Top 10 Coolest Youkai Watch Characters

Youkai Watch is a famous Kodomomuke (kids anime) about the life of Keita Amano and his unusual life dealing with all kinds of mischievous Youkai. In Japan, this series is very popular among kids, maybe even surpassing the fame of Pokémon in japan when it comes to shows for children. Unlike all the rival series this show can get, Youkai Watch depicts a more down to earth image when it comes to capturing monsters with powers; it's simpler, it's fresh and puts a great amount of effort into its comedy. There's no magical lands and no superhuman powers, everything is set in modern day Japan and most Youkai are actually real, well, more like taken directly out of the Japanese folklore.

Youkai Watch strongest point is their characters, each one with their own personality and own story, every character is unique in its way, but of course there's ones that stand out more than others, the most famous or maybe even the most memorable; in this list, we want to gather all those cool youkai that we love to see in the anime. What kind of Youkai will we find? No one knows…

10. Daiz

This guy looks like a mix of Kirby and Shy Guy gone wrong, it clearly is one of the worst character designs of the anime. It stares aimlessly at nothing, that’s all it does. It sounds harmless until it comes near you, it has the effect of making others stare off into space thinking about nothing at all, but not before making you have the appearance of his charming face.

There's a certain word that makes him go crazy, it reveals a split personality of Daiz, one much more livelier. The cool thing about Daiz is that he is the reason why episode 57 is one of the funniest in the whole series, it's hilarious yet awkward; to not spoil it for you, I’d recommend you to go watch it!

9. Rimokon-kakushi

Unlike our previous youkai, Rimokon-kakushi has one of the best and clever character designs. He’s a remote control vampire and the culprit whenever you can't find your remote control. Rumors say he flirts with controllers and takes them on dates then leaving them in the strangest of places. He’s a vampire because he sucks out your patience when playing his control hide and seek game, hiding it where you least expect it.

Aside from helping Keita (Nate) collect other youkai, the coolest thing is the dance and song he makes while you look for the control, which is catchy, funny and extremely annoying if he’s making fun of you.

8. Hanako-san

Hanako-san in Youkai Watch is a cool way to turn an old and scary Japanese urban legend into something children can enjoy without being terrified. The origins of this youkai come from a ghost story, a spirit of a girl that passed away in WWII that now hides in girls bathrooms, appearing before those who call her name, Hanako. Hanako-san’s spirit is known to appear in several Japanese ghost movies and her concept even made it into Hollywood in the movie Harry Potter.

In the anime, she is one of the few youkai that humans can see without a youkai watch, but as her appearance is scary anyway, everyone is afraid of her. Hanako-san wants to stop scaring people and decides to become the fashion designer of the youkai world,thus making her useful in many episodes. Hanako-san is one of the few youkai to change her power of “profession” as a youkai as well.

7. Hidabat (Hikikomori)

This adorable bat is named Hidabat in the English version of the anime, but the Japanese name, Hikikōmori, describes it much better. The Japanese term hikikomori is somewhat similar to the word hermit but they just avoid social interaction out of choice. The adorable bat youkai Hikikōmori does just that. Ever since it appeared in the anime, it has been living in Keita’s closet every so often, making cameo appearances. Every time it appears, it just makes everyone squeal. It is shy, adorable and nervous, kind of like a dandere character.

Hikikōmori is often using her laptop, probably chatting with her online friends or maybe counting all her money (Hikikōmori is the second richest youkai in the world!). Thanks to Hikikōmori, Keita obtains the new model of the youkai watch, the only one available for now and a model that developed and advanced the plot of the series. Cool, huh?

6. USApyon

USApyon is what Jibanyan is to Keita or Pikachu to Ash, he is Inaho’s trustworthy companion and youkai friend. His name is a clever wordplaybetween U.S.A and the Japanese word usagi, as he is an usagi (a rabbit) youkai himself and is also an astronaut (in reference to the US going to the moon), plus the first animal in space... sort.. of...

His relationship is as bad as Keita’s with Jibanyan, often causing him to get mad and revealing is “Vader” form (another reference to the US, this time being the movie Star Wars). He also wears other suits in reference to the US, like a US football player uniform or military uniforms, in an effort to introduce a cool American character to the series (maybe?).

