Top 10 Bakuon!! Character Moments

Bakuon!! is a slice of life anime about cute girls that ride motorcycles. It came out of the Spring 2016 lineup of anime and it surprised some people. It brought everything you would come to expect from a slice of life with comedy elements. What really made it stand out was its cast of loveable characters, that for better or worse made human mistakes.

If you had even the slightest interest in motorcycles, most notably Japanese brands, this would appeal to you. However, what was redeeming is that you didn’t need to be a fan to enjoy the simplicity of their stories and adventures. Now that we have that covered, put your helmet on and fire up the ignition as Honey’s Anime brings to you the Top 10 Bakuon!! Character Moments.

10. "God" Purchases Smut

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Most often when we do these countdowns we like to kick things off with a bang. This number 10 selection fits that bill to a tee. There’s no need to blink or rub your eyes, you are indeed reading that title correctly. If you’re familiar with this series you know that god made an appearance in episode four. Hane initiated contact with him at the side of the road. God has made several appearances throughout this anime but we felt his appearance in the final episode was his best.

In an episode featuring many absurd events, the one we want to highlight has the motorcycle club looking for magazines in “Tatsuya Book & CD.” Hane finds God at the checkout and notices that he’s buying the “VIBE” magazine. She thought VIBE was for females because there are generally women on the cover. Little does the naïve one know that it’s a sexy magazine with naked females straddling bikes. She takes a look through it and to her astonishment finds a pinup model and twice mentions that she sees her pubic hair. God simply slaps her around a few times and pays for his smut. Once you get past the initial shock, laughter quickly takes over this moment.

9. Hijiri's Trials for a License

bakuon-wallpaper-20160731020537-674x500 Top 10 Bakuon!! Character Moments

During episode eight Hijiri is happy because her birthday is coming up and soon she will be able to ride a motorbike on her own. She shocked the club by announcing that she already has a motorcycle license. She was able to obtain one by simply using her wealth to purchase one in a foreign country. All she had to do was take a rewrite in Japan and she got it reissued to her. Realizing that she didn’t know what a yellow traffic light meant, Onsa cut up her license right before her very eyes.

Hayakawa bought her a Honda Super Cub from Onsa’s father. It was said to be easier than riding a bicycle but that didn’t improve Hijiri’s confidence any. Sadly, she wasn’t able to ride a bicycle either, at that time. Hijiri with little confidence wiped out several times trying to ride the bike, including a failed attempt at getting on the Super Cub. Finally, she put some gas to it and she flew down a flight of steps only to flip the bike and land head-first on the ground. Frustration clearly at a boiling point, she got up with a look of malice on her face and proceeded to take a sledgehammer to the bike! To her surprise, the bike still worked after the beating it received.

8. Relaxing at the Hot Springs

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After a fun-filled adventure exploring the roads with their bikes, the girls spotted a hot spring connected to the ocean. Onsa and Rin had their reservations about the whole idea, due to it being visible from the outside but also because it was a mixed gender spring. Despite their hesitant nature, the girls got in after seeing Raimu, Hane and Hijiri take the plunge. It never felt so liberating being a delinquent some of them urged. The scene really starts to pick up after Rin moves to the ocean side and bends over at the side of the spring.

Rin, the curviest female of the group certainly becomes the stand-out of this scene, much to her dismay. While she’s bent over enjoying the situation, Hane points out that she has something on her left butt cheek. It turns out to be a Suzuki logo, naturally. The group was under the impression that it was there purposely, but oh no, Rin tells a tale of how she received it. Episode four delivers a fun story about Rin and her father riding a bike and they get into an accident that sends a young Rin comically flying in the air and landing on a steaming hot Suzuki hood logo on a car, thus permanently branding her.

7. Motorcycle Club Presentation

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This next quirky selection is from episode nine towards the end of the show. The motorcycle club has returned for another year of school and they’re eager as ever to convince new students to join the club. They quickly realize it’s not an easy task to get students who don’t know anything about motorbikes to join a club with them. The club, after all, is a little daunting for newcomers because they should have some knowledge of bikes. In addition to that, have a license so they can ride together and do group activities.

The motorcycle club devises a plan to perform an awe-inspiring showcase of everything that is great about riding motorbikes. Orientation comes along and the pressure is on for these girls. What they come up with is one of the silliest (but hilarious) moments from the entire series. The four girls walk on stage with bike handlebars and proceed to sing and dance while explaining how to ride a bike. Needless to say, the majority of the audience laughs at their spirited performance, with Rin getting the most pleasure out of it. Chisame tries to redeem the club, but even her serious explanation of bikes on stage fails miserably. All in all, this was a great scene.

6. Baita's Debut during Hane's Test

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In the debut episode of this series it follows one of the main characters Hane, riding her bike to school up a tremendously steep hill. After seeing others riding their motorbikes, Hane later meets up with Raimu. Raimu gives Hane a test ride and she quickly falls in love with the experience. She then decides that it’s in her best interest to get her own bike and license. This is where our next great moment comes to us at.

The first major test for Hane is to stand up the fallen bike to its normal position. At first, she fails, but she tries again and accomplishes this by receiving helpful tips from, get this, the motorbike itself. The bike comes installed with a trainer voice named Baita, who assists newcomers. Baita is a female and helps aid Hane in the most curious of ways. She often tells stories about giving her body up to men or having their crotches in her face. She even explains to Hane, to treat her bike the way she would treat a man. She’s a unique and amusing personality that eventually becomes one of the catalysts for Hane passing her test.

5. The Motorcycle Wash

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Let’s keep going on this wonderful ride as we come to episode five. For motorbike owners out there, have you ever had the urge to wear your swimwear and cover yourself in soap, only then to rub your body on your bike? I’m willing to bet a lot of you would answer with an emphatic no. Well, this is exactly what happened during episode five. The girls are proud owners of their bikes and rightfully so, but some felt that your typical bucket and cloth wasn’t enough to do it justice.

