Here’s Why You NEED to Watch Sakamoto Desu ga? (Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto)!

Sakamoto Desu ga? is the story of the coolest, most perfect guy around as he begins life at a brand new high school. Though some of his classmates are skeptical of him at first, over time, each one grows to understand how amazing Sakamoto is. From saving small birds to traveling across the globe through a hole to the center of the universe, Sakamoto is as unique as he is impressive. He can win over anyone and do anything, though his methods are often unusual. Sakamoto Desu ga? is a brief look into the amazing life of its titular character, who remains in our hearts long after he is gone on to other escapades. Today, we thought we would give one of our favorite comedic anime a spotlight, and tell you a bit about why you should give it a chance!

Mysterious Main Character

Though we’re able to learn a little about Sakamoto, we learn mostly about the strange things he is able to do rather than anything about his past or where he comes from. Even by the end of the anime, we are left with plenty of questions about who Sakamoto truly is. In the end, his mysterious nature adds to his unpredictability and is part of what makes this show interesting. And who knows? Maybe we’ll find out if the crazy fan theory about Sakamoto and aliens is really true!

Hilarious, Unpredictable Antics

Sakamoto Desu ga? has some hilarious moments spread out in episodic fashion. It does have its meaningful scenes as well, as each of the characters begins to see the kindness in Sakamoto’s heart. Yet this show actually shines in the random hilarity it brings, as each episode has a moment that will make you unexpectedly laugh out loud.

Great Supportive Characters

While Sakamoto and his unpredictable actions are the main focus of the series, the supporting cast is just as entertaining. Sakamoto’s dear friend Yoshinobu Kubota is a sweet, helpless person who revels in his cooler friend’s presence. Atsushi Maeda and his friends are rough troublemakers, originally out to trick Sakamoto, but they soon come to admire and look up to him. Sakamoto meets plenty of delinquents and characters on the outskirts during his time in the school and as each of these characters come to adore Sakamoto, we start to adore them too!

Short and Sweet

Comedic anime can struggle with overdoing their jokes. Sakamoto Desu ga? suffers from this at times, but it manages to keep integrating new jokes enough to make the show interesting and funny. The series stays episodic throughout, with only a few recurring gags and running themes to tie it together. It’s short enough to leave us wanting more without overstaying its welcome.

Final Thoughts

Sakamoto Desu ga? is one of the best comedy anime, funny and poignant in its own unusual way. The series has hilarious characters, unexpected events, and an overall interesting episodic story, with everyone able to acknowledge in the end that Sakamoto is, indeed, the coolest!

Have you seen Sakamoto Desu ga? yet? Do you agree with our thoughts about this anime? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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