Top 10 Cutest Digimon

Digimon is a media franchise spanning toys, video games, anime, manga, and more. Originally created in 1996 by Akihiro Yokoi, Aki Maita and Takeichi Hongo, Digimon (or Digital Monsters as it was originally called) was a more boy-focused follow-up to the extremely popular Tamagotchi series of virtual pet toys with the main addition being the ability to battle with others by linking the devices together. The story of Digimon centers around the titular monsters that exist in the Digital World, a pseudo-cyberspace region that lies parallel to the real world, and (in the anime at least) their human partners that work together to fight evil and save the day.

Interestingly, the Digimon franchise arrived in America about a year before its oft-compared rival Pokémon even though Pokémon was actually released slightly before Digimon in Japan. While Digimon never quite achieved the same levels of popularity as Pokémon, it is still a favorite series of many that were captured by its unique, sometimes edgy, monster designs and the arguably more mature and well-developed plot of its anime series. There are also a huge variety of Digimon, well over 1000 (depending on what you consider different types) many of which are cute! In this list, we're counting down our picks for the cutest monsters from the Digital World across the whole franchise!

10. Tanemon

  • Level: Baby II (In-training)
  • Type: Bulb
  • Attribute: Data

Tanemon's name comes from tane (種), the Japanese word for seed. Fittingly, Tanemon resembles a plant bulb that has just sprouted with two leaf-like structures coming out of its head. This little digimon also sports four tiny, three-clawed legs around its squat body, a big pair of shiny red eyes, and a cute, smiling, animal-like mouth. Tanemon are said to be extremely timid in nature and will quickly bury themselves into the ground if they sense any danger, using their two “leaves” as camouflage.

Tanemon appears in the anime as the partner digimon of Mimi Tachikawa, one of the DigiDestined. When they first meet in Digimon Adventure, she is in this form but prefers to remain in her Rookie form of Palmon when not in battle for most of the series. Tanemon also appears in many other entries in the franchise such as a common card in the trading card game as as the meat farmer in File City in the Digimon World video game (PlayStation). Tanemon's shy personality and baby plant-like appearance make it one of the cutest digimon of all time!

9. Babydmon

  • Level: Baby II (In-training)
  • Type: Baby Dragon
  • Attribute: None

Babydmon was revealed at a special three-day event commemorating the 10th anniversary of Digimon called Greatest of Digimon (G.O.D.) along with Petitmon and Dracomon. This small digimon, as its name might suggest, looks like a baby dragon with a design that combines typical elements from both Eastern and Western depictions of the mythical beasts. Babydmon has a scaly green body with tiny, bat-like wings, a yellow stomach, a head with large, expressive eyes, a short neck, medium length dark grey and magenta horns, and a twirling, wispy tail that looks similar to a cloud or stream of water.

Despite their appearance, Babydmon have a ferocious temperament and will blow hot gas from within their bodies into anything that makes any sudden movements in front of them. Babydramon can be considered “living fossils” of sorts, containing program codes specific to ancient Digimon and are thought be be the ancestors of all “Dramon” type digimon. Babydmon so far has not made its anime debut but have been included in the TCG and several virtual pet toys and video games. Most importantly (for this list at least) they are super cute!

8. Wormmon

  • Level: Child (Rookie)
  • Type: Larva
  • Attribute: Free/Vaccine/Virus

While caterpillars, and insects in general, might sometimes get a bad rap in the cuteness department, Wormmon makes a strong case to change that perception. Wormmon seem to be based on the real-world silkworm and, similarly, have the ability to create sticky threads that they use to wrap around their enemies to restrict their movements. Wormmon have fairly long, segmented bodies with light-green skin, ten pudgy legs with pink claws on the ends, round heads with two lengthy, ribbon-like antennae, big blue eyes, and a large dark-blue mouth that opens horizontally across their faces.

Wormmon is a very prominent part of the story in Digimon Adventure 02 where he is the partner digimon of Ken Ichijouji, the antagonist-turned-protagonist of the series once known as the Digimon Kaiser/Emperor when he was still under the influence of evil. Wormmon are very weak and cowardly but have hidden potential within them. In the anime, Wormmon is treated very cruelly by Ken but remains by his side out of friendship and loyalty. Without giving too much away, Wormmon is ultimately responsible for saving Ken from himself and Wormmon's personal growth is well-developed through the story. Those big sad eyes and squishy body really make us want to give this bug a hug and place him in our #8 spot.

7. Marin Angemon (MarineAngemon)

  • Level: Ultimate (Mega)
  • Type: Fairy
  • Attribute: Vaccine

MarineAngemon is a fairy-like digimon that inhabits the Net Ocean. It is one of the smallest Mega level digimon and has a petite, ghost-like body with pale, pink skin, two featureless appendages that resemble flippers, a set of feathery wings, two long antennae/ears, large green eyes, a golden Holy Ring around its neck, and a red heart-shaped emblem on its chest. A big part of MarineAngemon's appeal outside of its cute body is its peaceful nature. Despite being very powerful, MarineAngemon naturally dislike combat and instead use their abilities to try to stop conflicts by pacifying their enemies with cutesy abilities like Ocean Love which make digimon lose their desire to fight.

