Top 10 Bishounen Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Characters

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say. And while a great personality is more important, one can’t deny that we love the cute guys and girls that are very common in anime. Bishounen (Cute guys) and Bishoujo (Cute girls) will catch anyone’s attention with their looks, and make us smile every time they’re on screen.

Maid-cafés work on that principle, more than the quality of their food. They hire the prettiest and sweetest girls, because they will make their clients feel special as they serve coffee and pastries. Which makes it very ironic that in Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! we find far more bishounen than bishoujo.

So, to celebrate the cute guys that surround a girl who really would love to work anywhere that was not a Maid café, here are Honey’s Anime’s top ten bishounen from Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

10. Shintani Hinata

There’s something a bit romantic about those childhood friends who travel all over the country just to see their beloved again. And there’s a lot to say about those who have the willpower to leave their weaknesses behind and grow into strong young men. Shintani is both to Misaki, as he used to be overweight and lazy, relying on Misaki to get him out of trouble. However, when he grew up he started doing more exercise and eating better and when he was back in Misaki’s life he had slimmed considerably and gotten a lot more handsome in the process.

What makes him even better is that even when he loves Misaki and originally wanted to win her heart, once he realizes that she doesn’t feel the same way he remains her real friend. He doesn’t begrudge her or tries to force her to love him. And that alone makes him an amazing friend, and an even more attractive guy.

Because of this nice going personality, as well as his good looks, Shintani gets place 10 in our list.

9. Ryuunosuke “Kurotatsu” Kurosaki (the center of the three at the back)

The first time we meet Kurotatsu is when he is trying to make Misaki’s life hell. As one of the most stubborn delinquents in Seika High, he simply refuses to follow the proper dress code because he doesn’t want to accept Misaki’s authority. And let’s be honest, a bad boy is always attractive somehow because rebellion and free will are always a plus when talking about fictional boys. Later on, when he and his friends discover Misaki’s secret, instead of trying to use that to make her life hell they become her biggest fans; and one has to admit, the adoration they show her is quite cute.

In the looks department, Kurotatsu is tall, with black hair and eyes. He usually has his hair in a ponytail. This makes him the one with long hair in the trio of Idiots, as Misaki calls them, and long haired guys are always more handsome in anime than short haired ones, but given that he always has it in a ponytail it’s hard to give him extra points for that.

Still, Kurotatsu is not only handsome, he is one of the few guys who can learn from his mistakes and turn a new leaf. Just for that, he lands in the ninth place of our bishounen list.

8. Naoya “Shiroyan” Shirakawa (the left of the three at the back)

Another of the Seika High former delinquents and current fan of Misaki’s , Shiroyan, is by far the one whose looks remind you most of the typical delinquent from Japanese schools. He was the apparent leader of the Idiot trio, and thus the one who went farther against the dress code going as far as to wear earrings. And while he could look very menacing –he wasn’t called the White Devil for nothing- once he became Misaki’s fan, he turned out to be more sensitive than expected.

Blonde and grey eyed, Shiroyan originally had more of a bad-guy look. He kept his hair spiked, and wore two earrings on his left ear. In fact, he looks a lot like a shounen manga hero, just that he happens to be a secondary character in a shoujo manga and that makes the situation a bit different.

He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is loyal, and his grey eyes make him look very mysterious, so he gets eight place in our list.

7. Shousei Nikaido

Musicians are cool by definition, so it’s no surprise to find some of the UxMishi bandmembers in our list. Shousei is the guitarist and that alone would put him higher in the list, except he has some very strong competition. He has short black hair and grey eyes, and is very tall and quiet. So if your type is strong and silent. Shousei is definitively the one for you.

He is a tea lover, and very sophisticated, even if at first he seems a bit cold. Of course, he has to deal with his other band members who aren’t as sensible as he is, this makes it understandable that he prefers calm and quiet when he can get it. So that adds to his aura of mystery and gives him extra points in the bishounen scale, landing him in spot number 7.

6. Koma Yabu

The bassist of UxMishi, he also has extra points because he is a talented musician and part of a band. Unlike Shousei, he is more polite with the fans and tends to scold his bandmates when they don’t treat the fans with respect; of course, this could be because he knows that fanservice keeps them popular. This causes a bit of tension within the group, because some of them don’t appreciate Koma’s attempts to play band dad.

