Top 10 Best Anime Cats as Sidekicks

Many people often have a love/ hate relationship with cats. They can be seen as majestic creatures or, on the other extreme, disgusting vermin that carry disease. Anime does well to portray both aspects of different peoples opinions towards cats. However, there are some anime where cats are not only friends, but also guides and protectors. These cats are not only beautiful creatures that can walk around the house but an essential part of a journey.

Cats are one of the main sidekicks in anime because of their wisdom and assistance to the main character. They provide support and will always be there to point the hero in the right direction. Therefore, in this list, we give you the top 10 best anime cats as sidekicks.

10. Anpu from Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

  • Episodes: 120
  • Aired: July 2016- December 2016

As a person with psychic powers, Kusuo Saiki’s life is all but peaceful. While many may see it as a miracle or a gift, Kusuo sees it as a curse. Amassing a group of unlikely friends, Kusuo gains support from those who find out his secret. Kusuo’s life also grows to become more strange than he had hoped as he passes along through his adventures with his many friends and strange acquaintances. While this may be a longer anime than usual, it is worth it to see the comedic relationships and encounters that Kusuo happens upon.

Anpu is a small street cat that just wants to be loved. His continuous prompting for Kusuo to pet him leaves a lovable impression in the hearts of the viewers. This relationship can charm even the most adamant cat haters. Anpu eventually wins over Kusuo and Anpu even gets him to help with relationship advice regarding the female cat, Pushi.

9. Nekobasu (Cat Bus) from Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: May 1993

My Neighbor Totoro is a charming anime released by Studio Ghibli. Two sisters, Mei and Satsuki, follow along Totoro, a forest spirit, on his adventures. While this beast is huge, the girls aren’t scared in the least and become friends with the spirit due to his fluffiness and silly demeanor. Widely regarded as one of the best anime films of all time, My Neighbor Totoro that is beautifully animated and sure not to disappoint.

Totoro helps out when Mei becomes lost. He makes use of his sidekick, the Cat Bus, to bring the children back home. While this was more of a convenience for Totoro, it is an amazing adventure for Mei and Satsuki who have never seen such marvels before. As a friendly transportation mechanism, the Cat Bus is a fun way for anyone to travel when he is at the beckon of Totoro.

8. Mao from Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha (Darker than Black)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 2007- September 2007

Those who exited from Hell’s Gate were granted supernatural powers. However, it came at a heavy price, their humanity. When Hei develops an unusual relationship with a cat named, Mao, they become closer than ever in their work. Working for the Syndicate, Mao and Hei go on many journeys together for their work and both, while unlikely companions have each other’s back for every job that they do.

Mao is not like any other family cat. After living the life of a contractor, he is cursed into the body of a cat by Hell’s Gate. In order to maintain his humanity, Mao must cast himself into other people or animals by using his animal possession ability. Mao trains and works closely with Hei to develop his skills and fulfill his work for the Syndicate. In a more serious role, Darker than Black is an anime that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

7. Nyarth (Meowth) from Pokemon

  • Episodes: 276
  • Aired: April 1997- November 2002

The fantastical world of Pokemon features many different wild creatures that can be captured in Pokeballs and sent to battle each other by their trainers. This is especially true for the infamous Team Rocket who aim to capture strong Pokemon and are constantly after Satoshi’s Pikachu. The two pairings are often at war with each other as Team Rocket tries to thwart Satoshi and his friends at every turn.

Meowth is an important part of Team Rocket and is consistently trying to devise ways to steal Satoshi’s Pikachu. Meowth is much like the members of his team in that he is greedy and devious. He often makes the plans but gets none of the credit that Jessie and James award themselves. Meowth looks up to Jessie and is constantly trying to impress her.

6. Dokusonmaru from Durarara!!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: January 2010- June 2010

After moving to Tokyo, Mikado Ryuugamine has experienced one of the legends from the dark underbelly of the city. The “Black Rider” is an infamous character that is supposedly headless. Mikado wishes to learn more and about the hidden world of Tokyo, including the allusive gang, “The Dollars.” This anime changes viewpoints through 11 different characters making it an interesting watch because of the way the story is told.

While Dokusonmaru is more of a side character, he does provide a special kind of support to Mikado Ryuugamine. Full of cuteness, Dokusonmaru is helpful in any crisis or simply to offer moral support. He always makes Mikado feel better and provides comic relief when tensions are running high. While he doesn’t offer guidance or take over the bodies of other animals, he is a sidekick in a more realistic kind of way.

