Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

When it comes to Reverse Harem anime, Brothers Conflict is one of the first anime being named. And for a good reason! Not only does it have cute guys galore, it also progresses at a nice pace, has a decent storyline and is overall simply charming. But who is the most charming character out of all of them?

That's right, today's Top 10 list revolves all around the main cast of Brothers Conflict. This hit show might already be three years old, but that doesn't mean that its characters don't deserve a quick shout-out on our website. We've based our selections on our personal impressions, so feel free to disagree and leave a comment down below, telling us who you think the most charming character of Brothers Conflict is.

What are we waiting for? It's time for our Top 10!

10. Hikaru Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

First up on our list is a brother who might actually rather be a sister: Hikaru Asahina.

The fourth son of the Asahina household immediately stands out with his long, curly hair and cute red dress. You’ve read correctly, Hikaru is a cross-dresser and thus likes to look and act rather feminine. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t as charming as his brothers, but simply that he convinced us with a different kind of charm.

Hikaru is the only brother who doesn’t seem to have any romantic feelings for Chii. It might be due to his cross-dressing personality or his high age, but he only views her as a little sister. As a result, Hikaru loves Chii genuinely without trying to win over her heart. Hikaru is like a rare rose in a field of flowers and that is why we reserved the opening spot on our list for him.

9. Azusa Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

From the fourth son we are moving on to the sixth son of the Asahina family with Azusa.

He is part of the triplet team formed by him, Tsubaki and Natsume, but his personality seems to differ greatly from his brothers’. The tall guy is always calm and reserved and likes to hide his face behind long bangs and glasses. However, Azusa is a caring and loving character and it doesn’t take him long to fall in love with Chii as well.

Azusa is simply too adorable not to include on this list. While he might seem evasive and distanced at first, he is actually just being shy. Even though he is many years older than Chii, he blushes around her like a little school girl. The mixture of innocent personality and cold appearance makes Azusa special in our eyes and more than just a little bit charming.

8. Fuuto Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

If you thought Azusa was cute, then wait until you hear about the next character on our list: Fuuto Asahina.

Fuuto is the twelfth son of the Asahina clan and thus around the same age as Chii. His appearance is simply adorable, with his kind face, messy hair and rather unique sense of fashion. But don’t be fooled by his looks, since the young idol has a rather nasty and arrogant personality to hide.

Fuuto is actually one of the less likable characters at the beginning of Brothers Conflict. So why did we include him on this list? Unlike some of his brothers who seem to be sure of their feelings towards Chii from the very start, Fuuto has to come to terms with his own emotions. He might act arrogant and as if he doesn’t care about anyone else, but deep down he is lonely and wishes nothing more than to form a bond with his siblings and maybe even win over Chii’s heart. Fuuto’s troubled personality earned him the eighth spot on our list.

7. Louis Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

Next up on our list is Louis, the adopted eighth son of the Asahina family.

Similar to Hikaru, Louis has a soft and feminine appearance. You can usually see him with a calm look on his face and dressed in a baby-blue polka dot shirt, while his light hair is barely held together in a ponytail. Louis works as a hairdresser and has gotten the chance to style Chii several times.

Even if you don’t know anything about Louis, it’s easy to call him charming just by looking at him. He also resembles Hikaru in the sense that he genuinely cares about Chii as a little sister, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her. Unlike his siblings, though, he is concerned about her and together with Chii’s pet squirrel Juli he promises to protect her from his love-struck brothers. What a great big brother he makes!

6. Tsubaki Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

After Azusa, it’s time to introduce you to another member of the triplet brothers: Tsubaki Asahina.

Even though they are triplets, Tsubaki’s appearance and personality differs greatly from Azusa’s (and Natsume’s as well). He has something of a punk-rock vibe going for him which is enhanced by his white and spiky hair. As you might have expected from a guy wearing a pink cardigan, Tsubaki has a childlike and laid-back personality and seems to be the most immature guy out of the triplets.

Tsubaki is rather quick to fall in love with Chii and cannot wait to win her over. He is open in his pursuit and isn’t afraid to tell her about his feelings. While he acts like a hopeless romantic in his private life, Tsubaki becomes very serious when it comes to his work as a voice actor. His multi-layered personality is only one of the reasons why we think he’s charming. Most importantly, Tsubaki’s pursuit of Chii made our hearts beat faster and that’s why we had to include him on today’s list.

5. Subaru Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

After a hopeless romantic, we’re moving on to a guy who might need a little bit of help in the art of love: Subaru Asahina.

Subaru is the ninth son of the household and thus only a couple of years older than Chii. While he might be a good-looking athlete, Subaru is anything other than experienced when it comes to women. In fact, it takes him a while to even notice Chii and accept her as a new part of his life. Soon after, things accelerate and Subaru too falls in love with his new stepsister.

