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After the massive success of the Tamagotchi, Bandai wanted to appeal to boys with their virtual pets. In 1997, a series of digital monsters was released with a minor amount of success. The series really got going two years later in 1999 when both a Digimon anime and the first video game, Digimon World were released. Soon after, Digimon became a cultural phenomenon, releasing new video games, manga, anime, movies, toys, and a card game. Battling with the other major series coming out around the same time, digimon has managed to stand the test of time and has been steadily releasing new games and anime introducing all kinds of new Digimon over the years. The success of Digimon comes from the Digimon and the cool characters that are created for the series.

With almost 20 years of Digimon, there are tons of different Digimon to learn about and enjoy. Today we are going to be taking a look at some of the coolest Digimon around.This list will include the 10 coolest Digimon in the Digimon universe. When looking at the coolest Digimon, we are going to look at the designs of the characters and the personalities of the characters in the different series they appear in.

10. Examon

What better Digimon to start out this list than one with gigantic sentient wings, a humongous lance called Ambrosius, and is commonly referred to as the Dragon Emperor? Examon is a giant red dragon with horns and spikes all over his body. The sentient wings attached to Examon are called Caledfwlch and are made of the rare metal Chrome Digizoid. Caledfwlch will also take other forms such as a shield to protect Examon. With his abilities as a dragon combined with Caledfwlch and Ambrosius, Examon has a variety of attacks and abilities that make him one of the strongest Digimon around. Examon is important in the Digital World due to being both the leader of all Dragon Digimon and also being a member of the guardians of the Digital World, the 13 Royal Knights.

Examon hasn't had many opportunities to shine with only minor appearances in the anime, manga, and video games. Despite his lack of screen time, one look at Examon and it's easy to see just how cool he is. While many Digimon have cool designs, Examon stands alone when it comes to the sheer size and imposing nature of his design. Examon may not be the most popular Digimon around, but his design and place in the Digital World make him on the coolest Digimon.

9. RizeGreymon

Digivolving from a subspecies of Greymon known as GeoGreymon, RizeGreymon takes Greymon's iconic design and it makes it even cooler. RizeGreymon combines the prehistoric look of Greymon with some advanced technology, giving him metal wings and a giant revolver for an arm. With tremendous speed and the powerful revolver that shoots out blasts said to be as strong as a nuclear warhead, RizeGreymon is as powerful as he is cool. With his sleeker and thinner design than most of the Digimon in the Greymon digivolution line, RizeGreymon is one of the coolest Digimon you will find.

RizeGreymon first appeared in the anime in Digimon Savers when GeoGreymon was battling against Garudamon and with the help of his partner Masaru, GeoGreymon was able to digivolve into RizeGreymon. RizeGreymon has also appeared in numerous video games ranging from the DS to the PS4 and the manga. The combining of the prehistoric design with futuristic technology had been done before with MetalGreymon, but RizeGreymon takes it to the next level with the metal chest plates and wings and forgoes the chest rockets for the revolver. RizeGreymon was the perfect design for a classic Digimon who used its new forms to make it more powerful and cooler than the original designs.

8. Stingmon

In terms of the design, Stingmon has the least going on in his design of any Digimon on this list. What makes Stingmon so cool is his simplistic design. The design is not overly complicated and gets off the simple message that Stingmon looks like the fast powerful Digimon he is. Stingmon's appearance takes inspiration from multiple insects and throws in none insect additions like his razor-sharp claws and spike shoulder bands.

Stingmon is one of the more recognizable Digimon to anyone who grew up watching the anime. Stingmon first showed up in the anime in Digimon Adventure 2 where he served as an antagonist for the first part of the season. Although Stingmon seems to be a Digimon with a cool head that is ready to battle at any time, his rookie form Wormmon is a wimp and can never say what's on its mind. One of the major factors that make Stingmon so cool is the drastic change in personality after digivolving. Stingmon's personality is a key factor later on when Stingmon becomes a good guy and pairs up with his former rival Veemon creating a perfect balance between the two. Stingmon may not be the coolest Digimon on appearance alone, but he is definitely one of the coolest in the Digimon Universe as a whole.

