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  • Episodes : 22
  • Genre : Action, Sci-fi, Police
  • Airing Date : Oct. 12th, 2012 - Mar. 2nd, 2013
  • Producers : Production I.G., Dentsu, FUNimation, Fuji TV

Psycho-Pass Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

Psycho-Pass takes place in the near future where people live their lives under a system that judges others for their crimes. This is based on measuring the quality of a persons state of mind and personality by monitoring their emotions, desires, and so forth.

This kind of information is recorded and processed by the Sibyl System that determines the well being of an individual who poses a threat to society known as, Psycho-Pass. And those who are tasked with handling such threats from individuals whose crime coefficient exceeded a certain level are called Enforcers.

Depending on your coefficient level, some are pursued, apprehended, and killed on the spot if necessary.

Who does Psycho-Pass cater to?

Psycho-Pass takes place in a future dystopia of Japan, where there are public sensors throughout the city scanning everyone that comes into view. With sensors measuring the probability of a persons mental state, it is easy to become a suspect if you have the tendency or urge to cause harm to another.

The Sibyl System is there to keep order in society, so everyone can live a safe and peaceful life.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

What's appealing about Psycho-Pass is the strict life of those who are the Enforcers. Constantly on the lookout for anyone who seems unease and troubled, even from each other. Watching the show has you wandering if the world would ever develop to the ways of the Sibyl System and how life will cooperate with such judgement.

You can be peaceful one second, but if something happens that brings the anger out or disrupts your psychological reasoning, you may find yourself judged. This series will definitely have you thinking on a psychological level of the actions that take place. Psycho-Pass is a must watch!

Psycho-Pass Season One - Official Trailer

Psycho-Pass Main Characters List

Shinya Kougami

Voice Actor :Tomokazu Seki

Kougami is an Unit 1 enforcement officer for the Public Safety Bureau of latent criminals, who is tasked with managing crime in the city. He used to be an Inspector in the past, but that all changed due to an unfortunate event that caused his coefficient level to rise having him apprehended.

However, because of his skills as a detective, he was granted release under conditions that he works as an enforcer. He becomes the lead investigator during the series main plot due to his grudge with the main antagonist, Makishima.

Shougo Makishima

Voice Actor :Takahiro Sakurai

Makishima is a natural, manipulative anarchist and is matched by his combat skills. He's an humanist who is obsessed with cruelty, savagery, and is fond of all of human natures worst aspects.

Having a tendency to quote famous literature he adores, most of the major crimes Public Safety Bureau has dealt with has been a direct cause from Makishima.

And it all began with Kougami, and that one fateful night that would change his life forever.

Akane Tsunemori

Voice Actor :Kana Hanazawa

Akane is a newly assigned Inspector for Public Safety Bureau Unit 1, and is considered a straightedge modeled citizen because of her excellent investigative skills and calm demeanor. Akane has acquired this position for her high scores in the exams at several public sectors and private corporations of employment.

She chose to be a police woman because no one in the force had received a score as high as hers, and that makes her believe she can contribute in ways no one else can. Little did she know, her actions would have consequences.

Contains Spoilers

Psycho-Pass Review

Psycho-Pass is a very unique anime series that has many people thinking it's a complete rip-off of Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg. I can actually see that and would understand the resemblance, but, the story and situations in Psycho-Pass seem more realistic compared to Minority Report.

Psycho-Pass has that quality everyone enjoys, which is a believable story, plot, character development, and unique situations that have the viewers guessing every minute of the series. If there is one thing I love about anime, its anime that doesn't follow the normal rules of said topics above. I can honestly say, not all the time did I know what was going to take place at certain points of the series, and that's what really got me hooked.

The story is fantastic, a world that determines the lives of those who attempt to commit a crime or have already taken action in a crime is interesting. It was great the series pointed out the tool used to measure a persons coefficient level is in fact a tool that determines the kind of judgement for a criminal, the Dominator.

The Dominator is a pistol shaped weapon, as well as the tool needed to judge a person. These Dominators are linked to the Sibyl System and determine the identity and coefficient level of an individual when it is pointed at them. There are three firing modes for the Dominator and are activated depending on the person's coefficient level, and they are Non-Lethal Paralyzer, Lethal Eliminator, and a Destroy Decomposer.