5. Blair from Soul Eater

  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: April 2008- March 2009

While attending Death Weapon Meister Academy, Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn become a pair of a Death and Demon Scythe. In order to gain power, they must consume 99 evil spirits and one witch soul. Going on their adventures, the duo must make allies and eliminate threats. Each enemy puts them both one step closer to changing their bodies into Demon Weapons.

Often mistaken for a witch, Blair is actually a cat with strong magical powers. Blair can change her form from a human to a cat. While Soul’s first encounters with Blair are attacks, Blair shows nothing but unconditional kindness to Soul and Maka. Blair is an unwilling sidekick to Soul because she is constantly around and providing assistance but is also regularly trying to be killed by Soul. Her ability to change forms is particularly useful in these instances in order to evade Soul and Maka’s strikes.

4. Jiji from Majo no Takkyuubin (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: July 1989

Yet another Studio Ghibli film, Majo no Takkyuubin focuses on a young girl who dreams of becoming a witch. In order to do so, she must spend a year training in Koriko. While her initial nights in the town were lonely, she is soon shown mercy by a man named Osono. While working for him delivering bread, Kiki takes initiative and decides to open her own delivery service that she does while flying around on her broomstick with her cat, Jiji.

Jiji is the most helpful companion. He is a talking cat that is very different in the Japanese and American version. In the American version, Jiji is a wisecracking cat that often displays sarcasm. However, in the Japanese version, he is cute and well-mannered. The two different versions offer different portrayals of Jiji, however, he is quite helpful when he is needed by Kiki and never disappoints her.

3. Happy from Fairy Tail

  • Episodes: 175
  • Aired: October 2009- March 2013

In a world where magic is universal, guilds run the political area. They are able to bring together individuals who have the same goals and bind them together to create a strong core. Fairy Tail is one of these guilds, and at the heart of it is Natsu Dragneel. While Lucy Heartfilia is on her personal quest to join a guild, she runs into Natsu while he is on a search for his father. Upon being invited to join his guild, Lucy meets the members and is enfolded into the family that is Fairy Tail.

Happy is technically an Exceed from Extalia and is a loyal companion to Natsu. He possesses a sizable amount of knowledge about magic which makes him an invaluable resource to both Natsu and Lucy on their quests. Having been around Natsu for his entire life, the pair are very close and similar in their reactions. This provides comedic relief in more serious aspects of the show and allows the viewer to become immersed in the pair’s relationship.

2. Kirara from InuYasha

  • Episodes: 167
  • Aired: October 2000- September 2004

InuYasha focuses on main characters Kagome and Inuyasha. After Kagome is dragged down a well, she enters a universe that exists 500 years into the past. Kagome possesses the Shikon Jewel that is then drawn out of her and split into many pieces. This anime follows Kagome and Inuyasha’s journey to collect the pieces of the Shikon Jewel before the demons are able to find them.

Kirara form ranges from a cute travel-sized companion to a huge and terrifying flying cat. She is not only able to fight, but is also an excellent means of transportation. Passed down in the Sango family, she is much older than she initially seems. Kirara is a companion that can always be counted upon whether in a battle or simply to provide comfort. Kirara has the personality of a cat, aside from the destructive behavior and the shapeshifting, she loves fish and cat toys. This adds to her cuteness when she is away from the battlefield.

1. Luna from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

  • Episodes: 46
  • Aired: March 1992- February 1993

Sailor Moon is an anime about a young girl named Serena that finds out that she has a destiny that will not be easy to fulfill. She must defeat the evil Queen Beryl with the help of the other Sailor Guardians. Serena must learn to navigate love, demons, and drama in order to fulfill her destiny and take her rightful place as princess. However, this may be much more work than Serena wants while trying to live a normal life.

Luna is a black cat who is picked up by Serena after being bullied by some stray cats. With a bandage on her forehead, Serena takes pity on her and brings her home. Soon after finding that Luna can talk, it is revealed that Serena is the lost princess from another realm. Luna is extremely helpful in advising Serena and keeping her grounded. She is the guiding light that allows Serena to wade through school and being a Sailor Guardian without getting sidetracked.

Final Thoughts

While cats may not always be the most helpful, they do provide wisdom and guidance even in the worst of times. This allows them to make excellent sidekicks to heroes in need. These cats don’t even always have to say anything; they can just be there to provide support through difficult times. Sidekicks come in a variety of forms, just as they can in real life.

If there are any cats as sidekicks that you have been expecting in this list, please leave it below in the comments. While we do try to provide you with comprehensive lists, we have not seen every anime out there. All of you readers provide us with excellent suggestions and comments and we hope that you have enjoyed this article of the top 10 cats as sidekicks.

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Kikis-Delivery-Service-Majo-no-Takkyuubin-Wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Best Anime Cats as Sidekicks

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