After a long and hectic adventure to Hokkaido the girls made it back in one piece, so what better time than to clean the dirt off the motorbikes. Onsa elects to take a more traditional route, whereas Hane gets this “brilliant” idea to use her body for more coverage. Naturally, Rin catches a glimpse of it and her competitive nature sparks up and she finds herself equaling Hane’s effort to clean. This scene provides us with more than enough fan service and it’s sure to get some hearts racing by the end of it. Raimu is the last to finish up on her bike and immediately after doing so, it rains. That concludes a witty ending to an eye-catching scene.

4. The Christmas Gathering

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Back to episode eight we go with another fantastic moment from Bakuon!! This time, the moment takes place during the second half of the episode, where they focus more on the Christmas holiday. The motorcycle club has a Christmas get together which includes the usual, such as, food, decorations and gift giving. Onsa receives a rather narcissistic gift from Rin. It turns out to be a handmade doll of Rin riding her Suzuki GSX400S Katana much to Onsa’s disappointment.

During Onsa’s tirade over how self-absorbed Rin is, she drops the present destroying the doll. More specifically, the head falls off! The thoughtful but often dim-witted Hane lends a helping hand and fixes the problem by gluing the head back on and reinforcing it with tape. Everyone around is skeptical about the repair done by Hane, most notably Onsa, who seems to think it’s a rather ominous look with that tape around the dolls neck. Hane catches up with Rin who was out delivering pizza and hands her a gift, since she missed the gift exchange. Rin opens it to find that it’s a lovely pink scarf. Rin puts it on and as Hane bikes away she realizes the irony of the taped up doll and said scarf. It leads Hane to wonder if it’s a bad omen. It turns out it was great luck for Rin and terrible luck for Hane.

3. The Drunk Teacher

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Just like the previous selection, we’re going back to yet another episode we have touched up on. That would be episode five, the one that delivers the most fan service in the entire series. This scandalous scene took place prior to the bike wash during their stay in Hokkaido. The girls met up with Saruko Saruyama unknowingly. She is a teacher from their school. Saruko was deeply gazing off into the sea, when all of a sudden she disappears briefly only to reappear on a bike trying to bike-dive off Cape Soya.

Ultimately the teacher failed and she received assistance from the motorcycle club. Saruko was very much distressed and the girls could sense it. They all stayed together at the “Shimizu Inn.” During this time Saruko confessed she had been dumped recently by her thirteenth boyfriend and love was getting her nowhere. Obviously, she was emotional and drank enough alcohol to get her in a frisky mood. Once Hane passes out from the smell of Saruko’s alcohol, she tries to take advantage of Hane. Saruko lifts up her shirt to nearly expose her breasts and when the club tries to stop her, she turns her attention onto them. She pounces on Onsa taking her shirt off and follows that up by offering to lick Hijiri’s feet. Finally, she gets to Rin and takes her shirt off and tugs at her pants. This prompts Hane to say that alcohol is a scary thing. In this case, it sure was.

2. The Cultural Festival Race

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We’re down to our number two selection from this list. It comes by way of episode seven of this fun anime. The motorcycle club was to provide an optimal experience and showcase their very own bike race. This included several laps around the school. As the race is about to start, we’re introduced to the MC, “The Evil Queen Veda, Hijirian.” Hijiri didn’t take part in the race but was instrumental in creating the track and more specifically the “Panel That Somehow Cools Your Engine When You Go Over It.”

Right out of the gates Raimu takes a nasty spill and she falls to the ground and is knocked out of commission for a good chunk of the race. This provides the other three, Onsa, Hane and Rin to finish before her. However, Raimu eventually gets back up and her skill and experience get her back in the race. She effortless gains all the ground she lost while she was down and it becomes a tight race. This is where that panel finally comes into play. Throughout the race, the girls avoided using it, much to the dismay of Hijiri. During the final stretch, Raimu goes over it and it freezes her engine sending her flying in the air once again. She gets blasted with such force that she almost won the race! It was a hilarious moment in the series and you almost have to feel bad for Raimu.

1. The Troubles with Suzukiphilia

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We’ve come up with a spectacular list that has now brought us to our number one character moment in Bakuon!! This comes courtesy of episode eleven. The girls are introduced to a hardcore cyclist that claims that bicycles are better than motorbikes. He’s determined more than ever to prove it to them. Long story short, he wipes out and ends up on the back of Hijiri’s family owned limousine. The next day Rin and Onsa head to school via the train because it’s raining and it’s not ideal for their bikes to be out in that kind of weather.

While on the train both Rin and Onsa pass out and during this, Rin drools and drops some of her saliva on Onsa’s hand. This provides a wake-up call for Onsa who ends up licking the saliva off her hand, thinking it was her own. This causes Onsa to feel sick and misses school due to her newly diagnosed “Suzukiphilia.” Rin visits her at her house and she catches her about to lick a motorbike. This radical behavior also included Onsa becoming obsessed with Suzuki, just like Rin. Onsa’s family eventually got her back to normal by using the “death by praise” idea. It was a bittersweet moment for Rin, who wasn’t exactly sure how to take it all in.

Final Thoughts

Whether you enjoyed the fun-filled adventures, the motorcycles or just the lovable girls, there should be a moment for everyone to enjoy in this anime. We believe that the appealing girls and their eccentric personalities made for some fun viewings.

Now that this list is completed, were there any shocking selections? Do you have a favorite moment that you would like to share? If so, we encourage you to do so in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

bakuon-wallpaper-20160731020537-674x500 Top 10 Bakuon!! Character Moments


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