MarineAngemon is one of the Mega digimon that come to the aid of the Digimon Sovereigns to fight against the D-Reaper in the Digimon Tamers anime and is also Kenta Kitagawa's partner in the series. He grows close to Kenta after Kenta pulls him out of the dirt he crash-landed in when he arrived with the rest of the army. While MarineAngemon barely speaks (mostly just saying “phoo!”) his love-based attacks prove invaluable to the battles with the D-Reaper. This cute little pixie's lovable personality and charm let it snag a place in our list.

6. Tailmon (Gatomon)

  • Level: Child/Adult (Rookie/Champion)
  • Type: Holy Beast
  • Attribute: Free/Vaccine

Gatomon is a somewhat humanoid, cat-like digimon with white fur, large ears with purple tufts of hair sticking out at the ends similar to a caracal, bright blue eyes, a skinny, purple-striped tail with similar tufts of hair on the end, sometimes also featuring a golden Holy Ring worn near the tip. They also have oversized yellow paw gloves with red stripes and huge black claws that are based on data taken from SaberLeomon. When Tailmon has its Holy Ring, it has the power of a Champion level digimon but reverts to Rookie without it. It's more capable than its looks might lead you to believe, its abilities include phyisical attacks with its strong claws like Lightning Paw and using its glaring Cat's Eye skill to manipulate enemies into attacking themselves.

In Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, and tri., Gatomon is the partner of Hikari Yagami. Before meeting Hikari, Gatomon's DigiEgg became separated from the rest, leading her to hatch alone. She waited long and later searched for the person she was programmed to bond with but ended up being taken in by the evil Myotismon who used her as a lieutenant in his army and routinely abused her. Eventually, she is able to connect with Hikari and joins the DigiDestined to take on Myotismon and other foes. Gatomon is well remembered for their curious and playful personality, cute cat-like aesthetic charm, and their growth as a character in the anime series. Cat's meow and number six on our cuteness list!

5. Guilmon

  • Level: Child (Rookie)
  • Type: Reptile
  • Attribute: Virus

Guilmon is a red, reptilian bipedal digimon that quite resembles a dinosaur. It has several black stripes and triangular marks on its body along with a large Digital Hazard symbol on its white torso, big yellow eyes, wing-like frills on its head, large, white-tipped claws on its arms and legs, and a long, strong tail. Guilmon is a special type of digimon called a “Combat Species” because of its potential for ability in battle and its hidden ferocious, carnivorous personality. While not as overtly cute as some of the other, smaller digimon on our list, Guilmon's sleek appearance and emotive eyes make them very appealing, especially for fans of dinosaurs or draconic-looking reptiles.

Guilmon's real claim to cute fame, however, lies in its anime incarnation in Digimon Tamers. In Tamers, Guilmon is brought to life by Takato Matsuda, who first draws him in his notebook and then scans the page into his D-Ark digivice. Guilmon is very playful, naive, and friendly with others and displays a child-like wonder about the world. He initially doesn't understand that there is a difference between humans and digimon and calls his partner “Takatomon”. He also has an extreme fondness for eating bread and other cute quirks that make him a strong pick for our number five slot!

4. Culumon (Calumon)

  • Level: Unspecified
  • Type: Holy Beast
  • Attribute: Unknown

This digimon is one of the stranger ones on the list. Calumon was originally the system/entity called the Digi-Entelechy that was responsible for enabling digivolution itself but was changed into a digimon by the power of the DigiGnomes to prevent the reawakening of the D-Reaper. Calumon is a tiny, mostly white-colored digimon with large green eyes, small arms and legs, and a prominent, red Zero Unit symbol on its forehead. Calumon's main distinguishing feature, though, are its wing-shaped, purple tipped ears that can change in size from tiny to gigantic, even enabling it to fly. True to its nature, Calumon's ability as a digimon is the power to make other digimon digivolve.

In the Digimon Tamers anime, Calumon is without a tamer partner but is still very friendly with the Tamers and has especially close ties with Rika and Jeri. Calumon's personality is similar to Guilmon's; they are very innocent, upbeat, and cheerful, even when faced with terrible situations. Calumon helps out the others with his digivolution ability and is largely responsible for the eventual defeat of the D-Reaper. With his contagiously happy attitude, heroic legacy, and adorable appearance, Calumon is a fan-favorite and doubtlessly one of the cutest digimon of all time!

