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Adjust your belts because this is gonna get on fire! The price of a mistake could be your life, taken down personally by this quintet of beautiful and capable spies. Princess Principal was one of the surprises of this past anime season. An anime directly created for television that tells us the adventures of five intrepid girls in an imaginary steampunk England grabbed our attention and captured our hearts. Let’s remember the best Shirohato missions in this Coolest Missions in Princess Principal article!

10. Case 18: Rouge Morgue

Dorothy takes Beatrice to find a cipher hidden in the body of a Kingdom agent, so… guess which is the lively place where they end up? The city’s morgue, where they coincide with Dorothy’s father. The family reunion gets quite intense, as both father and daughter have a lot to approach each other about. Meanwhile, the two girls have to carefully look for the cipher while doing the dull and morbid jobs at the morgue.

Princess Principal was focused on the adrenaline of the missions without even introducing the spies. Rouge Morgue is a complete reverse of that formula. Although Bullet & Blade’s Ballad (the previous aired mission) was focusing more in the character’s back story, it is with Rouge Morgue that we get a radical slow down to the narrative pace. Dorothy’s back story is pretty impressive, but the reason why this mission made it to the top ten coolest missions in Princess Principal is because of the sad twist in the end.

9. Case 2: Vice Voice

Ange and Dorothy are directed to board a dirigible called HMS Gloucester to recover some stolen printing planes. Beatrice, full of suspicion towards them, goes with Ange. They are discovered mid-mission, so Beatrice will have to decide whether she will trust the spies or not. Their lives are in danger after all...

This mission was overall interesting. However, Beatrice’s attitude was not helpful. I mean, who decides to act as a spoiled child when heavily armed men working for your enemy are on board with you? The last part was full of action, though, that is why we didn’t cut out this mission from the top ten coolest missions in Princess Principal.

8. Case 1: Dancy Conspiracy

In the second episode of Princess Principal, we testified to how Ange enters the exclusive Queen’s Mayfair School where Princess and Beatrice attend, and Dorothy is already infiltrating. Dorothy receives instructions to keep a key away from the Duke of Normandy. Their opportunity to get such key is in the school’s ball, where Ange will approach Princess for the first time.

This coolest mission in Princess Principal was a get together of suspense and elegance. It had a flavour of the classical detective story too. We can see the ability of Ange, who could be considered the de facto protagonist of Princess Principal. We also see Princess and Ange’s intellects confronting each other for the first time.

7. Case 9: Roaming Pigeons

The mission starts with Dorothy in a public library. She receives the mission of stealing a new Cavorite prototype from some Kingdom allied scientists. The contact also warns her of not trusting Princess, as she could be a double agent. The rest of the episode shows us how the quintet goes from place to place chasing the scientists until cornering them at sea.

As much as Dancy Conspiracy is an interesting mission in Princess Principal, it is surpassed by Roaming Pigeons. The car chase, the uncertainty of trusting a new ally, and the contrast between the aristocratic life of Princess and her new identity as spy make of this cool mission in Princess Principal a must watch. The episode starts slow only to get better and better! Extra points for being the first time where the quintet consider themselves a team and even create the name Shirohato.

6. Case 7: Bullet & Blade's Ballad

Princess is sent to accompany Lord Horikawa from Japan, who has the important mission to sign a treaty with the Kingdom’s Queen. Of course, Beatrice, Dorothy and Ange are also travelling with them, as they have to protect Lord Horikawa from a deadly assassin called Toudou Juubei. However, it doesn’t matter how fast a train is, when a skillful assassin is prepared to kill, he will catch up with you! And yet, the girls will get more than one surprise once they meet Chise for the first time.

A train chase and Japanese assassins--What else can we be missing? The trains are yet another trope of the spy classical stories. The introduction of Chise and her super Japanese story (with the tragic details and all) blended incredibly well! Again, extra points for the role of Princess in this mission, which goes beyond playing the nice diplomatic.

