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It is clear by now that Square Enix has scored several hits with their editorial. Thus we can understand why they would want to publish the work of Yuuji Iwahara. This guy is well known in the manga world by now. His latest work (and the one that we are going to talk about in this article) is Dimension W, published since 2011 and still running. It was recently adapted to an anime by Studio 3Hz, followed by a series of OVAs.

Welcome to the future, where a fourth dimension (the famous Dimension W) is being used as an energy source by the New Tesla Energy Corporation. But of course hackers are everywhere, so there are illegal devices which absorb energy from Dimension W out of the Corporation’s control. Thus, our protagonist (Kyouma Mabuchi), makes a living of hunting down the illegal devices… until he encounters a mysterious android with a special connection to Dimension W and things get complicated. Intrigues and betrayal lurk around the corner, so, our characters have to be clever if they want to survive. But who of them were the most clever? Let’s find out! Just remember we will have the occasional spoilers along the way.

10. Elizabeth Greenhough-Smith

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Meet the Gothic Lolita of Dimension W. This gorgeous blond girl is a collector like Kyouma, which means that Elizabeth also hunts down illegal devices. There is an important thing here, though. Elizabeth is the helper of her father, who is hunting down the devices for the sake of his own agenda (we will see more about this later).

Anyway, Elizabeth’s speciality is the use of drones in the form of flying animals. That is why she helps plan his father’s operations, films him and also buys him time to escape from justice. So, not bad for such an innocent looking lady. Beware of Elizabeth, she has some clever moves hidden behind her whimsical smile!

9. Julian Tyler Smith

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Julian is a masked thief with the hilarious nickname of Loser, as he always fails to steal something. But this is just a front for Julian, who has a tragic past. This brilliant man used to work for New Tesla Corporation as top researcher. At first, the technology to canalize energy from Dimension W was imperfect (like any other technology at first, mind you). Nevertheless, the experiments with the original devices (called Numbers) costed Julian parts of his body and the life of his wife. That’s why he became thirst for revenge.

So, why is Julian clever? Well, this scientist was working with Seameyer and Yurizaki on the Genesis project (more about that later). He later became a foe of the Corporation, so he collects illegal devices. Julian tricks people into believing he is inoffensive but he has his own agenda. Plus, he notices that Albert discovered his intentions. Julian also manages to incorporate special devices into his suit, becoming a dangerous foe.

8. Claire Skyheart

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

This mature blond with purple rays on her hair always looks cool and dresses sophisticatedly. And just look at those blue eyes that are slightly severe but determined! Yet, her voice is gentle and composed. We can see a gift for command there.

Unsurprisingly, Claire is the Chief Operations Officer of New Tesla Corporation’s Central 47. She is the one behind the operations to find illegal devices! As Claire is responsible for several lives and covert missions, we know Claire has to be clever. She doesn’t get a higher post because she is not shown a lot… which is something we would like to explore further in more seasons of Dimension W (please, Studio 3Hz) 🙂

7. Albert Schuman

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Here we have a handsome man with shoulder length-blond hair. Albert occasionally collects his hair in a loose ponytail, which shows off his laid back personality. And that sly smile! But don’t let these details distract you. When business gets serious, Albert can be very efficient and clever.

Not for nothing, Albert works under Claire Skyheart’s supervision. He collects information for New Tesla Corporation and notices Kyouma’s abilities, thus hiring him to recover the illegal coils. Albert also knows that Loser has his own agenda, so he tries to make trouble for Loser. In short, this guy is the best support team a device hunter could wish for! Albert’s abilities to recover the coils truly make of him a relaxed but clever fellow.

6. Mira Yurizaki

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Let’s give way to the one and only android in Dimension W: Mira! This cute girl with curious green hair and a tail is called an android because she considers herself a human. Apparently, the Yurizaki’s research granted Mira a fully functional brain. Therefore, Mira developed a personality on her own accord. Plus, she was considered a daughter of the Yurizaki’s, thus she adopted their name.

But wait, there is more to this cutey than just looks! She can carry heavy weights, endure great damage, and is extremely agile. Mira also can overrun computer systems, connect herself to the coils, and detect anomalies in the dimensions. Mira was not very combat savvy at the beginning, but she started learning self defense. This is proof that Mira can learn new tricks! Talk about having a talking and walking super personal computer. That is what we would call clever!

5. Koorogi

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Meet Koorogi, head technician of the Recovery House. This is the secret headquarters for the group of device hunters, which poses as an ordinary cafe. Anyway, Koorogi is a dark skinned guy with a peculiar smile and demeanor who wears a curious helmet on the shape of a cricket. His name means cricket, so… we can see his extravagant personality on this prop.