3. Cutemon

  • Level: Child (Rookie)
  • Type: Fairy
  • Attribute: Unknown

This digimon is literally called Cutemon, full stop. Cutemon is a small, rabbit-like humanoid digimon with short pink fur covering its body, and two large ear-like organs on its head that let it sense other digimon from very far away. Cutemon also wears tiny red boots, white headphones with a purple flower design on them, and an oversized pink scarf to keep it warm in the cold, snowy environments that they live in. Cutemon are known to be both timid and mischievous. Thanks to its sharp senses and inclination to hide itself, it is unlikely you'll see one unless it's trying to play a trick on you! Cutemon's abilities are focused on healing powers (that work on both humans and digimon), sound-based attacks, and a surprising amount of physical strength.

In Digimon Fusion, Cutemon is a member of the Fusion Fighters and the partner of Angie Hinomoto. He is also very close to Dorulumon, who treats him similarly to a son. Cutemon has a tragic backstory which makes him all the more easy to cheer him on! He used to live peacefully in a village with his parents but it was attacked by the Bagra Army and even after he managed to escape them, he was captured by Goblimon bandits! Thankfully, Dorulumon was eventually able to rescue him so he could later join the Fusion Fighters as its cutest member along with our list!

2. Terriermon

  • Level: Child (Rookie)
  • Type: Beast
  • Attribute: Data, Vaccine

While Terriermon's name might be based on the dog breed, its design seems to lean slightly more towards being like a lop rabbit with its most noticeable feature being its huge, drooping ears. There's still a little dog in there, though, with their tiny tails and little clawed arms and legs. Terriermon are covered in short fur that is light brown with light green on stripes and the three-spiked tips on its ears and neck that make it look like it's wearing a handkerchief! Terriermon also have adorable faces with a puppy-like snout and mouth, cute dark eyes, and a single, short horn that comes out of the top of their foreheads. Surprisingly, Terriermon are also a “Combat Species”! Despite their cute looks and calm demeanor, they are amazing fighters with signature moves like Terrier Tornado (Petit Dancer) that generate tornadoes by spinning their ears like a propeller and breathing out super-heated air with Bunny Blast (Blazing Fire)!

Terriermon is also special because it has a twin that looks very similar to it but with dark brown fur with pink markings, three horns, something of a crybaby personality, and slightly different abilities. Double the cuteness! Plus, they can perform a special attack together called Double Typhoon! Terriermon appear in many of the games and are featured prominently as the partner digimon of Henry Wong/Lee Jianliang in the Digimon Tamers anime as well as in the movie Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals (whoo, what a title!) where it is the partner of Wallace. Terriermon's ultra-cute design, laid-back personality, and kawaii doppelganger Lopmon make it one of the cutest digimon ever!

1. Patamon

  • Level: Child (Rookie)
  • Type: Mammal
  • Attribute: Data, Free, Vaccine

Long term Digimon fans likely saw this coming, we simply can't help but love Patamon's cuteness! Patamon is a petite digimon that somewhat resembles a golden hamster or guinea pig but with its trademark large ears that look like bat wings and allow it to fly, albeit quite slowly. Patamon have short, tube-shaped bodies that are orange on top and a creamy white color on the side and bottom. They have four squat legs, each with three small, black toes, short stubby tails, and big, expressive, sky blue eyes. While they do not wear Holy Rings, Patamon have hidden holy power hidden within them inherited from ancient digimon. They are naive and often childlike, but also courageous and very loyal to their friends and partners. Like Terriermon, they have a twin of sorts in the form of Tsukaimon (or Tukaimon) that looks identical, save for their purple hair and yellow eyes; but Tsukaimon also have opposite personalities, like to start fights, and generally serve evil digimon like Devimon.

Patamon is part of the original group of digimon from the first anime series, Digimon Adventure, and is the partner digimon of the youngest member of the DigiDestined, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi. Like T.K., Patamon is playful, dislikes conflict, and gets along well with others but can also be childish. He matures a lot throughout the series, in particular when he digivolves into his higher level forms like Angemon, which also make him very powerful for his level, especially when fighting evil digimon. Patamon's pure heart and endearing personality coupled with its lovingly chibi character design, hidden power, and iconic status within the franchise make it our top pick for the cutest digimon of all time!

Final Thoughts

While perhaps Digimon is more remembered and enjoyed for the elaborate and weird designs of some of its titular monsters, the series also abounds with tons of cute creatures that make you want to smile. Whether it be in the numerous video games, manga or anime adaptations, or even the classic virtual pet toys, there's a lot to be enjoyed in Digimon, cute and otherwise!

Since there are so many digimon, it was hard for us to pick, so we'll list a few honorable mentions:
Kapurimon/Caprimon, Chibimon/DemiVeemon, Gomamon, and Lunamon.

We hope that you liked our list! If we're missing out on any cuties that you love, let us know in the comments below! We'd also like to hear what parts of the Digimon franchise are your favorites! Article digivolve too... finished! See you next time!

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