Tall, thin and with teal hair; that alone gives Koma a lot of advantage in the looks department, but the fact that he also wears glasses and has golden eyes makes him far more popular than Shisou who may be the guitarist, but doesn’t have glasses. And we all know glasses on a guy make them look smarter, at least in anime, and that usually makes them look cooler. And that gives him the sixth spot in our list.

5. Ikuto “Ikkun” Sarashina (the right of the three at the back)

The third member of the Three Idiots, Ikkun gets a higher spot on the list because he is more conventionally attractive than his two friends. A little thinner, a little smaller, and with blue hair styled with longer bangs, he looks more like a traditional shoujo bishounen than his friends.

There’s also the fact that while he was also a delinquent, he was less antagonistic than Shiroyan and Kurotatsu, which made him immediately more likeable. And then, as the series progressed, we found out that he was not only really cute, he also had some adorable traits; like the fact that he liked romance games and was a pretty talented manga artist. All that makes him a very good candidate for the fifth place in our list of cute guys.

4. Soutarou Kanou (the right)

Yet another serious cute guy with glasses, Soutarou started the series unconvinced that Misaki could be a good School representative. Unlike the Three Idiots, his problem came from his father teaching him that girls were fragile and thus one had to stay away from them to avoid damaging them. This had the unfortunate result that at first, he was completely convinced that women had to stay away from men and it led him to antagonize Misaki.

However, once he learned that women were as tough as men (and in Misaki’s case, tougher) he became a nicer person. Given his previous attitude toward women, he is now very shy talking to them, which makes him even more adorable for many around him. This gives him extra points and thus, wins him place number 4 in our list.

3. Kuuga Sakurai

Kuuga is the lead singer in UxMichi and just because of that, he wins many points in the attractiveness scale over his bandmates. He also happens to be a bit shorter, have short spiky blonde hair and brown eyes, which are usually behind his glasses. To top this off, he also wears glasses. So he sings, he’s famous, and he wears glasses. That makes him one of the most popular guys in the story.

However, he loses points since he is not the most agreeable person to be around. Towards his fans, he shows a gentle, caring nature, but in reality he is very conceited, arrogant and rude. This, of course, makes him less attractive to most people who get to know him behind his public façade, and is the main reason he never got a chance with Misaki.

He has the looks, the talent, and he is willing to change his ways, which makes him number three in our bishounen list.

2. Tora Igarashi (the third from the left)

Yet another tall, blonde student that manages to get in our list. But what puts Tora far beyond the others is that he knows how to charm everyone around him. He has wealth, education, and a whole school that follows his instructions. He’s very self confident, and of course, that adds to his attractiveness. Unfortunately, he’s not really kind and he acts like he owns not just his school, but also the whole world. So while there’s something to be said about being confident enough to become the leader of your whole school, the fact that he doesn’t care much for his friends make him lose some points.

However, since Tora is the most visible antagonist of the series, that means he’s an honest villain. And villians are very charming on their own. The fact that his only sincere smile is his evil smile can be disconcerting, but it adds to his attractiveness because he is delighted when things go his way. So all that sums up why he gets the second place in our list.

1. Takumi Usui

At first, Takumi seems like a very arrogant guy. It doesn’t help that he is the most popular at Seika High, to the point that there’s a contest to see who wins his heart in the school and girls fall in love with him at first sight. However, he is not that bad, and most of his apparent arrogance comes from the fact that he likes to keep people at arm’s length due to his own family history. While Misaki starts really hating him, the truth is that he goes out of his way to help her, both in school and to keep her job at the Maid-café a secret.

Blonde, tall and green eyed, Takumi is every bit the bishounen. He’s not only conventionally attractive, he also has a lot of self confidence despite being the black sheep of his family from the moment he was born, and that adds to his looks. And to top it all, he is a great person, who hasn’t become jaded or conceited due to his looks. All of that is what makes him the perfect guy for Misaki, and the most handsome guy in Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!, winner of the first place in our list.

Final Thoughts

As we said at the beginning, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, we as a society tend to agree about what makes a person more attractive than another, and this is where comparisons and our list come from. Because after all, any story is more enjoyable if it has cute boys and girls in it.

But let’s be honest, everyone has a type, and everyone has a preference. Our list is made around our preferences, and that means we want to hear about yours. Do you agree with our list? Or do you have your own personal favorites within Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!? Because if you do, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

by Adalisa Zarate