Top 10 Best Dressed Characters in xxxHOLiC

CLAMP is very particular in the way that it not only presents its characters sometimes, but also how they dress their characters. Some characters will forever stay in very droll costumes while others for example, Fai and Kurogane in Tsubasa Chronicles, are given quite elaborate costumes. Within the universe of xxxHOLiC there are a wide variety of costumes.

While almost every one is unique, there are some characters that harness a way to look cute, or great every time that we see them. Fortunately for us, looking at the various costumes that characters wear is quite visually appealing in this show.

xxxHOLiC follows Watanuki, a boy, who has a cursed gift; he attracts any and all spirits for some reason! The worst part is that they like him too! One day, while running away from a swarm of spirits obsessed with him, Watanuki stumbles across a shop in the middle of a busy neighborhood. Going inside he meets the self-proclaimed witch of space and time, Yuuko Ichihara. She offers to cure Watanuki of his “gift” if he starts working in her shop. Thus an adventure is born.

10. Nekomusume

Nekomusume translates to “cat daughter.” Nekomusume however is different from a cat girl because while she does show up as a full grown adult, she acts more like a cat. She is introduced in xxxHOLiC chasing a goldfish and eventually becomes a customer of the shop!

Nekomusume is really into wearing a red skirt with a black top and a red tie. She appears for the most part as this, but there is another time where she shows up in regular street clothes. One this that Nekomusume is always wearing is some form of a collar. It’s always on her wrist or her neck.

9. Maru and Moro

Maru and Moro are Yuuko’s assistants that are supposed to help her around the shop but they usually leave it to Watanuki to do. They always support Yuuko in every decision that she makes and that includes if that means delegating work to Watanuki! They are the two spirits that keep the shop visible in the real everyday world. They do not have souls which is why they cannot ever leave the shop.

Maru is the older of the two twins and has the long, curly blue pigtails while Moro is the one with the short pink bob hairdo. Maru predominantly wears a black and white old fashioned looking outfit that sometimes shows up as brown, while Moro wears a white outfit with a red ribbon tied around her waist. These are slightly indicative of their personalities as well. Maru is a bit more mature than her “twin” Moro who is innocent in contrast.

8. Kohane Tsuyuri

Originally, Kohane shows up on a TV show about psychics and Yuuko takes interest in her. As she does have a gift to see ghosts, her mother goes insane to try and keep her daughter in the limelight and making money. This makes Kohane a bit of a sad and quiet type of character. She eventually becomes isolated. Watanuki is the only one who can make her smile and thus, she is drawn to him when she happens to meet him by chance.

Because, for the most part in the anime at least, Kohane is 9 years old, she does dress like a child. In the OVA’s she does grow up a bit, but she’s usually a sweet girl around Watanuki wearing a green and white dress or a pale pink and white one while having a calm expression.

7. Jorougumo

This woman I swear… Jorogumo which translates to, I kid you not, spider prostitute, is a quite well-dressed villainess if I do say so myself. She appears in the spirit world and (SPOILERS) kidnaps Zashiki Warashi. She also is the one who eats Watanuki’s eye to teach him a lesson. The irony is though, that while I would classify her as a villainess myself, apparently the jury is out on whether or not she is an actual villainess or just a character.

Jorougumo looks like she walked out of a Lolita magazine for adults. She is the ONLY character to have blonde hair. She also wears red lipstick and has black eyes. She shows up wearing fishnet gloves as well as what is supposed to be a frilly dress. The straps are undone though so that the dress can hang a bit lower on her body. The dress is purple by the way.

Jorougumo exists almost as a juxtaposition to Ame Warashi in the sense that her fashion is very open and shows skin while Ame Warashi’s is not. There is also a ribbon tied around her waist that flows longer than her body. She also has a spider choker that she wears and has long purple nails too.

6. Ame Warashi

I thought about originally putting Ame Warashi higher on this list, but her sour demeanor is what put her in at #6. Ame Warashi appears when she has a request for Yuuko to let her borrow Watanuki to help her with a plant at the park. She has a very short temper and holds humans in disregard. She has even been known to hit people, that’s right hit, with her umbrella! Speaking of umbrellas, she can summon rain!