Watching Subaru interact with Chii is simply too adorable. Since he spends most of his private time on the basketball court, he does not know how to interact with a crush and keeps on blushing and stuttering in front of Chii. But Subaru’s heart is at the right place and turns his sad flirting attempts into a charming point. And let’s be honest, how could we not find him charming after his promise that he would become “a good man” in order to be worthy of Chii? Subaru easily earned the fifth spot on this list.

4. Yusuke Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

After a cross-dresser, a hair stylist, and an athlete it’s time to throw a young delinquent into the mix with Yusuke Asahina.

Everything about Yusuke’s looks screams “don’t get too close to me”: the spiky red hair, the chain around his waist and even the mean look on his face. You might think that Yusuke would be immune to Chii’s charm, but quite the opposite is the case: Yusuke is Chii’s classmate and has been in love with her for a very long time. How will he come to terms with the fact that his long-time crush is now his stepsister?

Yusuke might try to act tough, but all of his emotions are written clearly on his face. He gets jealous whenever his brothers make a move on Chii and starts smiling whenever he gets to spend time with her alone. Just like Subaru, he tries to impress Chii and is committed to becoming the perfect boyfriend for her. He even goes as far as putting more energy into his studies in order to impress her. His efforts don’t go unnoticed and make Yusuke number four on our list.

3. Wataru Asahina

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

We've reached our Top 3 characters and who would be a better character to start with than Wataru, the youngest member of the Asahani brothers?

Looking at his pastel pink hair and big smile it's hard not to fall in love with Wataru. His cute outfit and playful nature reveal his young age and he often acts like a child. However, this doesn't mean that Wataru wouldn't show any interest in Chii. The young boy is excited to finally have a sister and even promises to become more to her once he finally grows up.

Wataru is one of the few brothers who don't show a strong romantic interest in Chii. This makes sense, considering that he is only ten years old, but that doesn't mean that Wataru doesn't love Chii in his own way. From the very first time he met her, the young boy didn't want to leave her side and welcomed her in their family with open arms. Wataru might not be a romantic interest of Chii, but his love for her is the purest out of all of the brothers and that's why we reserved the third spot on this list for him.

2. Juli

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

You didn't think we'd talk about charming characters in Brothers Conflict without including Chii's fluffy sidekick, did you?

Juli is Chii's best friend and loyal companion. The adorable squirrel is never far away from her side and at times seems to be more than just a little bit protective of her. Her family aside, Chii might be the most important person (or rather animal) in Chii's life. Whenever Chii is feeling down, you can be sure that Juli will listen to her problems and support her any way he can.

It's not hard to see what makes Juli such a charming character in our eyes. Just picture a fluffy squirrel, roughly the size of your hand, wearing a pink tie with polka dots while at the same time attacking any person who might harm Chii. What's more charming than a big-mouthed bodyguard with a fluffy tail? But it's not only his appearance that makes Juli charming, it's also his big heart and savior complex that impress us. Juli might only be a pet, but he is a true friend and that is why we had to put him on the second spot on this list.

1. Chii/Ema Hinata

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters

Last but not least, the final person we want to introduce on this list is - you've guessed it - Brothers Conflict's heroine Chii (or Ema as she is called in the English version).

Chii grew up rather lonely, without siblings and with a single parent who's away most of the time. She is not the kind of person to complain though and accepts her tough fate with a smile on her face. Lucky for her, her dad decided to remarry and all of a sudden Chii finds herself surrounded by thirteen new brothers. Chii's quiet days are definitely over and a new adventure awaits her.

You might say at this point that the character of Chii was the least original or rather unique one out of the main cast. Fair enough, the producers might have spent more time on the personalities of the male cast while leaving Chii like a blank canvas, but that is the point of Brothers Conflict; any female viewer is able to project herself into the role of Chii and imagine what it's like being courted by thirteen gorgeous men. One thing is sure though, Chii is a charming girl who would never harm anyone and is only interested in the well-being of the people around her. As the kind heroine of Brothers Conflict she has made her way into our hearts and on the top spot of our list.

Final Thoughts

A show like Brothers Conflict stands and falls with its characters. When the plot is not the main focus and the storyline is driven forward by interactions between the main cast, proper character development becomes essential. Brothers Conflict seems to have understood that and made sure that each character is unique in one way or another. Charming is just one of the character traits we can see in the main cast, and each character is charming in his or her own way.

This being said, what is your opinion on our selection? Do you agree or disagree? Leave us a message in the comment section and let us know!

BROTHERS-CONFLICT-wallpaper-4-700x482 Top 10 Charming Brothers Conflict Characters


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