7. Leomon

The King of Beasts Leomon was the original cool Digimon. Showing up early in the anime, Leomon proved to be one of the most popular Digimon in the series with various iterations appearing throughout the series. Leomon is always willing to put itself on the line to protect others and often times goes as far as sacrificing his own life to accomplish this. Always fighting on the side of righteousness, Leomon has been called the “Noble Hero” due to his battles against many fiend type Digimon and his rivalry with the evil Ogremon.

With all of his heroic sacrifices and the noble way Lemon carries himself, Leomon wouldn't need anything else to make him one of the coolest Digimon ever, but Leomon has something else that makes him cooler than the average Digimon, and that would be his design. The best way to describe Leomon's design is badass personified. Leomon is a musclebound bipedal lion that carries around a sword and shoots lion shaped energy out of his fists. Leomon wears ripped up jeans and multiple armbands, a style that compliments his ripped body and wild aesthetic. Leomon's rock hard body allows him to absorb almost any attack and his lengthy training regimen has made him quick and powerful. Leomon has the personality to match his design with him having a kind heart but also being one of the toughest fighters around.

6. MachGaogamon

MachGaogamon is the Ultimate level form of the boxing glove wearing dog Gaomon. You don't have to look long to see just how cool MachGaogamon is. The design of MachGaogamon replaces the gloves found in the previous two forms with metal gauntlets and greaves. These additions along with the championship belt slung around its shoulder show off how powerful MachGaogamon has become. MachGaogamon also has two rocket engines attached to his back that let him momentarily get a rocket-propelled boost to quickly hit his enemies.

MachGaogamon has been present in many of the Digimon games and was one of the main Digimon in Digimon Savers. In his first appearance in the anime, MachGaogamon is able to defeat the powerful MetalPhantomon with ease. The sheer power and cool attitude Gaomon has throughout the series are really shown off with this digivolution, as MachGaogamon is a confidentent as ever and is willing to do anything for his partner. Although MachGaogamon is only the penultimate form in the Gaomon digivolution line, The design of MachGaogamon is the best in the line, with the design keeping true to the original Akita Inu dog concept while also adding in components that show off MachGaogamon use of the "Hit and Away" style of attacks in the Digimon video games.

5. Dianamon

Dianamon is a somewhat obscure Digimon due to it never appearing outside of the video games and card game. Dianamon first appeared in Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight released in 2007 where she had a major role as one of the Digimon partners to Sayo. After her first appearance, Dianamon has been present in every subsequent video game release as a late game obtainable Digimon. Dianamon is one of the twelve Mega-level God Man Digimon called the Olympos XII. With the Olympos XII being based on the Dii Consentes, Dianamon takes inspiration from Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon.

The moon theme is all over Dianamon's design. With moon inspired armor from her head to her feet, and a crescent-shaped double bladed weapon. The moon also inspired her connection to the rabbit and her abilities are based on water and ice. Dianamon's design isn't the only thing that is based on the moon however; Dianamon has two contrasting personalities just like how the moon has a light and a dark side. The coolness of Dianamon is all about the level at which her design is tied into the moon. While many Digimon have deep backstories that relate to their designs and personalities, Dianamons is by far one of the best around.

4. Angemon

Angemon is one of the original Digimon and was by far the coolest Digimon from the early days of the anime. Angemon is covered in pure white cloth and wears a blue loincloth with matching blue straps on his left arm and leg. Angemon also has six giant angel wings, a mask covering the upper section of his face, and a rod that he uses to fight with. Angemon uses both his rod and his fist to attack its enemies with the powers of light and wind. With Angemon's pure nature, he stops at nothing to stop the evil forces from attacking the Digital World.

Finally, appearing in episode 13 of the original anime, Angemon becomes the last of the DigiDestined's Digimon to achieve its Champion during the battle against Devimon. Angemon's appearance is short lived when he sacrifices himself to stop Devimon once and for all. Angemon is always saved for battles against the worst Digimon around only being shown when battling against the likes of Devimon and Myotismon. Unlike other Digimon, Angemon was so cool and powerful, he was used exclusively for these battles in the anime; that way, when Angemon showed up, you knew the bad guys were in for a rough time.

