Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

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We all love psychological anime. It’s quite interesting and fascinating how these shows can make us feel involved with the story, as we have to really use our brains in order to follow the plot and even to understand the vast worlds that are the characters’ minds. These psychological roller-coasters are usually led by the most complex and mentally intriguing characters, who also very often happen to be a little crazy.

As you surely know, if there is one show that takes us on a ride aboard the crazy train, then that is Mirai Nikki. This mind-blowing show has some of the craziest moments and characters in the history of anime, including the most popular and psychotic yandere girl ever! Now let me walk you through its wonderful cast of mentally unstable yet lovable characters. Just a little warning in case you haven’t finished watching the show, you’ll find spoilers ahead. Also, please be aware that these are not an accurate representation of all people with mental illness.

Now, these are the Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters!

10. Takao Hiyama (3rd)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

What better way to start than with a psycho killer? Takao Hiyama is a high school teacher who also happens to be the serial killer reported in the news. He’s the Third Diary Owner and the first one to try to kill Yuki. His diary is the Murder Diary, which reveals information about the location of his potential victims and how to get them.

The Third is one of the biggest psychopaths on Mirai Nikki, although he doesn’t get to live long enough to show us more of his sadistic nature. He’s clearly a maniac as we can judge from his unsettling serial killer outfit and his Jason-style machete. In fact, The Third never actually looks very interested in winning the survival game, or at least not as much as he is interested in using his Diary for murdering people.

9. John Bacchus (11th)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

John Bacchus is the Mayor of Sakurami City and one of the main antagonists on the show. As a matter of fact, John’s not only The Eleventh Diary Owner but he also happens to be the mastermind behind the whole survival game. It is revealed that John’s the one who suggests the Future Diary game to Deus Ex Machina as the way to select the next god. Of course, he also takes this opportunity to make his own diary the most powerful of all, the Watcher Diary, which reveals the entries of the other diary owners.

The Eleventh is not like the typical psychopathic or emotionally unstable killers we find throughout Mirai Nikki. He’s actually presented as a wealthy gentleman with good manners, composure and a high intellect. However, The Eleventh is very likely one of the most ruthless and manipulative of all diary owners. He will destroy anyone who stands in his way to fulfill his ambition of becoming god and improving the human race (ringing any bells?). Besides, if Minene herself called him a maniac then he must be a real psycho.

8. Reisuke Houjou (5th)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

Reisuke Houjou is definitely the most kawaii and psychotic five year old kid ever. Reisuke’s a brilliant child and the Fifth Diary Owner. He may seem like a cute harmless little boy, but he’s in fact a deadly master strategist determined to kill Yuki and Yuno. Unfortunately for him, his diary is the weakest of all, the Hyper Vision Diary, which provides him only three entries a day in the form of a drawing with some notes.

Despite Reisuke’s many disadvantages (mainly his age and his diary), this child prodigy puts up a hell of a fight at Yuki’s own house, facing no less than the scary Yuno. The Fifth is one of the many emotionally unstable characters in Mirai Nikki who become dangerous psychopaths as the result of their traumatic past. However, unlike the rest of these broken characters, Reisuke is quite a cheerful psycho, as he takes the survival game like any other game and he’s happy to play it with Yuki and Yuno. We’re not sure what’s more unsettling.

7. Yukiteru Amano (1st)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

Yukiteru Amano is our main character and The First Diary Owner. From the very beginning of the show he strikes us as quite the odd character. He’s not the stereotypical easy-to-like protagonist; actually he’s the opposite of that. Yuki is an introverted, socially awkward, spineless kid who can very easily inspire hatred and loathing in all of us. However, as the show moves forward, Yuki becomes a very interesting character and we get to see a darker side of him.

This survival game clearly turns Yuki’s life into a roller coaster of emotions, so we cannot really blame him for becoming a crazy cold-blooded killer. However, I don’t think we can justify him shooting down his own friends either. The thing is, when you’re in the middle of a survival game that is meant to determine who will be the next god and you happen to lose both your parents, it can be a bit hard not go totally berserk… especially if the only moral support you have is an emotionally unstable psychopathic girl like Yuno.

6. Kurou Amano

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

Kurou Amano is not a diary holder but Yuki’s father. He divorced Rea Amano after getting into a serious debt and he became an absent father to Yuki ever since. Kurou is shown as a 32 year old man who is very lively and playful, and really loves his family. Sadly, he owes a lot of money to the wrong people and cannot really spend too much time with Yuki and Rea.

Sounds like a loving and caring father who just made some mistakes, right? Guess again! Kurou can be as much of a crazy psycho killer as any other on the show when it comes down to saving his own butt. He actually allied with The Seventh’s (Ai and Marco) to break his own son’s cellphone. To be fair, Kurou wasn’t aware that this would kill Yuki, but that only justifies his actions for so long. Shortly after, he steals Yuki’s parachute and leaves him and Yuno to die in a collapsing building. What a father! Oh, and did I mention he also kills his ex-wife for trying to turn him in?

