Top 10 Dangerous Psycho-Pass Characters

Psycho-Pass is the type of crime-riddled police procedural that makes you question what is right and wrong episode by episode. Would you expect any less in a supposed utopian nation that is dominated by a thought police of Orwellian nature? Whether or not it made you think twice, this setting has definitely plagued some characters with questions that demand for action. Sometimes that action requires some casualties and the villains in this show have come to peace with that fact. Though society at large might be pristine, there is definitely a dark underbelly to Japan and it requires people just as dangerous to bring about justice.

10. Akane Tsunemori

She’s smart, strong, capable, and an extremely quick learner. As an inspector, her mental state is rarely ever affected and she works tirelessly to ensure the safety of the population of Japan. How is she, our protagonist for the series, dangerous, you might ask? Well, she is one the few who holds the entire secret of the Sybil system on her shoulders. As a result, she can easily cause mass panic within Japan. Add to that her ability to convince Sybil to compromise, a practically impossible task, which essentially allows her to alter societies on an international level. All in all, Akane’s consistently carrying a loaded gun and it’s only by her good graces and kind heart that chaos doesn’t spread.

9. Joji Saiga

Knowledge is power, and power tends to lead to corruption. Now, corruption isn’t necessarily the path that Professor Saiga takes. Nonetheless, his methods of teaching still effectively raise the psycho-pass of his students, which is definitely a problem within Japan’s current society. Though his mind is one to be appreciated and many can argue that his teaching is simply pushing people to think critically, free thought in a society controlled by Sybil will only lead to strife and risk. However, as Professor Saiga has no intention of bringing about harm to others, he isn’t too much of a threat. In fact, whenever he feels his intellect is affecting others in a negative manner, he proceeds to remove himself from the situation. First, he moves into the country once his teaching gig reaches its end. Then when he enables Kogami, he willingly turns himself in for solitary confinement.

8. Gu-sung Choe

Gu-sung Choe is Makishima’s right hand man, and is extremely dangerous to society at large. Though not much of a fighter, Choe is an expert programmer and can hack into Japan’s infrastructure as it greatly relies on data streams. He can manipulate entire rooms in order to disorient police and has a penchant for jamming servers to restrict communications. Due to Choe’s abilities, Makishima’s schemes are able to affect a much larger area. It was Choe, after all, who was spreading rumors online in order to plant seeds of confusion, mistrust, and chaos. Wrapping up his rather incredible feats is that he was the first interloper to fully discover the truth of the Sybil System.

7. Desmond Rutaganda and his mercenary group

Desmond leads an elite group of mercenaries that can effectively cripple an entire rebel force. They are quick, decisive, and deadly to a degree that few can compare with. However, being mercenaries causes people to view them under various shades. On one hand, working as guns for hire frees them of true criminal intent, and makes their existence merely provisional. They can even possibly perform great good if put in the right circumstances. At the same time, they have no qualms pushing in a corrupt government. Money and possible thrills are what drive this force forward. However, they are definitely a dangerous threat to whoever stands in their way.

6. Sakuya Togane

This man has the highest recorded Crime Coefficient in existence and is a force to be reckoned with. He is intelligent, strong, manipulative, and only desires to reduce respectable inspectors into criminals. He plays his hands well, and has been able to successfully change the hue of several inspectors to black and thus effectively rid them of their position and/or life. Unhinging someone’s mental state is about the only way he obtains pleasure and has been shown to love torturing creatures since a young age. Admittedly, this aspect of his personality is heavily tied to his upbringing, which in fact brings up his ultimate weakness. He is a mother’s boy to an insane degree, and thus only follows orders from her/Sybil. As a result, his lack of personal freedom restricts the amount of harm he can bring to society at large. His influence can only be felt to a small degree.