5. Case 22: Comfort Comrade

Once more, our girls are sent to steal documents, this time from the First Lord of the Admiralty. Ange, Dorothy and Beatrice are aided by another agent called Prefect, who used to be a fellow classmate of the two girls in the spy school. During the operation, the girls remember their time as apprentices, when Ange was always a top student and Prefect the second place. Later, Beatrice discovers that the true intent of the mission is to spy on Prefect, as there is the suspicion that she has betrayed the Commonwealth.

This is an elegant and multi layered mission in Princess Principal. It starts pretty basic only to become a complicated persecution of yet another brilliant girl who puts Shirohato in check. Yes, this also includes a train and car chase! There is yet another tragic twist and a shocking end to the mission… only to find out that things get complicated for our favorite spies!

4. Case 13: Wired Liar

This coolest mission in Princess Principal centers on protecting Eric, a scientist who has betrayed the Kingdom and wants to run away to the Commonwealth. He is smuggled into Queen’s Mayfair School by Shirohato, the prestigious academy where they are enrolled as students. However, Ange discovers that Eric is a double agent who is seeking to expose them to the Kingdom. Thus, the scientist has only two choices left...

This is the mission with which the show opens. It surely burned out as bright as Cavorite! It had everything that is good about Princess Principal: chases, double agents and harsh, difficult realities. The end was quite shocking as well, leaving us wanting more! We could also appreciate Ange’s cool, efficient demeanour for the first time as well.

3. Case 16: Loudly Laundry

Shirohato is tracking down a serial killer known as Poison Gas Jack, who is killing Commonwealth sympathizers. All that they know is that the suspect might be a soldier who surely would have leftovers of poison in his clothes. Thus, Shirohato starts working in the local laundry mill, where they will befriend the workers. Unfortunately, they also have issues of their own…

This mission, in contrast with the harsh opening episode of Princess Principal, might well be defined by Princess’ character from beginning to end. Shirohato become humble servants working in a mill where everything possible is failing or breaking down. Therefore, Princess makes an agreement with the Commonwealth to buy the mill and administrate it better from head to toe. The whole team of Shirohato comes together and uses her unique abilities to help the working girls. In the end, they both get the assassin and leave the mill in good hands. It is the perfect, happy ending for a mission in Princess Principal!

2. Case 23: Humble Double

Things look grim for Shirohato in this episode, as the Operation Chandelier starts. The operation consists in nothing else than killing Princess, due to her blood ties with the Kingdom’s royalty. Shirohato becomes disbanded, leaving only Ange, Beatrice and Princess together, surrounded by an entire corps of new agents. What will Ange do about the operation? Will she carry it on or will she save Princess?

Danger gets real in this mission in Princess Principal (as there wasn’t any in the others, but anyway). The most ethical and capable members are blocked, leaving Ange practically acting alone. However, this mission is rated highly because of the frankly shocking twist in the end! And yet, this only prepares us for the coolest Shirohato mission in Princess Principal ever...

1. Case 24: Fall of the Wall

In the last episode so far of Princess Principal, we follow Princess in her way to the cathedral where the assassination of none other than the Queen is expected to happen. Meanwhile, Ange escapes from the dirigible. The race towards the cathedral, where a final reunion of Shirohato is expected to take place, will make our hearts pound fast. Will Ange arrive on time? Which other surprises are awaiting our spies?

This episode rates high not just because it was full of suspense. There were a few surprises still in store for viewers. Also, we find out what happened to all the Shirohato members who apparently disappeared from the scene. However, the best part is the open end, which gives us the hope that maybe in the future, we will encounter all of our spies again.

Final Thoughts

Whoa, that is what I call a cool ride through all the action and mystery of Princess Principal! Which was your favorite mission in Princess Principal? Would you have wanted more adventures with the brave Shirohato team? Comment away! See you soon in Albion!

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