5. Komajiro

Komajiro is Komasan’s younger brother. Even though he is slightly smarter than his brother, he is still amazed by the things he does and admires him. He comes to the city searching for his brother, hoping that he will learn to be a city boy just like Komasan but ends up being the most mature and realistic of the two, even so, he follows his big brother on all his adventures. He settles in the city faster than his brother, becoming a famous DJ in a nightclub named KJ, and even having a human girlfriend; this makes him literally the coolest kid on the block.

4. Robonyan

Robonyan is the future robot version of Jibanyan, but whether or not he is the real Jibanyan, is a mystery. Robonyan is clearly smarter, stronger and better than Jibanyan, and a million times more useful. Whilst being a robot prevents us from seeing his expressions, his stupid actions makes us laugh nonetheless. Robonyan tries many times to convince Jibanyan and the others that he is truly Jibanyan but honestly, he has his own unique Robo-personality and charm. A robot from the future with cat mannerisms that can manufacture chocolates inside its body? Sounds like a cat lady’s dream.

3. Komasan

MONGEEE! Komasan has arrived! This Youkai is a sweetheart and we all just want to hug and protect it from the outside world forever. He comes from the countryside with no idea on how to live in the city but he is always trying to impress his little brother Komajiro with what he has learned about being a city man. Trying to look like a cool older brother is what he does best and thanks to this, he has had many awesome jobs like Bandai’s CEO, Lead Actor and Paranormal Investigator. How much cooler can you get?

2. Whisper

Whisper is where it all began. The day Keita (Nate) finds Whisper inside a toy capsule, his life is never the same. Whisper gives Keita his Youkai Watch and from there he starts befriending all the youkai he can. Whisper likes to believe he’s a very intelligent and diligent Youkai Butler, but we all know he just reads everything from Youkai Wiki in his Youkai Pad. His real youkai name is Whisbe and his ability has much to do with his personality, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Whisper is useless but we couldn't look at the series Youkai Watch without him, otherwise, everything would become dull and boring. He is the key to many parts in the series, as he provides Keita with the material needed to deal with the youkai world, like Keita’s Watch and it's updated model (which requires Whisper to transform it). Whisper is cool and he has proven it in almost every episode, he can transform into a human shape making every situation more fun, yet, more awkward to see. He has a crude humor and most of the time it's not even suited for children. Whisper has a great, if not the best, seiyuu in the series, one that matches his cynical voice almost perfectly to every idiotic face or expression Whisper has to show us. Whisper won over many fans with his goofiness, but who could have taken his deserved first place?

1. Jibanyan

I mean, if Whisper wasn’t number one, it HAD to be Jibanyan. This little nekomata youkai has captured our hearts in many ways. He’s adorable, he’s funny, he has one of the most moving stories and he’s down right the coolest of them all. He has so much personality, clearly, the creators went all out developing Jibanyan, making sure that the star character is the best character. Jibanyan is the definition of lazy, always trying to avoid his “responsibility” as Keita’s youkai companion. He doesn't really help Keita much, instead, it’s more like he worsens the situation, but we all love it when he does.

So what makes Jibanyan cool? He’s an idol crazy otaku cat, what else do you need? There’s more to this little ball of fun than just that, he freaking sucks at fighting and this is probably his strong point. We have seen him practice his “Paws of Fury” many times and somehow he doesn't seem to get better, which comes to the point that him failing in his attacks became a pun in the anime. Thanks to him, many other great ideas for Youkai were born based on his image, like Robonyan, Bushinyan, Fuyunyan, Dekanyan and many, many others. Jibanyan is definitely the cool king of the Youkai Watch world.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, many more youkai deserve to be in this list, but as far as the anime goes, they are still not developed enough to be in here, yet. Besides, many of the youkai in this list are the main, or “protagonist”, youkai for a reason. They’re so cool! How can we ever get tired of the adorable airhead Komasan or the lazy Jibanyan we all wish we had? If you still can’t get enough of the youkai world, I would say try out the game! But sadly, many of these games are still region locked for Japan, only. What you could do is actually learn about real Youkai! They’re all over the anime world and there’s many more spirits than in Youkai Watch! Maybe, later on, we will see them added to the youkai families, who knows? Meanwhile, check out other youkai related article done by Honey’s Anime, below!

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