But then, why is Koorogi clever? Well, he is a genius who had to repair the android Mira once. Mira is not your regular android, so we can see that Koorogi is something here. Plus, he even improved Mira by adding skin folds to conceal her power source! Koorogi also can hack other androids, helping out with hunting devices with his powerful brain. We can only wish to see more of this character too, because Koorogi makes us curious about how things work out.

4. Haruka Seameyer

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

This guy looks simply creepy, doesn’t he? Haruka can be considered the main villain in Dimension W, but he has an interesting back story that is quite typical among mad scientists. Haruka was a passionate researcher pursuing an ambitious discovery (named Genesis) within New Tesla Corporation. Unfortunately, the bosses decided to suppress his research and Haruka went mad. He became rebellious towards his former patrons, pursuing his research through illegal means and inciting other brilliant scientists to join his cause.

So, why do we say Haruka is clever? At first, he was Shido Yurizaki’s student. That alone has to count for something. Secondly, Haruka rebelled against New Tesla Corporation and was doing well underground for a while. And thirdly, he advanced his knowledge so much that he became a true threat to the world. That is why Kyouma was sent after Haruka. Which takes us to the next character...

3. Kyouma Mabuchi

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

So, here we have the protagonist of Dimension W: Kyouma Mabuchi. This tall guy with a beard is a full man with certain eccentricities. Our protagonist loves old things and does not mind paying a lot for gasoline in a world where limitless energy is possible in other ways. Yet, he has his reasons for pinning for this particular style. Kyouma’s girlfriend, Miyabi, apparently died during a failed experiment with the devices. That is part of the reason why he decides to become a hunter, in order to get rid of unnecessarily dangerous technology.

And a damn good hunter Kyouma is! Kyouma has survived battle after battle, using his favorite weapons (Skewers, similar to knives), his finely attuned survival instinct, and his combat cleverness to hunt down coils. Nevertheless, perhaps Kyouma’s most clever skill is his ability to embrace change. He ends up realizing Mira’s value, despite of being part of the modern technology. Kyouma is truly a complex character who realizes not everything is what it seems… which is a very clever thing to do 🙂

2. Seira Yurizaki

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Seira was the wife of Shido Yurizaki. If the doctor is a genius, this black haired woman could not be behind him. Seira was a badass at prosthetics and robotics, a career that lead her to become the creator of the androids. But let’s explain a little bit more about that…

Seira tried to intervene to save Miyabi’s life, creating a prosthetic body for her. Although the operation failed and Seira was injured, she generated enough research from the incident to create Mira. And yeap, thus she became the inventor of androids! Unfortunately, it was precisely this research which costed Seira her life. Seira was clever, but she could not survive till the end (snif). That is why the number one goes to...

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

1. Shido Yurizaki

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Here we have the man himself, Shido Yurizaki. Shido looks respectable, solid and a little worn out, as any star scientist in good health should. We can expect cleverness from a regular scientist, but in Shido’s case, he was called “the physicist of the century”. This guy created the devices called coils, which absorb the energy from Dimension W. Thus, a new era was born. Shido also founded the New Tesla Corporation, creating and leading an energy empire. That’s such a cool and clever way to rule the world!... But does his genius stop there? Not at all!

After his wife and daughter died, Shido went into hiding. He conducted more research on the coils while Mira acted as his “eyes and ears” in the outside world. The truth is that, understanding that the coils were going to be misused for military purposes, Shido decided to destroy and/or imperfect as much of them as he could. And that’s exactly what he did with his new invention, the Double Coil. At present, Shido’s whereabouts are unknown. Did he die in the Double Coil explosion? Or is he still cleverly fighting against the misuse of technology? We wish we would know ><

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters

Final thoughts

If the characters of Dimension W can teach us something, it is that technology has both its black and white sides. Through their interactions, we realize how the power hold by corporations, government or both should never be absolute, as it becomes a hassle towards the ordinary people who only want to have happy lives. On the hands of only few, any “good” technology can become dangerous, and that’s when we have to choose if we use it and how. So, that choice has to be clever.

Which character of Dimension W did the cleverest choice according to you, guys? We will love to read all your comments and opinions on this space. And who agrees that we should have more episodes of Dimension W? In the meantime, see you soon!

Dimension-W-wallpaper-20160818034423-608x500 Top 10 Clever Dimension W Characters


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