Top 10 Car Chases in Anime

The thrill of the chase gets many people filled with adrenaline, and car chases are no exception. We love car chases because they’re filled with exciting action which is constantly in motion! There are some very famous car chases out there in real life movies, but what about anime? We’ve scoured our resources to come up with some of the very best car chases in anime, and they’re a sight to behold! From the weird to the more “realistic”, anime has a ton of car chase scenes, but a few stand-out ones.

Some of the scenes are from anime that aren’t particularly well-known, and some are notorious; but all the scenes are well done and deserve a watch! Some cars are faster than others, and some may have motorcycles and other vehicles; but these scenes are still generally referred to as a “Car Chase”, so there’s no holding back on this list. Buckle up and grab onto something, we’re about to speed up!

10. Alice to Zouroku (Alice & Zoroku) - Episode 1

  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: Apr. 2017 – Jun. 2017

Alice to Zouroku focuses on a little girl named “Sana” who escapes a research facility; reminiscent of “Stranger Things”. When Sana meets the old man Zouroku, she chooses him to be a suitable guardian, much to Zouroku’s dismay at the time. Later, Sana reappears in Zouroku’s car only to be pursued by two girls trying to recapture her who seem to have magical powers; they start the chase by dropping a wrecking ball, and the car eventually crashes in the middle of a populated area.

Zouroku isn’t all too happy about having his car wrecked and all three girls get a lecture after the chase as a result, and are taken to the local police department; from which they immediately escape. The investigators find that there seems to be no damage when they go back to the scene of the chase, and Zouroku’s car (which was impounded) is miraculously repaired without a scratch. Eventually, the Police must let the rest of the people involved go due to lack of evidence.

9. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Battle in Egypt - Episode 21

  • Episodes: 24
  • Air Date: Apr. 2014 to Sep. 2014

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” is as its name suggests, bizarre, but has a notable car chase scene in episode 21 when Dio steals a car from “Senator Wilson Phillips”, and makes Wilson drive the car upon threat of death. “Dio Brando” once used a mask which turned him into a vampire, and is the main antagonist in the “Battle in Egypt” season. Jotaro Kujo (a “JoJo”) tries to tack down Dio by traveling to Egypt; Dio is responsible for his mother’s condition.

The chase scene includes the use of something called a “Stand”, a manifestation of the user’s fighting spirit. These creatures tear up the car, while Dio seems unaffected. Eventually Dio gets out of the car and walks to his target at the end of the episode, while the heroes he’s after escape a battered vehicle. Car chases don’t get much more bizarre than this one, but it’s also bizarrely cool!

8. Cowboy Bebop - Episode 17

  • Episodes: 26
  • Air Date: Apr. 1998 -Jun. 1999

There’s nothing wrong with a few good throwbacks! Spike and the gang are starving (literally), and Ed comes across some mushrooms! Unfortunately, Ed steals them from a known drug lord, and the crew start to have major hallucinations. Ed eventually figures she will search for the bad guy, and finds him; and so do the other bounty hunters tracking him. This all leads to a crazy scene with a couple of cars chasing a train!

The drug lord guy ends up on top of the train while Ed and the other two people in pursuit of the drug lord mushroom guy, hop out of their cars and onto the moving train. Thankfully, Ed is sort of a crazy genius, and ends up on top of the bad guy, while the other two hunters get tossed off the train. Ed ends up with the mushrooms, and takes them back to the Bebop thinking they can sell them for real money. After Spike and the rest of the crew get their sanity back from the bad mushrooms, a cop shows up to inspect the new mushrooms Ed has, and finds out that those ones are just shiitake mushrooms; at least they get to eat something!

7. Hunter X Hunter - Episode 141

  • Episodes: 148
  • Vir Date: Oct. 2011 – Sep. 2014

Hunter X Hunter is a long series, and if you’ve managed to make it to episode 141 you’ll find a rather interesting car chase scene involving cars driving up the side of a road onto a mountain side, and then promptly off the mountain side, as the cars careen down a cliff. “Hunter x Hunter” is about hunters who capture criminals and do other various dangerous tasks for a living. Gon is a kid with a missing father, and upon befriending Kite in the series, Gon takes up the challenge of becoming a hunter and they search for his father Ging.

The scene starts with Killua Zoldyck and his limo driver Amane avoiding all kinds of havoc on the road as their Mercedes is pursued on the highway by people trying to kill them. As car chases go, this one is bonkers and defies the laws of physics; which is fine, after all, that’s the advantage of living as an anime character! The scene includes exploding semi-trucks, a bunch of steel I-beams, and the ability to drive on vertical surfaces.

6. Black Lagoon - Episode 9

  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: Apr. 2006 – Jun. 2006

Revy and the gang are hired to transport something, this something turns out to be a boy by the name of Fernando Garcia Lovelace. Trying hard not to think about why they’re “transporting” a kidnapped kid, the group does their best to find the people to give the kid to so they can take their money and leave. Fernando tells Rock and the others about his maid, and how he misses home. It turns out his maid (Roberta) was looking for him, and it also turns out she was some sort of super-badass mercenary in the past.

Roberta tracks down the boy to bring him back home killing many bad people, and mentally scarring Fernando in the process; she then turns her attention to lagoon company and hunts them down in a car chase reminiscent of the second Terminator movie. This is another car chase where a Mercedes gets beat up badly, poor Mercedes! It’s a shame the scene wasn’t longer.

