Top 10 Coolest Fate/Stay Night Characters

Fate/Stay Night has a variety of characters. This lineup of characters all have different backgrounds and circumstances that make each and every one of them unique. Segregated with Masters and Servants, each plays a vital role to the Fate/Stay Night anime. However, there will always be a certain character that stands out amongst the rest! Today, we count the coolest Fate/Stay Night characters by their abilities or their positions in the Holy Grail war.

10. Caster - Medea

Medea is the Summoned spirit of the Caster class in the Fifth Holy Grail War. History has proven that she has the propensity to betray others to the point of being labeled as a witch. Even Medea’s current status as a Summoned Spirit was not an original one, as she had previously betrayed her original master. Close to dissipating away, she met Souichirou Kuzuki, who agreed to help her unconditionally. It was there Medea starts to fall in love with him.

Medea's countless betrayals can be attributed to the fact that everyone shunned away from her and saw her as a witch than of a normal person. As Kuzuki was the only person who has showed her genuine kindness, Medea instantly became loyal to him. The mutual trust and loyalty of Medea is so strong that she sacrificed herself to protect Kuzuki who then retaliated in order to avenge her. Not to mention her skills, Caster is also a highly proficient mage who has mastery over High Speed Divine Words - the ability to cast magic without Magic Circuits which allows her to cast numerous spells to a level that even Rin, the best mage in the city cannot compete with.

9. Illyasviel von Eiznbern

Illya is born as a homunculus - a magic infused body that is created with magic alone. She is technically not a human. Her creation is for the purpose of the Holy Grail War such that the Einzbern will finally have a victory in the war. As expected for a child created with a purpose, Illya was raised quite harshly. At her age, she is quite matured. Illya never truly had anyone she can call a friend due to her upbringing as well.

Illya's abilities as a mage is insurmountable. Most of her body is entirely filled with Magic Circuits such that she may even control Berserker. Due to her young age, it is extremely commendable that Illya could live through the mental and physical stress and still turn out - well, normal. In one episode, she can create familiars by using only strands of her hair. Rin even commented that each familiar she summons is equivalent to a miniature mage. Her prowess as a mage at a tender mage is more than enough reason for her to rank 9th on this list.

8. Independent - Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is an independent summoned spirit summoned by Kotomine. He would have been an Archer class and probably still is. The Independent Action Skill is predominant in the Archer class which allows free will without the need for a Master to supply mana. This, coupled with Gilgamesh status of being the birth giver of legends is more than enough to allow him to roam about freely throughout the Holy Grail War. For the first half of the series, Gilgamesh remains as an observer until he can put his plans into action.

Gilgamesh would've been an overkill character if it weren't for his antagonistic nature. The only trait that makes Gilgamesh cool is his overwhelming power. The Gates of Babylon houses the weapons of all of the legendary figures. Essentially, all legends comes from Babylon making Gilgamesh, the holder of any and all weapons. As if that wasn't enough, Gilgamesh holds the badass of all weapons - Ea, the weapon that can completely and utterly wipe out the world. You know you're a badass if you can wipe the world clean with a single strike.

7. Berserker - Hercules

Hercules is the summoned spirit of the Berserker class in this Holy Grail War. A noble and heroic spirit, Hercules is the son of the god Zeus. His legend - Hercules and the Twelve Labours is his Noble Phantasm, being able to live 13 times before death. In addition, Hercules’ Olympian physique makes him a very powerful and flexible fighter as well. With the Mad Enhancement skill, Hercules is the strongest fighter in the War. His formidable aura kept most of the other Servants on their toes.

What makes Hercules so appealing is his devotion to Illya. This hulking mass is enough to intimidate the strongest of foes but yet all this while, he cared for Illya. Unfortunately this was only seen near Hercules’ death where he tried to protect Illya to the end and even went mad in order to avenge her. Despite Mad Enhancement wiping all traces of sanity from him, Hercules still maintains his loyalty towards Illya. Talk about a gentle giant...

6. Assassin - Sasaki Kojiro

Kojiro Sasaki is the summoned spirit of the Assassin class. Ironically though, his Master is not an orthodox one and is none other than Caster. Due to the nature of the summoning, Kojiro was summoned. Kojiro, a person whose existence was argued by historians, is a samurai best known for the fight with Musashi. His technique, Tsubame Gaeshi was reputed to be so swift, it can cut down a swallow in mid flight. In the present day, Sasaki guards the temple gates and ensured that no one passes through the gates.

Kojiro reminds you of the samurai of the old. He is elegant, well-poised and eloquent. Kojiro may have the least screen time but his fights are one of the most entertaining to watch. Kojiro's weapon is quite cumbersome, his sword is extremely long (something like Sephiroth's sword) and looks like it takes great effort and skill to wield. Yet, Kojiro wields it with so much proficiency he managed to hold the gate against Saber in a swordfight. An honourable samurai to the end, Kojiro knows when he is beaten when both him and his technique are defeated and allowed passage to the victor, Saber before dissipating.