She is a character who wears the other extreme of Lolita fashion. In a juxtaposition to Jorougumo, her fashion is very Victorian-esque with many frills, a flowing, fluffy dress that ends at her knees, and white lace on her socks. In regards to the spider choker that Jorougumo wears, she has a frilly neck choker type thing. One could say she is the antithesis of Jorougumo!

5. Zashiki Warashi

Zashiki Warashi is the partner in crime to the Ame Warashi. Well kinda… she’s a very sweet and mild girl. She is childlike in appearance and innocent while crying at the drop of a hat. She does get captured at one point by (SPOILER) Jorougumo and is rescued by Watanuki after he loses an eye in the process of saving her. She is a very tender individual as well.

As for her fashion, Zashiki Warashi goes all out and wears traditional Kimonos. She looks adorable in her pink kimono with the slight red flairs at the bottom of it. She has a wind pipe that she also does play from time to time. In the OVA’s however, she does switch it up and turn everything into what feels like a church going outfit. She wears a big white hat along with a white dress.

4. Shizuka Doumeki

While Watanuki is busy trying to impress Himawari and win her feelings, Doumeki is there every time to foil his attempts by existing and causing Watanuki to burst out in anger. Now, Doumeki usually only has two outfits that he wears in the show, his school uniform and his archery getup. For this part and the next two characters, I will also be including some of the looks provided by the manga.

In the show, the relationship between Doumeki and Watanuki is very important and while it is a friendship, it often feels like it’s bordering on romance. So in order to keep things slightly vague, Doumeki tends to be fairly quiet, unless he’s messing with Watanuki, and his clothes represent that.

Now with reference to his manga getup, the included picture shows his latent power in reference to the falcon he had on his arm. He also is shown to be quite well dressed in tuxedoes and suits. He is usually matching Watanuki in some form or another as reference to their bond.

3. Himawari Kunogi

Himawari Kunogi is the classmate of Watanuki and Doumeki. She is actually cursed and brings bad luck to everyone who comes into contact with her. Watanuki is not elt down by this and still tried to pursue her. She usually appears with long spiral curls down her back and in her school uniform. She will always have a smile painted on her face as she tries to stay s upbeat as possible.

Due to her unfortunate role in this series as not “being Watanuki’s goddess of good luck,” she is given much more adorable clothing in the manga art. She is adorned with pearls in her hair along with a smile always. Keeping in theme with the Ame Warashi and Zashiki Warashi, she is given very regal, Lolita-esque fashion or traditional Japanese fashion. She really seems to have an amazingly bright personality when she shows up like this.

2. Kimihiro Watanuki

Watanuki is the center protagonist to xxxHOLiC. He works at Yuuko’s shop to pay back his debt of her removing the curse of spirits being attracted to him. Watanuki is a very spastic, and vibrant character that shows a range of emotions. He is essentially Yuuko’s slave though, and has to do all the cleaning, cooking, and shopping for her.

Watanuki is shown usually in his standard black school uniform, much like Doumeki and Himawari are, or in a bandanna and a giant apron because he’s cooking for/serving Yuuko. He does wear a yukata a few times, but the symbolic nature between Watanuki and Yuuko is shown more in the manga art when it shows them wearing either complementing or matching outfits.

1. Yuuko Ichihara

I mean you saw this coming right? As the (SPOILERS) Witch of Space and Time, Yuuko has had a lot of time to amass a very interesting wardrobe. In the show, right from the first episode she is shown in a kimono with an oversize obi bow on the front. She tried to keep up her front of being stoic by smoking but she has expensive tastes as well as a love for sake.

Back to the outfit for the first episode, she wears a very large bow with a red kimono that has white patterns. She has been known to step out in everyday life but when she does, she will wear crop tops with unnecessarily long sleeves with jeans or something form fitting. When wearing kimono, she does sometimes wear head pieces like Ame warashi, but in the sense that it’s a flower or a hair clip.

She will usually also wear her hair down more often than not. However as the witch of space and time, she is drawn all out with all the bells and whistles and that is why she deserves to be number one on this list!

And there you have it! The top 10 best dressed characters in xxxHOLiC. I tried to be as fair as I could with this order with the exception of Ame Warashi and her sour personality, but I really hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did writing it!

Let me know if there is a different order that you would put them in by putting it in the comments below! Till next time,

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