Top 10 Coolest Characters in Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

Hype is a powerful drug. Reuniting key staff members responsible for the thoroughly entertaining Tiger & Bunny series, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill arrives with high expectations and big shoes to fill. Recognized for stellar animation and impressive production value, Sunrise is definitely the correct studio to bring to life this quirky action-comedy.

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill is weird. Set in the fictional Lisvaletta, the "Seven-O" strive to safeguard the city's honest residents from a notorious street drug that turns consumers into hulking monstrosities. Aided by a narrator with a quirky sense of humor and boasting stylish visuals, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill ranks as one of the most offbeat and fashionable anime of Fall 2018. These ten characters embody the anime's cool factor!

-- Spoilers Ahead! --

10. Yuri Fujishiro

Juxtapositioning splendidly with her rash partner, Yuri Fujishiro epitomizes an officer's most desirable characteristics. Permanently confident and poised, Yuri seldom reacts in the face of danger, making her an excellent candidate to deal with any high-risk situations. The officer shows so little emotion, she almost comes across as a robot!

In fact, Yuri is an android, although an advanced enough model capable of convincingly passing as human. An excellent physical specimen and instilled with a literal computer in her head, Yuri is essentially the perfect detective. While her icy demeanor makes for quite a cool character, the android's personality does not facilitate any real intensity. Coupled with the cynical Maxine, Yuri has a stabilizing influence on her partner.

With the exception of Kirill, everyone in the department knows Yuri is an android. Despite the character's artificial inception, she is treated as one of the gang! That's pretty cool.

9. Milla Vrubel

Lasting a short 13 episodes, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill introduces an expansive cast packed with fascinating but barely explored members. Hopefully, a second season is greenlit that further elaborates on the anime's secondary characters. As it currently stands, Milla Vrubel amounts to little more than a minor distraction, but Kirill's older brother deserves better!

Hailing from another civilization called the "second sun," as children, Milla and Kirill were forced to leave their home as a last ditch effort for survival. Orphaned and with scarcely a cent to their names, the siblings depended on a mysterious old man to look after them. Recognizing the need to maintain a low profile, Milla pretended to be a woman, believing this would attract less attention than two near-identical siblings. Realizing a gender swap may not be sufficient, Milla abandoned Kirill for his own safety.

Milla altered his gender to protect his brother. How can such a selfless act be defined as anything other than cool? Along with shedding light on Kirill's past, Milla's disappearance motivated the protagonist to become an officer. Milla’s real name is Valery, and Kirill might benefit from heeding his sibling’s example.

8. Travis Murphy

Carrying a pipe and dressed like a porn star from the 1970s, Travis Murphy is near impossible to take seriously. Sort of similar to Tiger & Bunny, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill attempts to strike a middle ground between hijinks and genuine drama. Periodically breaking up the flow of an episode to essentially riff at the anime's expense, the narrator clearly believes he is presiding over a comedy. Conversely, the "Anthem" plot is tackled relatively earnestly.

Travis firmly adheres to the belief that Double Decker! Doug & Kirill is a parody of cop procedurals and old-school action shows from the days of Miami Vice and Charlie's Angels. Seven-O's head describes the squad's female inspectors as "Travis' Angels," a nickname addressed with nothing but scorn by the chosen officers.

Travis acts as if he is the coolest person to ever grace an anime, which is part of the joke! Occasionally, Travis is permitted to actually accomplish some proper police work, and the department's leader tends to shine like a somewhat slimy diamond! While a far cooler specimen in his own mind, nevertheless, Travis has his moments.

7. Katherine Rochefort

Basically, Katherine Rochefort is Double Decker! Doug & Kirill's equivalent of Psycho-Pass's Akane Tsunemori. Recently accepted into the task force, she injects a touch of normalcy into proceedings. If compared to any other Seven-O operative, Katherine comes across as a beacon of sanity. In a comedy duo, she would perform the part of the straight man.

Now, in all fairness, Akane is Psycho-Pass' female lead, with the audience primarily experiencing the story through her eyes. Comparatively, Katherine holds a far less significant role in Double Decker! Doug & Kirill. In an action series, ordinary characters help ground their quirkier comrades; however, comedies tend to treat normies rather differently. Considering Doug and Kirill can hardly be classified as average, a relatively "normal" character sticks out like a sore thumb.

Fresh out of the academy and a stickler for rules, Katherine pushes back against the Seven-O's tendency to operate outside the law's limits. Gratefully, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill opts against treating the officer as a comedy foil to the rest of the group's antics. If the need arises, Katherine willingly cuts through the red tape to get the job done!

6. Deana Del Rio

Hilariously partnered up with the strict Katherine, Deana del Rio is a loose cannon. Proficient with a sniper rifle and never shying away from a confrontation, Deana wears her emotions on her sleeve and shows a complete disregard for tact or subtlety. That's not to say the officer lacks intelligence, but Deana's actions tend to be driven by gut feelings and anger rather than strategy.

Draped in pink and fashionably designed, Deana's appearance deserves a reasonable amount of credit for the inspector securing a spot so high on this list. Let's just say she would not seem out of place in Persona 5, and that is saying something!

Along with her impeccable wardrobe, Deana's loud personality allows the character to steal many scenes. Overall, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill devotes a single episode to Seven-O's secondary teams, and Deana made the most of her 15 minutes of fame!

