Top 10 Coolest Sakamoto Desu Ga? Characters

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Sakamoto Desu Ga? or Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto was one of the best anime of spring 2016. The plot revolves around Sakamoto’s daily school life and the people who share the world with him. From the first day in class, his intelligence, charm and style, have the girls fascinated and the guys jealous.

Even though the anime doesn’t have a complex storyline, it has a lot of fun and great gags. In every chapter, someone is basically going to try to humiliate Sakamoto, but in the end it only makes him look cooler. As the voice-over in the intro says: “He is cool, cooler, coolest”. But he isn’t the only cool character around and they deserve a Top 10.

10. Morita / Yasuda

morita Sakamoto desu ga
Yasuda Sakamoto desu ga

These two are always together; you’ll never see Morita without Yasuda, and Yasuda without Morita. Mi-chan has referred to them as the "Suttoko Dokkoizu”, which is like “a pair of idiots”. They used to be easygoing boys, but things change with the presence of Sakamoto. Even though they admire Sakamoto, they can’t help feeling jealous of him and set several traps in order to banish him from the alpha male’s place.

In episode 8, they fall under the influence of Fukase and sabotage the school festival, blaming Sakamoto for doing it. Then they offer themselves as volunteers to help and look like heroes for the rest of the class. But Sakamoto fools them and they have to confess they were guilty, they regret it, and admit they did it because they felt excluded of the festival.

9. Mii-chan

Mii-chan Sakamoto desu ga

She is one of Megumi’s best friends, and since she is very timid and introverted for being the Class Representative, Mii-chan often speaks on her behalf. She’s like the spokesperson of the class. As she wears glasses and always looks serious, at first glance she may seem like a simple geek. But appearances can be deceiving.

She is not afraid of saying what she really thinks. Mii-chan is the one that called Morita and Yasuda “a pair of idiots”. Usually she is calm, but she won’t hesitate to stand up for those who she cares about. This feature of her character makes her cool and respected among her classmates.

8. Sera Yuya

Sakamoto Desu ga Yuuya Sera

Fashionable and narcissistic, he is the trendiest boy in the class. As he is a model for fashion magazines, he is aware of the latest trends in fashion, from clothing to hairstyles. He used to get all the girls’ attention, but of course Sakamoto’s presence has eclipsed him. He is really cool, but only with his clothes on. When in underwear, a big belly that doesn't match at all with the rest of his body is revealed.

He thinks sports events are the best choice to earn some points with girls, so he begins his own “French Revolution” against Sakamoto to make him look like a loser. Eventually he realizes it was a mistake and tries to fix it by running naked to distract the students. By doing this, he gets all the attention and the students forget that they lost because of Yagi. That was a sort of social suicide but actually made him cooler.

7. Fukase

Fukase Sakamoto desu ga

Although he is a 3rd year student, it is said that he is over 30 years old, he has divorced twice, and he intentionally fails classes. Fukase is a real bad boy; he is the king of the school delinquents. Despite being smart and scheming, he deliberately never graduates because he doesn’t want to face the real world. He occasionally goes to school, but every time he shows up, it’s to cause trouble.

Hayabusa said that Fukase goes to school to kill time, always launching one of his "games". He is cool in the sense that he is cold-blooded, calm, carefree, but dangerous. He’s an adult who seems to have a good time ruining the lives of students just for fun.

6. Yagi San

Yagi Sakamoto desu ga

She is the coolest girl in her class. She isn’t the typical fragile and kawaii Japanese girl; she looks a little bit rougher. Even her voice is deep and she speaks slowly. In the beginning she and Tanaka saw Aina as a rival, but thanks to Sakamoto they became friends.

Yagi shows her soft side in the relay races when she drops the baton covered in Sakamoto’s saliva , making her team lose the race. She was crying while running but she didn’t give up. Sera Yuuya was touched and did his best to fix this mistake by running naked in front of everyone. Nevertheless, Yagi apologizes to her classmates and thanks Yuuya for what he did.

5. Chon Chorizo

Chon Chorizo Sakamoto desu ga

How are we going to leave Chon Chorizo out of the list? He is the Korean version of Sakamoto. Chon is the platonic love of Kubota’s mother. He is a Korean Idol with a curious name. His appearance resembles Sakamoto a lot, but he doesn’t wear glasses.

