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Welcome, my dear otakus, to the realm of Hell. Although the concept of Hell is different for Asians, that hasn’t stopped manga artists from imagining this place again and again, giving new life to Japanese folk legends at the same time. Hozuki’s Coolheadedness is the creation of Natsumi Eguchi. The adventures of the demon-ogre (oni in Japanese) Hozuki have visited the anime screens in 2014 and in 2017. Surrounded by friends and foes, our protagonist will live his adventures in Hell in good company. Let’s remember some of the coolest characters in Hozuki’s Coolheadedness!

10. Satan

To start this Top Ten in all Hell style, let’s introduce the king of western Hell. Yes, as expected, Satan has horns in his head, long nails and a menacing look. But hey, we don’t see someone as powerful and evil as Satan in trouble everyday. That is the twist we see in Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, when he visits Enma Daio. It turns out that poor Satan suffers a cultural shock. From the present interchange at the beginning of his visit, through goldfish plants and the colorful life at Hell, the visitor is loaded with the differences. Worst of all is how cool Hozuki treats Enma Daio.

So, why do we say Satan is cool? Well, besides having that outstanding appearance, it is because under his innocent facade of visitor, he is planning to conquer the eastern Hell. Unfortunately, Hozuki is way too cool for him, so he is easily defeated… Now, we imagine you understand why Satan is so low in the ranking, right? :p

9. Lilith

Let’s continue with another western character in Hozuki’s Coolheadedness. You have heard her name several times, haven’t you? She is probably the most famous female demon in the world: Lilith, or Lady Lilith to you.

With her short blond hair and unforgettable red eyes, Lilith always dresses up in style (in black, but in style nonetheless). Although she is married to Beelzebub, she keeps her cool and flirts with handsome guys… including Hozuki himself! Then Lilith also goes after Hakutaku, creating more than one problem. Never mind, demons do know how to enjoy life, especially if that demon is Lilith.

8. Shiro

This year is the eastern year of the dog, so this place of our Top Ten Cool Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Characters is dedicated to one of the funniest dog characters we have seen: Shiro! Yes, this fluffy and white dog with a thick red and white cord around him. Among those who feel animadversion towards our protagonist Hozuki, we find the warrior Momotaro. He has three pets, and one of them is Shiro.

With his high-pitched voice and innocent personality, Shiro steals the show from time to time. And how he loves to sing! During Hell’s bon festival, he enjoys everything with the other Momotaro pets just like as if he was a small kid. And how about when Shiro interacts with his tiny nieces and nephews? Isn’t he adorable?

7. Oko

Another lady we meet in our tours around Hell is Oko. And by “lady”, we mean lady demon, with horns and all. However, her personality couldn’t be more different from Lilith’s. See, Oko is super friendly towards everyone she meets. Many have romantic intentions towards her, but cool Oko is not interested in love, thank you very much.

Oko is Hozuki’s childhood friend. That is why we sometimes see her accompanying him in his adventures. However, it is more clear why they are friends when she uses her sharp tongue (without leaving sweetness behind, of course) to be painful but direct in her comments. Hum, so that is why her obi has two pink snakes…

6. Peach Maki

Throughout Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, we can see that Hell is not so different from our normal world. That means that there is an entertainment industry there. And who fulfills the role of being the star? None other than Peach Maki, a cute lolita-like oni with brown, short hair.

We meet Peach Maki in episode 6 of the first season. She has her plate full with Koban, a journalist who is always seeking gossip. Peach Maki runs into Hozuki and things get, well… cool :p Unfortunately, Koban will keep pursuing these two in another episode, so our characters will have to use their abilities to get rid of him.

5. Hakutaku

If Momotaro is an occasional rival for Hozuki, Hakutaku is his maximum nemesis. This handsome man doesn’t look like a Celestial Beast, right? And still, he is an expert in traditional medicine. Hakutaku teaches Momotaro and even rabbits about these skills. Isn’t that cool?

Despite that, Hakutaku is handsome, intelligent, charming and popular with women (quite similar to Hozuki), these two are at odds with each other. Their story together dates back a long time ago, when the two were referees at the Japanese-Chinese Good Will Games. They had an unsettled bet, but that is not the only reason why they fight. Hozuki has played pranks on Hakutaku before, and they tend to irritate each other when they meet. Meh, they should admit they are friendly rivals, as they are so cool together.

4. Nasubi

Hell is also a fitting place for eccentric oni in Hozuki’s Coolheadedness. That is why one of Hozuki’s most important helpers is Nasubi. This white haired chubby demon is an award winning artist who gets inspiration from Katsushika Hokusai. However, Nasubi chose to work for Hozuki to provide a stable income for his family.

We should applaud Nasubi for being responsible. Unfortunately, he is quite unfocused in his job… although he sometimes does things right, like when he finds the crab in episode 2. He also finds opportunities to use his artistic talent too, like when painting the mural in episode 8. All in all, life is more creative and fun with Nasubi around, and that makes him cool.

3. Karauri

The distracted Nasubi needs a balance in his life, so that is why he pairs up with Karauri. This oni looks like a kid, but don’t let his size fool you. Karauri is a level-headed young man who knows what he wants. That is, to follow up Hozuki and eventually find a permanent job in Hell.

Hozuki should really be grateful that he has a 100% reliable minion. Besides being his admiror, Karauri gets in charge of minor jobs such as cleaning and ordering tools. He also fancies Oko so much that it is thought that the real reason why he wants to work in Hell is to be by her side. For sticking to his objective, being focused and at the same time charming, Karauri is one of the coolest characters in Hozuki’s Coolheadedness.

2. Enma Daio

It is time that we remember one of the show’s most regular characters, because well, someone has to rule in Hell, right? Tradition states that Enma Daio is frightening, as just the view of him will give you an idea of what expects you in Hell. However, this is Hozuki’s world, so the king looks adorable! Enma Daio’s smile rarely fades away.

This character’s personality matches his face perfectly. Enma Daio is so kind hearted that respect for him among his subjects doesn’t abound. Hozuki himself is more ruthless, treating the king with harshness. However, Enma Daio has proved to be a helpful source of information, knowing a lot of stories. He also really cares for all creatures big and small, as shown when he recommended an ideal wedding present to Shiro. Therefore, his coolness is the type of warm cool.

1. Hozuki

Enma Daio might be the King of Hell, but the power behind the throne definitely is Hozuki! This slender Oni has class, as it can be appreciated in his neat appearance. The choice of black and red clothing also helps. Many women note throughout the show that Hozuki is handsome.

However, looks alone ca not get one through Hell. Hozuki has a heavy Oni club that he can hold thanks to his superhuman strength. He is also manipulative, as in one episode, he admits that he enjoys being Enma Daio’s right hand because in that way, he is the master of Hell. This also translates in a lot of work, from solving mysteries to decide the right punishment for the souls that arrive to the realm. Nevertheless, with his coolness, Hozuki can get through everything!

Final Thoughts

Japanese folklore shines throughout Hozuki’s Coolheadedness with a new twist. The stories are short and funny, but between lines, we can read some aspects of the culture. For example, we see how there is a social hierarchy and how superiors treat their inferiors. There is also room for a lot of laughs! After all, the characters of this show behave like humans. Nobody would like to spend an eternity in Hell, but Hozuki and his companions make the experience almost bearable, don’t you think the same? Which of the characters is your favorite? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

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