Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]

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suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]

What You Need to Know:

  • What was the first anime that changed your life, and turned you into a true otaku? Japanese fans were asked exactly that in the latest online poll!
  • Akiba-Souken held a poll between the 18th and 29th of February, which received a total of 514 votes, asking which anime series were the starting point for fans' obsessions.
  • So which were the top ten to turn people into devoted fans? Let's find out!

Top 10 - Top 6

10. Full Metal Alchemist / 23 votes

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion / 27 votes

8. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica /29 votes

7. Free! / 31 votes

6. Gintama / 43 votes

Top 5 - Top 1

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]

44 votes

  • Episodes: 14
  • Aired: April 2006 to July 2016


Kyon, your typical high school student, has long given up his belief in the supernatural. However, upon meeting Haruhi Suzumiya, he quickly finds out that it is the supernatural that she is interested in—aliens, time travelers, and espers among other things. When Haruhi laments about the lack of intriguing clubs around school, Kyon inspires Haruhi to form her own club. As a result, the SOS Brigade is formed, a club which specializes in all that is the supernatural.

Much to his chagrin, Kyon, along with the silent bookworm, Yuki Nagato, the shy and timid Mikuru Asahina, and the perpetually smiling Itsuki Koizumi, are recruited as members. The story follows the crazy adventures that these four endure under their whimsical leader, Haruhi. The story is based on the light novels by Nagaru Tanigawa.

(Source: MAL Rewrite)

4. Cardcaptor Sakura

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]

45 votes

  • Episodes: 70
  • Aired: April 1998 to March 2000


Sakura Kinomoto is your garden-variety ten-year-old fourth grader, until one day, she stumbles upon a mysterious book containing a set of cards. Unfortunately, she has little time to divine what the cards mean because she accidentally stirs up a magical gust of wind and unintentionally scatters the cards all over the world. Suddenly awakened from the book, the Beast of the Seal, Keroberos (nicknamed Kero-chan), tells Sakura that she has released the mystical Clow Cards created by the sorcerer Clow Reed. The Cards are no ordinary playthings. Each of them possesses incredible powers, and because they like acting independently, Clow sealed all the Cards within a book. Now that the Cards are set free, they pose a grave danger upon the world, and it is up to Sakura to prevent the Cards from causing a catastrophe!

Appointing Sakura the title of "the Cardcaptor" and granting her the Sealed Key, Keroberos tasks her with finding and recapturing all the Cards. Alongside her best friend Tomoyo Daidouji, and with Kero-chan's guidance, Sakura must learn to balance her new secret duty with the everyday troubles of a young girl involving love, family, and school, all while she takes flight on her magical adventures as Sakura the Cardcaptor.

(Source: MAL Rewrite)

3. K-On!

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]

51 votes

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2009 to June 2009


Hirasawa Yui, a young, carefree girl entering high school, has her imagination instantly captured when she sees a poster advertising the "Light Music Club." Being the carefree girl that she is, she quickly signs up; however, Yui has a problem, she is unable to play an instrument.

When Yui goes to the clubroom to explain, she's greeted by the other members: Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi. Although disheartened at Yui's lack of musical know-how, they still try to convince her to stay to prevent the club's disbandment. After playing Yui a short piece which re-ignites her imagination, they succeed in keeping their new member and guitarist.

Along with the tasks of school and homework, Yui begins to learn the guitar with the help of the other band members, experiencing many mishaps along the way. However, with the school festival drawing near and Yui getting stuck with her practice, will the Light Music Club be ready in time for their debut?

(Source: MAL Rewrite)

2. Sword Art Online

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]

72 votes

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: July 2012 to December 2012


In the year 2022, virtual reality has progressed by leaps and bounds, and a massive online role-playing game called Sword Art Online (SAO) is launched. With the aid of "NerveGear" technology, players can control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts.

Kazuto Kirigaya, nicknamed "Kirito," is among the lucky few enthusiasts who get their hands on the first shipment of the game. He logs in to find himself, with ten-thousand others, in the scenic and elaborate world of Aincrad, one full of fantastic medieval weapons and gruesome monsters. However, in a cruel turn of events, the players soon realize they cannot log out; the game's creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game.

In order to escape Aincrad, Kirito will now have to interact and cooperate with his fellow players. Some are allies, while others are foes, like Asuna Yuuki, who commands the leading group attempting to escape from the ruthless game. To make matters worse, Sword Art Online is not all fun and games: if they die in Aincrad, they die in real life. Kirito must adapt to his new reality, fight for his survival, and hopefully break free from his virtual hell.

(Source: MAL Rewrite)

1. Love Live!

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]

75 votes

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: January 2013 to March 2013


Otonokizaka High School stands on the border of three cities: Akihabara—a pop culture mecca that's evolving by the minute; Kanda—a conservative, cultured city where history and tradition reign supreme; and Jinbo—a quiet area reserved for a more mature, sophisticated population. Amidst this culture clash, the school now faces closure due to the enrollment of fewer and fewer students.

With the school planning to close within three years, nine female students come together with one thing in mind—form a pop idol group to revive the school's popularity and keep it from shutting down. "In order to protect our beloved school, there's only one thing we can do... become pop stars!"

Their goal is simple: Become an overnight sensation and use their nationwide media exposure to promote their school and bring in a wave of new students to the ailing area. A simple but solid plan, they figure. Naturally, they're nervous and wonder if this plan can really succeed, but for better or worse their new journey has begun...

"All we can ask for is just a tiny bit of support from you. We truly believe that with your help, we can change the world around us. We will make our dreams come true!"

(Source: NIS America)

Source: Akiba-Souken

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]
I had a feeling Love Live! would be number one... But I think this list would be totally different for international fans?
suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-560x350 Top 10 Anime That will Turn You Otaku [Japan Poll]
I think Eva would be higher if this was a poll from fans abroad! Sailor Moon and Pokemon would have to be on here too, of course - and Ghibli films!

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