Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

We’ve all seen some yuri moments in yuri shows or shows with yuri fanservice, but what are the best or even memorable ones out there? Well, we’re about to show you 10 of them here because, uh, it’s a top 10, so… Anyways!

In this list, we’re going to, uh, list down 10 yuri scenes that either defined the genre as funny, emotional, or even disturbing. Oh and the list is FILLED WITH SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen any of the shows listed here, we do suggest you avoid this article. But if you wanna spoil yourself due to curiosity and weren’t planning on watching these, then we guess that’s okay.

With that said, I’ll avoid spoiling too much by not providing extra details. Maybe perhaps these missing pieces will convince you to watch these shows. Let’s begin!

10. Kodomo no Jikan OVA
Episode 3: A Child’s Summer Time - “A case of mistaken identity.”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

The lead male character Aoki Daisuke brought the girls Kokonoe Rin, Usa Mimi, Kagami Kuro, fellow teacher and also love interest, Houin Kyouko, to the countryside to visit Aoki’s family. There, Kyouko meets Daisuke’s younger sister Chika and their mother. Kyouko has an ulterior motive: She is taking this chance to make a good impression that she makes a good wife to Daisuke.

After a few rounds of beers with Chika, the two girls got drunk and ended up sleeping in Daisuke’s futon. When Kyouko opened her eyes a bit, she saw Chika sleeping and like any person influenced by alcohol, she mistook Chika as Daisuke and proceeded to have her way with the (un)fortunate country girl.

This scene only lasted around 40-ish seconds, but it’s more than enough to see some great yuri in action. Did drunk Kyouko and Chika go all the way? Who knows, but after seeing Chika’s reaction the morning later, I guess they did. “Those metro girls really are freaky!”

09. Fate Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz!
Episode 02: “Mana transfer”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

It’s summer break for Illyasviel von Einzbern aka “Illya and the gang”, so they’re off to buy the most essential thing for summer break: swimsuits! As the girls browsed around the mall for something cute to wear, Kuro is getting weaker and weaker. Kuro took off with Illya to a secluded place to initiate an emergency mana transfer.

Chloe von Einzbern aka “Kuro”, needs constant mana to survive and she needs to ‘extract’ mana from other people through kissing or body contact. We’ve seen many scenes of Kuro extracting mana through French kissing many times in the series, but what makes this particular scene special is that it’s funny and one of their friends is spying on them… and she got aroused too.

The first part is Kuro is asking Illya to begin in a rather meek, submissive tone, Illya noticed the mood, and then made the mistake of, say, not using the right words. Illya then argued that mana transferring doesn’t need to be done through kissing, and that it can be done through other means. Kuro whispered the other “means” of transfer and Illya turned instantly red. Not sure what Kuro whispered, but I can guess the method involves two pairs of scissors, or petting the cat, or eating tacos… Don’t ask. In the end, the two both engaged in the usual mana transfer with their bewildered friend watching them from afar.

08. Yuru Yuri Season 1
Episode 05: “A counselling session gone (horribly) wrong”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

Yoshikawa Chinatsu is madly in love with her prince-charming-senpai, Funami Yui, and she wants to know more about her. Akaza Akari, Yui’s childhood friend, agreed to help her out. Chinatsu invites Akari to her place during the summer break and spend the day learning everything about Yui.

After a series of questions like “who Yui likes, etc.”, Akari asked the question of what Chinatsu wants to do with Yui!? Chinatsu answered, she wants to kiss her and do some rather sexual things to her. Akari, the always concerned friend, followed up with the question that kissing is embarrassing. This led Chinatsu suggesting she needs to practice kissing and… Akari is the only girl around.

You may find the whole Chinatsu chasing Akari around the house, grabbing her, pinning her to the floor and forced Akari to touch lips rather offensive, but don’t be. Chinatsu is just a curious girl in love and she’s too young to realize what she did was wrong. Plus the anime handled the scene in a funny way. You’re one sour grape if you don’t see the humor behind it.

07. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Kirameki no...
Slapstick Noel OVA: “First kiss”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

Instead of going home after a hectic Christmas party at Dekomori Sanae’s house, Togashi Yuuta and Takanashi Rikka went on a scenic cruise in the sea. Yuuta planned this so that he develop his budding relationship with Rikka. Unfortunately, something ruined the mood.

Little do they know, Dekomori Sanae, Nibutani Shinka, Tsuyuri Kumin and Isshiki Makoto were tailing them all along. Dekomori, being very close to Rikka, saw the entire thing, got jealous and attacks Yuuta, pleading for him to return Rikka to her. Shinka tried to stop Dekomori, but both of them, Yuuta and Rikka slipped. As Yuuta stops Rikka from falling, their lips come close, the screen goes black and we hear a “chuu” sound. As they come about, the two lovebirds didn’t kiss, but where did the sound come from? As they turned around, they saw Shinka and Dekomori touching lips.

This scene happened in an instant but it was very unexpected, and quite frankly, it hyped a lot of people for the second season of the anime. Dekomori is hostile towards Shinka because she believes that Shinka is not the Mori Summer she used to admire, and throughout the series Dekomori wastes no time in making Shinka’s school life a living hell. This kind of love-hate relationship between the two is so palpable, it was only a matter of time for this to happen. And when it happened, it was glorious. Plus it was their first kiss.

06. Sakura Trick
Episode 11: “Steal a kiss”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

Their cover was blown. Takayama Haruka and Sonoda Yuu were kissing in the hallway and Yuu’s big sister and student council president Sonoda Mitsuki saw the entire thing. Ever since Mitsuki is keeping an eye out for Yuu and our heroine Haruka can longer have her daily kissing with Yuu. To make matters worse, Mitsuki assigned Ikeno Kaede, one of Haruka’s friends, to monitor Yuu and report any unfavorable acts by Haruka.

During a dancing lesson, Haruka took this chance to pair up with Haruka, and like a skilled dance professional, Haruka steals a few kisses while at certain angles where the spying eyes of Kaede can’t see.

If you’ve seen Sakura Trick, the anime has LOTS of kissing, but this scene is special because it’s not the usual kissing sessions we see. Haruka was so determined to touch lips with Yuu again, that it’s amazing no one saw them, including Kaede.

05. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi
Episode 02: “Sex for information”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

Asogi Rin is working on a case of grisly murders that are happening throughout the city. Rin knows that the perpetrator is not human and after her leads went cold, she approaches an informant she knew years ago. The informant has the info Rin wants, but she won’t give it easily for such information comes with a high price: sex.

This scene came out of nowhere and it’s amusing to see both sides winning. Normally these types of informants ask for a stupid amount of money for their own benefits, and it’s nice to see a different and, uh, “fair” take of it. The scene ends with the informant asking for round 2 by inserting a small vial containing the info in her privates, and Rin has to extract it by means of, uh, you know...

04. Sabagebu!
Episode 12: “Dreams come true”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

It’s Christmas and Kasugano Urara’s birthday is just around the corner and the entire gang of the Survival Game club are hatching up a plan to give the birthday girl a surprise party. Sonokawa Momoka, Goutokuji Kayo, Kyoudou Maya and their eccentric club leader, Ootori Miou, are working together to give Urara a birthday party she’ll never forget.

Unsurprisingly, things didn’t go too well and the preparations end up ruined with a wild bear running loose in the city. Don’t ask. Fortunately, they found the best replacement and when Urara showed up, she is happy that everyone remembers her birthday and the gift she received is the best one yet. What is this gift? It’s a gift-wrapped Momoka, of course!

Urara has the hots for Momoka and she’s the resident pervert and masochist that finds ways to molest Momoka, or encourage Momoka to punch her. What’s so great about this episode is it’s the final episode and it ends with Urara taking home the gift-wrapped Momoka and, well, it’s up to one’s imagination what’s going to happen.