Some Koreans may be offended by his name because “Chon” is a term used for a Korean person that is beneath Japanese people. And “Chorizo” is a Spanish sausage. He is almost as cool as Sakamoto, but unfortunately he is a meta-character, meaning that he is fiction within fiction.

4. KenKen

KenKen Sakamoto desu ga

He is one of the three first grade gangsters. Blonde, badass and confident about his athletic skills, he is one of the sexiest boys of his class. Just like A-chan and Mario, at the beginning he can’t stand the stylish way Sakamoto does everything and he just wants to destroy him. But then he realizes that Sakamoto could be a good influence and tries to create opportunities to interact with him.

In the episode about summer vacations he is wearing a T-shirt and boardshorts that make him look like a surfer. This look really fits with his character. Usually he is always under the wing of A-chan. However, KenKen is the one who realizes that A-chan is acting strange when he is under Fukase’s influence and asks Hayabusa to stop him.

3. Maeda Atsushi

Maeda Atsushi Sakamoto desu ga

He is the leader of the trio of delinquents in Sakamoto’s class. His trademark is his red hat he’s always wearing. Before Sakamoto’s arrival, Ken Ken, Mario and Atsushi were the coolest boys of the class. He started bullying Sakamoto because he was grabbing all the girls’ attention, but finally he develops a sort of crush on Sakamoto because he didn’t report them to the teachers.

Thanks to Sakamoto he also quit smoking and now blows bubbles, which lowers his coolness a little. Later in the show, he also admires Hayabusa, who named him “A-chan”, and wants to be like him. It seems he is always searching for a leader to follow.

Maeda Atsushi Sakamoto desu ga Capture

2. Hayabusa (8823)

8823 Sakamoto desu ga

He is the leader of the second-year delinquents and the role model of the rest of the school delinquents. He’s charismatic, sexy and cool-headed, known by his code name “8823”. He’s good at fighting, intelligent, cool, and super masculine. Yuya Sera described him as "the most violent and elegant” within the school.
Despite being one of the famous delinquents, Hayabusa respects the codes and integrity. For example, when he challenges Sakamoto in a Sumo hands contest, he doesn’t allow his allies’ cheating to facilitate the victory. And he resisted the match for hours! Although he lost, he went further than anyone else could go. He and his kohai also apologize to Kubota’s mother for any inconvenience they could have caused her son. As the story progresses he becomes fond of Sakamoto and even protects him from Fukase’s threats.

8823 is not his real name. Later in the anime it’s revealed that his name is Shou. As his family is presented, he seems to be a half Caucasian Japanese. He has a soft spot for his siblings and family, which made him even sexier. He may be a bad boy, but he is not a villain, and his coolness leads him to the second position.

8823 Sakamoto desu ga Capture

1. Sakamoto

Sakamoto desu ga

He is a dream came true. Every man wants to be like him and women would die for a minute with him. His performance is excellent, both academic and in sports. He does everything stylishly, and does everything right.

He is the perfect guy who catches the attention of all the students due to his coolness. But he is beyond coolness; he is also intelligent, handsome, gentle and classy. Of course these features made him the target of the bullies, but he always manages to avoid the traps easily and full of dignity, teaching his fellows a life lesson in a way that only he is capable of.

He is cool no matter what he’s doing. He’s got the moves and always gets into the groove. A perfect score is not enough for his perfection. Actually, sometimes he gets grades of 120 points out of 100.

No matter if you are a man or a woman, he will inevitably seduce you. If the human race has a limit, that wouldn’t apply to Sakamoto. He could be the human version of Sebastian Michaelis. The big question is: is he a human? There are some rumors that he actually is an alien. But, honestly, we don’t care. He deserves without any doubt the top of this ranking.

Sakamoto Desu Ga Wallpaper

Final thoughts

Many people have said that the only important character in this anime is Sakamoto, and don’t even give the rest of the cast a shot. They’re wrong, this anime does present a very interesting variety of characters, and some of them are really cool.

Will any of Sakamoto's classmates, or teachers, be able to be as cool as he is? Probably not, but they just might learn a lesson trying...
If you think that there is another cool character that should be included in the list, please leave us a comment and tell us why.



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