5. Lancer - Cu Chulain

Cu Chulain, also known as Lancer, is the summoned spirit of the Lancer class in this Fifth Holy Grail War. An Irish hero, he wields the cursed spear - Gae Bolg. Lancer’s spear is not only his weapon, but also his Noble Phantasm. This cursed spear has the ability to reverse causality. Once the spear is thrown, it had already hit the target. It takes an extreme amount of Luck to be able to overcome this Noble Phantasm.

Lancer's Noble Phantasm has got to be one of the coolest in the arsenal of Noble Phantasm. It essentially holds the power to alter time. In the world of superpowers, time manipulation has always been an ultimate and incredible art. By reversing causality, Lancer may get out of a pinch or easily kill off his opponents. Due to the nature of the power, the enemies might not even know what hit them. A gentlemen as well, his final act was to save Rin from Shinji before burning himself up.

4. Saber - Arthuria

Arthuria, or as she is originally known - King Arthur, was the King that liberated England. The courts of King Arthur are filled with knights of impressive character with each of them having made their mark in history as well. They are known as the Knights of the Round Table. To lead these impressive men, one must possess the charisma and skill to do so. King Arthur wields the legendary Excalibur, a sword that can only be wielded by the chosen one that will save England. This Noble Phantasm has an appropriate title to it - The Sword of Promised Victory.

Arthuria led a tough life in order to save England, yet maintained the resolve and the tenacity to hold out. That is the characteristic of a brave knight. In addition to that, Arthuria holds the might Excalibur. A single swing from this mighty sword releases a ton of pure holy energy. It's effects are so strong that the sword is invincible. Known as Gradiatng Air, the hiding of the sword also means that opponents will have a hard time engaging in a sword fight with her.

3. Emiya Shirou

The son of Kiritsugu, he is weak in magecraft and his only specialty is Projection and Strenghtening magic. He practices these forms every night in the hopes of being able to use them in battle. Despite being weak, he has an amazing resolve to save as many people as possible and fights to the ends of the world for his ideals. His latent ability is Avalon - the sheathe of Excalibur and whose power grants immortality and recovery.

Emiya is certainty a unique individual. Firstly, he takes the basic forms of magecraft and excelled in it such that he created a new use for Projection magic. Not only is he able to create weapons, he is also able to infuse the history and time it takes such that any created weapon will have the same effect as the original. Next, the sheathe implanted in his body gave him his affinity with swords as well as his hastened healing. By practicing and failing so many times, he took Projection and Strengthening magic to a whole new level - Unlimited Blade Works.

2. Tohsaka Rin

A gifted mage, Rin hails from one of the top mage families, the Tohsaka household. Being very diligent and intelligent, she is a mage of exceptional qualities who is only second only to Illya. Following in the footsteps of her father, Rin carries the Tohsaka household name and is an extremely talented mage. Although Rin falls short of Illya, her magic reserves are still exceptional compared to normal mages.

Rin's magic focus on lethality. Due to her expert manipulation of infusing magic into jewels, she is able to release concentrated magic firepower upon enemies. The concentration of the jewels she kept was enough to take five of Berserker's 13 lives. Rin is able to hold her own against Berserker as well as the martial arts expert, Kuzuki. All in all, Rin is not only talented in magic, but martial arts as well.

1. Archer - EMIYA

Towards the end, Archer is revealed to be Emiya from the future. After going through the journey of life, Emiya felt betrayed by his own ideals of helping as many people as he can. No matter how much Amiya strived not to, he will always have to sacrifice someone for the greater good. Jaded to the point of denial, Emiya entered this Holy Grail War to kill his original self such that he will not exist and thus, won't be betrayed by his own ideals. With the mastery of his Projection magic, Emiya turned out to be the powerful character he aspired to be in order to save others. Unfortunately, Emiya soon realised that this wasn't what he wished for in the beginning.

The future Emiya is a pained individual who has tolerated most of his betrayed ideals up to this point in time. To be betrayed by others is one thing. Determination and perserverance will pull you through. To feel betrayed by yourself however is a whole new level as, what else can you believe in if even you yourself feels dejected? Despite all this however, there are moments in which Archer had plenty of opportunity to kill off his old self but he chose not to. Secretly, it could be due to the fact that Emiya still believes in his ideals and does not want to give up. That is why Archer could very well be the servant who seeks the biggest and highest purpose - self identity to better promote the world and to protect what is dear to him.


This is our conclusion to our top 10 Fate/Stay Night characters. Each and every character is unique and have their own stories to share. This list could be endless but we picked the top 10 characters that we strongly believe are the coolest. So who would you pick as the coolest Fate character? Do you feel that there is someone that deserves to be on this list? Share with us your thoughts and we will see you next time!

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