5. Tsubaki Kasugano (6th)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

Tsubaki Kasugano is The Sixth Diary Holder and the High Priestess of the Omekata Religion. She presents herself as an innocent, pure and fragile girl only to ambush Yuki and Yuno. Tsubaki’s diary is the Clairvoyance Diary, which unlike the rest of diaries is not an electronic device but a large scroll that gives her detailed information about her surroundings.

Behind her good-girl image, The Sixth is in fact a damaged girl who suffered a lot of abuse in the past. As a result of her traumatic experiences, Tsubaki has become a wicked girl who enjoys making other people suffer the way she did. The Sixth is actually so twisted that she makes some of her followers try to abuse Yuno with the intention of luring Yuki into the temple and killing him. This girl is definitely one crazy witch… you know, because she leads a dark cult.

4. Minene Uryuu (9th)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

Minene Uryuu is one of the most interesting and beloved characters of the entire show, mostly for being particularly mad. She’s The Ninth Diary Owner and the second one to try to kill Yuki. Minene is not only crazy as hell, but she’s also relentless and overly resourceful. Thanks to her diary, the Escape Diary, Minene can get away from the authorities as well as from any dangerous situation, which is why she becomes one of the last standing in the survival game.

Her first appearance on the show pretty much says it all. Minene shows up at Yuki’s school dressed as a goth loli and wearing the scariest and most disturbing smile on her face. Soon after, she begins to blow up different parts of the school, killing hundreds of teenagers in the process. Of course, she does all this while laughing like a freak on a loudspeaker. Yup, we get an idea of why Minene was called a terrorist.

3. Muru Muru

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

The lovely and adorable Muru Muru is also one of the most popular characters on Mirai Nikki. She is Deus Ex Machina’s assistant, but later in the story she participates actively in the survival game. Muru Muru is a very childish deity who loves playing games, disguising as other people (generally diary owners) and reading manga. Muru Muru is crazy in a really cute and funny way, although she does have a dark, deceiving and manipulative side.

By the end of the show we get to see what Muru Muru is all about (at least the first Muru Muru). She’s a deceiving fiendish creature that manipulates the game and its participants to her own amusement. This psychotic divinity doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy for humans and she messes around with them just for fun. We can see this on one of the after-ending scenes, where Muru Muru takes phone calls from Yuno’s mother and gives her terrible advice. However, most of the time, she shows her eccentricity by having the craziest dialogues with the main characters, like asking Yuki about how to become famous. WTF?

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

2. Yomotsu Hirasaka (12th)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

Normally, a character that gets as little screen time as Yomotsu Hirasaka (AKA The Twelfth) wouldn’t be ranked this high. However, The Twelfth is not just another crazy Mirai Nikki character; he is a total nutcase. He thinks himself some sort of superhero who works in the name of justice. He also seems to love prancing around in tights and wearing a giant eye-like mask. The Twelfth’s diary is the Justice Diary, which predicts any type of crime (and I literally mean any type).

This vigilante is so madly obsessed with justice that he considers littering, robbery, and murder to be equal crimes. The Twelfth behaves in such an odd way that one might be inclined to think he is just playing around. Of course this is only until we remember how he stuck his hand in Minene’s eye socket and took her dead eye right off. Who in his right mind would do something like that!?

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

1. Yuno Gasai (2nd)

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters

Obviously, no surprise here; this might have been “Top 10 Craziest Characters Ever” and Yuno would still be #1. She is the ultimate yandere girl. No one else can represent obsessive love and psychopathic behavior as Yuno. Her Diary is the Yukiteru Diary, which provides her an entry about Yuki’s actions and status every ten minutes. Basically, the dream of any stalker.

Yuno is crazy in a million different ways, but mostly she is crazy in love with Yuki (how romantic :3). She is capable of pulling the impossible and of killing as many people as necessary in order to be with Yuki, including herself. Yuno is so madly in love with Yuki that she can go as far as drugging him to kidnap him. That is one crazy bitch indeed (that’s right, we said it).

All in all however, Yuno is the greatest highlight of the show. She’s the most original and unique anime character in quite some time and her psychopathy never ceases to amaze us. Of course, we appreciate her and we love her for being what she is (blood-stained and all).

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters


This is the end of our list on crazy Mirai Nikki characters. They are all amazing characters and, certainly, this show wouldn’t be as popular if it weren’t for their psychological peculiarities. They are all crazy in their own way and they combine their eccentricity to make Mirai Nikki one of the most original anime shows we’ve seen in the last few years.

I personally love this show and most of its characters, so I would really like to know how you guys feel about Mirai Nikki and its cast. Which are your favorite characters? And, why? How crazy do you think they are? Just a little nutty or completely bananas? Let me know in the comments.

Mirai-Nikkii-Wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Craziest Mirai Nikki Characters


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