3. UlforceVeedramon

Another member of the Royal Knights, UlforceVeedramon is the fastest member of the Royal Knights and also has the fighting prowess to make him one of the better fighters of the Royal Knights as well. The blue armor that UlforceVeedramon wears is made from a variation of Chrome Digizoid called Blue Digizoid. The Blue Digizoid is the lightest form of Digizoid around, which is what allows UlforceVeedramon to maintain his speed despite the massive amount of armor he wears. UlforceVeedramon also wears two bracelets that allow him to form swords and shields out of energy.

UlforceVeedramon has first appeared in the Digimon manga and made a small appearance in Digimon Savers. The main place to find and see just how cool UlforceVeedramon would be in his multiple video game appearances. Always a Digimon you have to work hard to obtain in the games, UlforceVeedramon is well worth the time for a powerful and speedy Digimon that is as cool as they come. Being an evolution of Veemon, UlforceVeedramon has a lot of competition in being a cool Digimon with its digivolution line alone. What makes UlforceVeedramon stand out is its sleek design and the cool way in which it uses its abilities by using its bracelets.

2.Beelzemon (Beelzebumon)

Beelzemon is one one of the Seven Great Demon Lords and represents the sin of Gluttony. Although Beelzemon is one of the strongest Devil Digimon, he prefers to live alone instead of leading the Nightmare Soldiers. Beelzemon wears a leather jacket and pants with a pair of spiked boots. Using the powers of the motorcycle Behemoth and his pair of shotguns, Berenjena journeys around the Digital World on its solitary journey fighting against only the strongest of Digimon.

Originally appearing in the Digimon Tamers anime, Impmon Warp digivolves into Beelzemon and begins to absorb more and more Digimon to obtain an endless supply of power, but he is defeated by Gallantmon. After returning to his Impmon form, he goes on a soul searching journey where he meets and befriends two kids allowing him to access Beelzemon Blast Mode and fight alongside the good guys. Although this Beelzemon is slightly different from the Beelzemon in other Digimon media, his journey from being a wimpy bad guy, to being a powerful enemy ultimately ending in him wanting to fight for good creates one of the coolest Digimon that has ever been introduced. In his other appearances, Beelzemon is shown to be somewhat of an antihero and will protect weaker Digimon even going as far to sacrifice himself in Digimon Xros Wars.

1. Paildramon

The DNA digivolution of Stingmon and Exveemon, Paildramon takes the best parts of two Digimon that are cool on their own and combine to make one of the best designed Digimon. The design starts by taking the sleek looking Stingmon and turning him into armor for Exveemon, then Paildramon is given Stingmons claws and stingers and keeps both Digimon's sets of wings. Paildramon's design also incorporates the dragon and insect designs perfectly and shows that Paildramon has the speed and defense of Stingmon while having the power Exveemon. Paildramon is not able to attack with its claws and stingers, but it also has gained two powerful cannons that can blast away its enemies.

While the design of Paildramon is one of the main reasons it is the coolest Digimon ever, its significance in the anime plays a major role in how cool Paildramon really is. Paildramon was the first Digimon DNA digivolution shown off in the anime and the second overall after Omnimon in Digimon World Re:Digitize. This new form of digivolution played a major role in the season and would feature in almost every episode after its introduction. After Stingmon and Ken start working with the other DigiDestined, they form a rivalry and serve as a foil to the hot-headed and impulsive duo of Exveemon and Daisuke. They eventually learn to trust one another and are able to obtain the powers of DNA digivolution. With a cool design, strong fighting capabilities and an amazing story arc, Paildramon is the coolest Digimon in the entire Digimon universe.

Final Thoughts

With over a 1000 Digimon to choose from, there is something for everybody in the world of Digimon. With all kinds of cool Digimon, featured in the anime, manga, video games, and card game, it can be hard to narrow it down to just 10, but with some hard work and determination, we were able to find 10 that represented every facet of the series. Which Digimon do you think is the coolest? Are there any Digimon you think should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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