03. Kannazuki no Miko
Episode 08: “Chikane takes advantage of Himeko”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

Himemiya Chikane and Kurusugawa Himeko are destined to be the Moon and Sun priestesses that will battle the Orochi to save the world from destruction. However, there’s part of the legend that the world forgot: the fated priestesses must battle each other to the death.

Chikane is in love with Himeko but she doesn’t have the courage to express her love. Every passing episode, Himeko is slowly moving away from Chikane because of Oogami Souma, a childhood friend and protector, shows up every time to protect Himeko from danger. Relationship between the two grew and Chikane, unable to protect Himeko with her own hands, is slowly sinking into despair, and eventually abandoning her humanity and became a part of the Orochi like what the prophecies foretold. Driven by lust and despair, and perhaps an act of love, Chikane revealed herself to Himeko as the Orochi and sexually assaulted her.

The "taking advantage"(rape), scene is a turning point for the plot and the real battle against the Orochi began.

02. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
Episode 13: “I missed you.”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

The story of YamiBou is all about a group of book travellers or travellers of alternate worlds looking for the elusive girl named Eve. This girl Eve travels through different books or world in the Great Library and live within them and then move on to the next world after she turned 16.

Hazuki met Hatsumi as a child and ever since they’re living together ever since. Hazuki developed sexual feelings towards Hatsumi and when Hatsumi turned 16, she moved on to the next world. Through the teleportation sequence, Hazuki gained some of Hatsumi’s power, met a book traveller and the entire series is about Hazuki jumping around worlds looking for Hatsumi.

Eventually Hazuki found Hatsumi and expressed her love and Hatsumi accepted it. The scene takes place back at her home, right before Hatsumi teleports to another world. It is one of the most detailed and romantic kissing scene in recent memory and I still recall as I yelped “You finally found her, Hazuki!”

The ending of the anime is hard to like because it, I dunno, added more implications and turned Hazuki’s love into maternal love. But still, the final kissing scene is one of the best out there.

01. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Part III
Rebellion: “I finally caught you.”

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]

After Madoka sacrificed herself by the end of the TV series, she attained godhood and “fixed” everything. However it came with a price: Madoka’s existence ceased to exist in the world. No one in her class remembers her, and her parents didn’t even conceive her. No one remembers, except for Homura. Madoka is there, but she’s on a different plane of existence that no one can reach her.

Throughout the movie, Homura soon discovered that she’s turning into a witch because of all the pain and suffering she had experienced, and Kyubey used Homura in an experiment by trapping everyone in an illusion as an attempt to reach and control the now god Madoka. After Homura broke free from Kyubey’s illusion, Madoka descends from the heavens to take away Homura for she’s now a witch.

In a twist of fate, Homura turned herself into something more than a witch, takes Madoka out of being a god, and rewrote the entire universe, removing the need for Madoka thus rendering her sacrifice useless, and gave everyone new memories so that no one remembers what Homura did... except for Sayaka for some reason. By the end of the movie, Madoka, Homura, Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami and everyone else now live in a peaceful life.

Homura is in love with Madoka to the point of obsession, and did everything by becoming a demon just to get Madoka back in her arms. Homura is the devil and Madoka the god, both are equalizers of a new universe. This kind of obsession and desire to be with the girl she loves makes this our number 1 yuri scene on the list.

Homura said it well: “It is the pinnacle of all human emotion. More passionate than hope, far deeper than despair. Love.”

Oh and this makes Akemi Homura the gayest girl in the known universe.

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]


And there you have it, the top 10 best yuri scenes in anime! The only entry that didn’t end with a kiss is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but that doesn’t mean it’s not yuri. Yuri is very versatile when done right contrary to popular belief, Yuri is not limited to just kissing, and lezzy sex with Moonlight Sonata playing in the background *ahem*Shoujo Sect OVA*ahem*. I specifically made this list to show you that Yuri can be used in everything.

So what do you think of this list? Do you have any memorable or best yuri moments? Please leave a comment below!

20120716_2404916 Top 10 Anime Yuri Scenes [Best Recommendations]


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