5. Shinya Kogami

The man’s powerful both physically and mentally to the point that he can stand his ground against just about anyone. He’s also extremely charismatic, which allows him to disturb the natural order of communities. It’s his inherent magnetism that brings Akane under his wing and makes her into the powerhouse inspector that she is. It’s also his incredible level of persuasion that enables foreign groups to properly order themselves into a strong resistance faction. Though he rarely poses a threat to regular citizens, he does challenge the status quo, which can create dangerous situations for common citizens. Whether or not it will bring about a better society, insurrection and guerilla warfare tend to to lead civilian casualties and large-scale destruction.

4. Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong is a foreign military colonel with a Crime Coefficient above 300. If that doesn’t spell dangerous then the dictionary needs some editing. Though he portrays himself as a calm and honor bound soldier, he is one of the most malicious schemers in the show. Rather than even try to properly install Sibyl within the Southeast Asia Union (SEAUn), for a possibly better society, Nicholas intends to use it as a means to control the masses as sheep. He wishes for destruction, death, and power; and thus has been planning a coup since the beginning of Sybil’s introduction in SEAUn. With the military under his control and Japan’s war machines at the ready, he could have easily brought about a cruel dictatorship to ravage the region.

3. Shogo Makishima

As the primary villain of the first season, he is the conductor for a massive amount of social unrest. He’s a silver tongue serpent comparable to John Milton’s Lucifer. This makes him extremely dangerous, because his fight is strongly characterized by his ability to make it seem almost righteous.

He’s able to effectively lead people down a path of chaos, cause mass riots through the distribution of his helmets, and uncover the truth behind Sybil. Furthermore, at the end of season one, he is moments away from causing a food shortage that would essentially cause the structural collapse of Japan’s economy. The rise in stress and latent criminals due to such a crisis as well as its consequences (loss of nation-wide self-sufficiency and thus reliance on other nations) would probably have risen to the point that a new government would have needed to be installed. Of course, that is exactly what Makishima desires.

2. Kirito Kamui

With the physical embodiment of 184 people and mental capacity of seven different people, Kamui finds himself in a position elevated beyond normal society. In fact, he is practically a demi-Sibyl system embodied in one human frame. Add to this, a pure hatred for Japan’s governing body for covering up the plane crash that resulted in his current state and you have one frightening character.

Kamui showcases his ability to turn things on their heads by how flawlessly he incorporates himself into society and designs experiences to ultimately coerce or indoctrinate people into his way of thinking. In this regard, he is much like Makashima and it’s easy to root for him at times. Simply put, charisma is deadly in this show, and those who can wield it to their advantage

Outside of causing mass murder on several occasions, what brings Kamui to the number two spot was his ability to force Sybil to compromise. He demanded that Sybil must learn to judge itself if it was to represent true justice. The majority of Sybil respected this argument and proceeded to eliminate a portion of its more dangerous minds. However, the amount of change this truly brought is questionable to say the least. and thought process of others.

1. Sybil System

No one is as dangerous as the Sibyl System as no one comes close to having the same amount of power. The entirety of Sybil might be questioned, parts of its system might be dismembered, minds eradicated, and yet this mental hive controls the entirety of Japan and is reaching its hands into foreign territories. Japan’s infrastructure is currently based around the Sibyl system to the point that exposing its truth will most likely cause the downfall of the nation.

Not only does Sibyl have such permanence, but currently maintains individual expression throughout the entire population at an almost robotic level. It is easy enough to argue that the citizens of Japan are held hostage by the current technology to the point that all forms of free thought have been lost. Creating such a dependent society has many risks in the long run as the people have been desensitized to any level of stress and thus communities can easily deteriorate into anarchy when things go wrong.

To top it off the system acts as the sole eyes and ears of the nation and carries out justice as it sees fit. It can even bend its own rules, and thus cut out any problematic members of society. Essentially, the entire nation lives solely by the mercy of Sybil. Oh, and let’s not forget that it has its eyes set on the international stage.

Final Thoughts:

Psych-Pass’s plot essentially revolves around the most dangerous in society and those responsible for apprehending them. Its characters are complex, dynamic and its situations call for action and introspection. Such a show, demands for morally gray areas to be explored and anarchy to be released. Thankfully, the writers don’t shirk away from this duty and provide one hell of a trip down the road of chaos. What do you guys think of this list?

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