5. Redline - Opening Race

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Vir Date: Aug. 14, 2009

Redline is about the deadliest race in the world, and there are many that gather for the tournaments! It’s a tournament where anything goes, even missile launchers attached to cars! This would be higher up on this list if it was based on realistic cars instead of fantasy cars, but the opening race is still a sight to behold; explosions from missiles, various weapons, and high rollers taking bets on who will pass the finish line. It’s absolutely nuts!

Imagine Star Wars pod racers, with crazy fast cars instead of pods, and you have an idea what sort of race this is! JP uses a rocket boost to propel himself to the front of the racing pack, as the rest of the racers make attempts at his life. The whole movie sports some of the best animation from that anime period; so, if you haven’t seen this, what are you waiting for?

4. Initial D Fifth Stage - Shinigami Race (Episodes 8 & 9)

  • Episodes: 14
  • Air Date: Nov. 2012 – May 2013

Takumi Fujiwara (son of Bunta Fujiwara), works part time at a gas station on most days; sometimes, though, he’s known to be a ferocious street racer. Eventually, Takumi joins the D project, a project aimed at breaking racing records all over Japan! In this scene, Rin Hojo (known as the Shinigami Racer), races against Ryosuke Takahashi due to a long-standing feud between the two involving a girl (Kaori) who killed herself because of Rin’s verbal abuse.

The scene is intense, and emotions run high as they race at full speed down a mountain pass! Rin bumps and smacks into Ryosuke, and basically tries to kill him; it becomes clear this is no normal street race, and they don’t care about anything but beating each other. Near the end of the race Ryosuke has the aid of a friend’s car to slow down, so the two can get out of their cars and talk it out instead of killing each other.

3. Jormungand - Episode 1

  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: Apr. 2012 – Jun. 2012

Jormungand is about a bunch of arms dealers trying to save the world; a strange concept for sure! Koko and her crew of retired special ops people take the guise of an international shipping company who deliver weapons to various military groups, while being consistently tailed by the CIA and police. The Voskhod 6 are a sort of special police force under the Ministry of Home Affairs, and they take interest in chasing down the group.

Koko’s crew ends up shooting machine guns, tossing grenades, and killing many Voskhod 6 people while driving all over the road (which doesn’t sound like saving the world). The chase scene starts during the day, transitions into night, and the Voskhod 6 end up trying to take down a cargo plane, but Koko’s crew eventually boards the plane, and escapes from the Voskhod 6.

2. Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Border: 2 Ghost Whispers - Motoko vs. Batou

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Vir Date: Nov. 30, 2013

Before the version of “Section 9” was formed with Motoko in it, she was suspected by Batou for a bombing she didn’t perpetrate. Motoko is hunting down evidence by herself after being freed from her duties from the 501, and ends up on her motorcycle after coming across some information. Batou tails Motoko on the freeway trying to sneak up on her, but Motoko notices she’s being tailed and one of the very best chase scenes in anime follows as a result.

The doors to Batou’s van open and immediately Motoko takes down a guy with a bullet; she then proceeds into oncoming traffic (a sequence like the second Matrix movie), and sneaks up behind them only to drive right into the open door of the van and out the other end as bullets are exchanged between Motoko and Batou; Motoko takes out Batou’s van and escapes.

1. Gunsmith Cats - Episode 2

  • Episodes: 3
  • Air Date: Nov. 1995 – Sep, 1995

Gunsmith Cats is an old anime, but sometimes you’ll find golden scenes that can’t be ignored in older shows; this is the number 1 car chase scene in anime. Some of us would like to know what the deal is with Mitsubishi’s involvement with car chases in anime; maybe artists just like watching them go boom? The Gunsmith Cats are comprised of May Hopkins and Rally Vincent; owners of a gun shop, and are mercenaries for hire. The ATF hires them to help take down a criminal ring of traffickers.

Rally Vincent is out to save her partner (May Hopkins) after being kidnapped by a desperate female Russian drug lord named Natasha Radinov who kidnaps May in her Mitsubishi. Desperate to save her partner, Rally immediately takes the car in front of her to save her friend, which happens to be the GT500 her other friend was driving at the time. Rally puts the pedal to the metal, and speeds down the freeway!

Rally catches up with Natasha and honks to let May know she’s there. May smiles and proceeds to plant explosives in her kidnapper’s car as Rally and Natasha exchange gunfire. Rally eventually shoots Natasha’s earring off her earlobe, which sets Natasha off into a series of enraged mistakes! May finishes planting the explosives, pops open the back windshield of the car, and jumps into the bullet-ridden GT500 with Rally. May then proceeds to detonate the explosives in her kidnapper’s car, as it launches into the air, and into the water below the drawbridge.

Final Thoughts

Even though it’s animated, we can feel the wind on our faces just watching some of these fast car chases! You can really feel the adrenaline pumping in some of these scenes! Some of us would love to drive fast too, but there are laws against that kind of thing, and we like it when our bodies have all their parts! Whatever you do, don’t try to recreate these scenes (unless you’re a movie director or something), driving fast like this in real life is extremely dangerous.

With that said, this has been one awesome ride, but sadly it must come to an end. What is your favorite car/road chase in anime? Feel free to comment below!

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