5. Zabel Franken

Without a fitting villain, an awesome protagonist can never truly fulfill their potential. As Double Decker! Doug & Kirill's big bad, Zabel Franken debuts as a death row inmate who was used as a scapegoat by the Esperanza crime syndicate. Seeking to eliminate the group's leader, Doug and Kirill agree to work with Zabel, but the dude ultimately pulls off a Keyser Söze to reveal himself as the true mastermind.

Initially, Zabel comes across as meek and powerless, but that could not be further from the truth! Once the illusion is lifted and the villain exposes his hand, Zabel transforms from a lackey into a suave and intimidating antagonist with a talent for encroaching under Doug's skin. Outfitted in elegant suits and always a couple of steps ahead of the game, Zabel is a villain you cannot help but love to hate!

We are not saying that murderous sociopaths are cool, but THIS murderous sociopath is pretty cool. Blame it on Zabel's beard and wardrobe. The villain boasts enough style to grace the front pages of any trendy fashion magazine.

4. Bamboo Man

Zabel may serve as Esperanza's head, but Bamboo Man is undoubtedly the organization's flashiest representative! A respected and feared member of the crime syndicate, Bamboo Man is impossible to miss regardless of the situation or characters on screen. Typically, he is the one dressed as a clown. Alternatively, the gangster removes his makeup and pretends to be a high-ranking military officer.

Anthem provides users with a substantial physical boost, although this gift charges quite a price. Manifesting a person's innate desires, they are turned into crazy monsters driven solely by impulse. As tends to be the case, Esperanza's members supply but generally avoid consuming the drug themselves. Pressured by the Seven-O's relentless pursuit, many are forced to "sample" the product as a last ditch effort for survival.

Bamboo Man has nothing to fear. Unlike the average gangster, the villain's strength depends not on the administration of an external substance. Consequently, Bamboo Man is a terrifying and unpredictable opponent! While we would hate to cross paths with this character, Bamboo Man lights up the screen whenever he makes an appearance!

3. Kirill Vrubel

Along with Doug Billingham, Kirill Vrubel enjoys the privilege of being Double Decker! Doug & Kirill's main character. A rookie detective aspiring to be an adored hero, Kirill's arrogance regularly draws trouble to himself and others. Generally speaking, Kirill seems principally designed to emphasis Doug's inherent coolness, a task accomplished efficiently by the rookie. Inadvertently the butt of many of the anime's jokes, Kirill is a walking punchline!

Yet, there is just something about Kirill that hits the spot. Despite constantly jumping to ludicrous conclusions and being the subject of recurring hazing by the Seven-O's veteran inspectors, Kirill is undeniably endearing. Even if unfounded, the protagonist's unfaltering self-belief and unrelenting drive for success are admirable. Crucially, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill's rookie possesses just enough self-awareness to avoid grating on a viewer's nerves.

Obtuse and rash, Kirill has a long way to go before actualizing his dream of inspiring a new era of peace. Nevertheless, we are rooting for the constable!

2. Maxine Silverstone

Bestowed with a tomboyish visual design and an aggressive attitude, Maxine Silverstone screams "cool." Judging a book by its cover frequently leads to disappointment, but Double Decker! Doug & Kirill's inspector should not be dismissed as just another pretty face. Without exception, Sunrise's show successfully utilizes a character's appearance as a physical manifestation of their personality. Maxine is not merely the department's resident "cool" biker. The officer's backstory directly inspired Maxine's current persona.

As a teenager, Max preferred the company of books over people, although she developed a crush on her transgender friend Connor. Selecting prom as the latter's coming out party, Max's companion was relentlessly ridiculed by his former classmates, an act that drove Connor to drugs and depression. Ultimately, Connor disappeared and left behind a bitter Max.

Max's appearance pays tribute to her shunned friend. Riding around on a motorcycle and more than capable of holding her own in a fight, Max refuses to hide her disdain for any signs of injustice or intolerance. Outside of the office, Max lets down her defenses and displays a gentler side of her personality.

1. Douglas “Doug” Bilingham

Honestly, who else could it be? Douglas Billingham oozes charisma and sophistication. Even during those rare moments when the detective loses his cool, Doug still comes across as a Hollywood action lead fit to star alongside any iconic actor from the '80s. Whether patiently staking out a hideout or staring down a colossal beast seeking to demolish anything or anyone in its path, Doug accepts any challenge without ever complaining. As the Seven-0's oldest member, Doug tends to carry most of the responsibility; thankfully, those are some mighty sturdy shoulders!

Partnered up with the hotheaded Kirill, Doug is the constable's polar opposite. Both are reasonably talented, but the older detective prefers to exercise a more understated approach. Despite being a master combatant, the veteran inspector usually encourages Kirill to wait for backup. With the exception of cases dealing specifically with Esperanza operatives, Doug avoids taking any unnecessary risks.

In the hands of an expert, anything seems easy. Stoic to a fault, Douglas Billingham is the ideal Kirill aspires to reach! Funny, dangerous, and charismatic; Doug has his name in the title for a reason!

Final Thoughts

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill follows several detectives as they track down a criminal organization responsible for a drug that triggers mutant transformations in its users. Is anyone shocked the cast is packed with memorable and awesome characters? Combining Sunrise's impressive animation and reassembling a portion of Tiger & Bunny's staff, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill is cool enough to turn the Sun into a snowball!

Which Double Decker! Doug & Kirill character is the coolest for you? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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