The cool and safe part about this weapon, is the Dominator can only be activated and operated by an authorized user, and will not judge anyone who has a low coefficient level, rendering it useless. I believe the coefficient level the Dominator needs in order to activate by measuring an individual is:

Under 100: Dominator trigger will be locked and no action will take place.
100 - 299: Dominator will activate Non-Lethal Paralyzer, stunning the suspect.
Over 300: Dominator will activate Lethal Eliminator, killing the suspect on the spot

And for those who have seen the series, you know that if the suspect is shot with the Lethal Eliminator activated, they will bloat up and explode in the most obscene way. It's pretty crazy.

Now, the main story follows Akane and her transition in becoming an Inspector for the MWPSB. Coming straight out of the academy, her presence is immediately detected as a straightedge, naive girl who somewhat lets her ego as Inspector get the best of her. This is until she begins to develop a relationship as partners with Kougami.

Kougami, who used to be an Inspector, is now an enforcer because his coefficient level reached 100 - 299 when he witnessed his partners murder by Makishima. This was a great setup in the story that develops later on into the series which begins the hunt for Makishima, who seeks to destroy the Sibyl System by committing bioterrorism to weaken Japan's economy.

A weak economy, means no support for Sibyl.

One of the best points about the Sibyl System is how it was made up of a room filled with selected brains from individuals who possessed a unique mind and train of thought that was determined useful for the systems judgement for citizens coefficient levels.

Makishima knew this and saw the flaw in the Sibyl System as being irrational when it came to human emotions. Thus, making false judgements on certain individuals.

So if there is one way to bring down a system which depends on the countries economy and their minds, bioterrorism is the best way to do so. The idea of committing such acts to ensure the collapse of a system is very realistic.

I feel this is what made the plot of the story strong and memorable. Furthermore, the character development helped make this believable as well.

You also have a great interpretation of the enforcers and their former lives before working for the MWPSB. With most of them latent criminals being recruited for their useful skills, they really have a side to them that makes you understand and appreciate their current positions.

Others though, have been Inspectors before and became latent criminals due to certain situations which caused their coefficient levels to rise.

They are now enforcers and have a new understanding for the MWPSB, and conduct their actions very differently now that they don't have to worry about their coefficient level rising to a certain extent. As long as their coefficient doesn't pass 299, they're good.

The art in Psycho-Pass is nicely done and definitely has a unique look to it as far as the character illustrations and action sequences that take place. Although, some of the female characters in the show had eyes that were a little lazy and droopy for my taste.

It was something I couldn't get passed when seeing Akane, but, I do feel it made her character more believable in intense situations. However, when she was happy, not so much.

There are a lot of human nature references in Psycho-Pass, as well as it putting the viewer through psychological discussions with one's self. With the theme being dark and edgy, you can't help but immerse yourself in the world of the enforcers and the Sibyl System that oversees them, and the rest of Japan.

1. Dominator

The Dominator is a weapon that is unique as far as being a tool to pass judgement. It's not the first time we've seen such a weapon, for instance, Star Trek had a gun you could set at different modes, Judge Dredd as well. But, the Dominator stood out more for its measuring of the psychological state of ones mind.

Not only does it out perform other weapons, it also has the Destroy Decomposer mode can easily take out an armored truck. It is definitely a weapon to fear.

2. Sibyl System

With the reference to Minority Report, the Sibyl System stands out more because it doesn't need gifted individuals to operate its processing power. Instead, it uses a collected number of human brains which are still functioning. When they're all linked into one system, they not only identify each individual in view, it also knows if a person is at risk of committing a crime.

Of course, no system is perfect, and maybe it's because they lack emotional judgement needed to determine the best interest of the criminal.

3. Enforcers

Enforcers are made up primarily of individuals who have been apprehended for their crime coefficient level being higher than 100-299. Most of the time, those have coefficients between those levels are held in prison until their level drop below the 100 mark.

Although, if someone possesses unique skills useful to the MWPSB, they will be offered a position to help with one condition. To run or act against an inspector, will result in immediate judgement. Execution.

The outcome of the series has all the characters true colors surfacing that would extend into the next season of Psycho-Pass. I really enjoyed watching Psych-Pass and the thick plot it had in this 22 episode series.

Overall, Psycho-Pass had me on the edge of my seat wait eagerly for the next episode to air. If you haven't seen this anime, watch it immediately or forever hold you peace. I would strongly recommend marathoning this anime, the feeling you get from watching back-to-back is better than watching a few episodes at a time.

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