towards anyone who has anything bad to say about her. They have a strange way of speaking and often engage in witty conversations in the same format, especially when talking to the protagonist of Re:Zero, Subaru. Their sisterly bond goes deeper than most and they love each other very much, since they’re the only family they have. Their tag-team approach to insulting Subaru is hilarious and this, among everything else we’ve mentioned puts them on the very top of this list. Sister, Sister.

Nisemonogatari -wallpaper-700x495 Top 10 Anime Sisterhood


Anime is beautiful because of the emotions that it can evoke in different people through different characters and stories. How characters interact is a main part of the anime experience and relationships like sisterhood have proven to be important in real life and in anime. Characters form bonds with each other that go deeper than friendship and like in real life, relationships have different, interesting dynamics. There are several other sisterhoods we could have brought to the fore, and as such, Lisanna and Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail receive a special mention! If you think there are others who should be on this list, do not hesitate to drop a comment below. You never know, this list might get a sister-list with your faves on it!

Nisemonogatari -wallpaper-700x495 Top 10 Anime Sisterhood


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