Top 10 Delightful Skip Beat! Manga Characters

While the Skip Beat! manga came out years ago, the manga itself is still enjoying a great deal of popularity despite its 40+ volumes and counting. With its funny scenarios, delightful cast, and all of the character development, it is no wonder that Skip Beat! is able to keep going for as long as it is. However, what is our favorite part about Skip Beat!? What exactly makes Skip Beat! stand out from the rest?

Kyouko’s story may not be the most original in the world of manga, but Skip Beat! contains a plethora of delightful characters that make Skip Beat! the amazing manga that it is. It’s one of the longer running shoujo manga series and we can see why. Today, we here at Honey’s Anime are going to be talking about the Skip Beat! manga characters that make the manga as great as it is. Yes, we’ll be looking at the top 10 delightful Skip Beat! manga characters that we know you all love!

10. Aki Shoko

Aki Shoko is Shou’s manager. She can worry about Shou a lot and even lets him stay at her place, although it is clear she has no romantic interest in Shou. At the beginning of Skip Beat!, it is shown that Shoko knows about Kyouko’s situation and pities her. Shoko is one of the few characters that has seen Kyouko transform into who she is now.

While many might be willing to dismiss Shoko right away as she seems to be the reason why Shou was never there for Kyouko while in Tokyo, Shoko is actually a very kind-hearted individual. Shoko wants to help Shou better himself and even nags him about not going to school. At first, Shoko appears to flirt with Shou, but she is the first to notice Shou’s feelings towards Kyouko and tries to help him realize them as well. Unfortunately, whenever Shoko gives advice to Shou, he takes it the wrong way and does something stupid. We can thank this Skip Beat! manga character for all of her help in Shou’s silly scenarios!

9. Hizuri Kuu

Hizuri Kuu is a character introduced later in Skip Beat! He is also known as Hozu Shuuhei, a former stage name of his. At the moment in the manga that he is introduced, Kuu lives in America, although he comes to Japan to visit.

Kyouko is assigned to take care of him, although Kuu does a good job at trying to irk Kyouko. In truth, Kuu is a tired man who really wants to see his son. Kuu is the reason for Ren’s complex, but in truth, Kuu really loves his son so much so that he would attempt to irritate Kyouko so that she would complain to Ren and have Ren run over to see him. Kuu poses as a great inspiration for Kyouko as he encourages her to take on as many roles as she can, even if typecasted as a “Mio” type. He even has Kyouko pose as his son “Kuon” to improve her skills, although it surprises Ren! Although Kuu isn’t actually in the manga until later, he does a lot for Ren’s initial personality and adds to his and Kyouko’s development, which is why he deserves to be on our list of delightful Skip Beat! manga characters.

8. Kotonami “Moko” Kanae

Nicknamed “Moko” by Kyouko, Kanae is Kyouko’s best friend and fellow LOVE ME, member. Kanae has an enormous family she is taking care of and does her best to care for her siblings. Kanae is extremely competitive and initially regarded Kyouko as just a rival, but no regards Kyouko as one of her friends, and will even go out of her way to get Kyouko a gift that she thinks suits her. As an actress, Kyouko is extremely talented, capable of memorizing lines in seconds, and able to produce tears in seconds.

Kanae comes off as cold and harsh, especially to Kyouko, but she has a sweet side that we cannot ignore. She’s loyal to Kyouko and is not fond of people who are mean to Kyouko, but she also doesn’t hesitate to tell Kyouko where she is lacking. However, Kanae is one of the few people that gets all of Kyouko’s adoration no matter what. Kanae’s contribution to Skip Beat! as Kyouko’s best friend and fellow LOVE ME, member, is hilarious and we just can’t help but love her. We can also relate a lot to Kanae, don’t you agree?

7. Reino

Reino is a rather dark and creepy individual from the group, Vie Ghoul. Reino comes up with the idea of mimicking Fuwa Shou’s style and music to steal all of his fans just for fun. Reino also seems to like dark magic and is capable of seeing Kyouko’s spirit manifestations.

Not much is known about Reino, but you cannot deny that his brief contribution to Skip Beat! is wonderful. From blackmailing Kyouko into giving him Valentine’s Day chocolate to his “subtle” confession to his harassment, Reino has brought a lot of excitement into Skip Beat! While he does not actually do much as a potential love interest in Kyouko (his appearances are few and far between), Reino adds a bit of drama and excitement, especially into Shou’s story. Funny enough, Reino seems to spark more between Kyouko and Shou.

6. Yukihito Yashiro

Yukihito Yashiro is Ren’s manager. He’s very frail yet is always taking care of Ren when he’s not doing well. Yashiro has also become one of Kyouko’s confidants, especially when it comes to Ren. Yashiro is extremely clumsy and has the ability to destroy an electronic device by holding it with his bare hands for longer than 10 seconds, much to Ren’s fear. Despite this, Yashiro is an extremely capable manager.

How could you not love Yashiro? Yashiro starts off as a minor Skip Beat! manga character at the beginning, but he slowly becomes the series’ comic relief, especially when Ren is involved. While Ren may get angry and stir our fear, Yashiro’s exaggerated reactions can’t help but crack us up. Let’s not forget when he threatened Ren by holding Ren’s cellphone in his bare hands! Yashiro is crack up, but he’s also the type of manager Ren needs and a great friend to Kyouko as well.

5. Takarada Maria

Takarada Maria is the granddaughter or Lory. Her father is very busy and she often spends a lot of time alone causing trouble. Kyouko first met Maria when she stumbled into an audition waiting room and burst into tears. While everyone tried to console Maria, Kyouko chastised her. Since then, Maria has idolized Kyouko and spends a lot of time hanging around Kyouko when she can. Maria also has a crush on Tsuruga Ren.

Maria is one of the first souls that is touched by Kyouko and luckily, she’s a recurring character throughout the series. Maria may seem like a brat at first, but she’s actually really sweet and she does her part in getting the story going. She also brings out the soft side of Kyouko and Ren. In fact, Maria reminds Kyouko of a younger version of herself, always waiting for her parent.

4. Takarada Lory

Takarada Lory is the president of L.M.E. He’s a rather outlandish individual who everyone seems to think is excessive, especially when it comes to entrances. Lory really knows how to make an entrance, and is one for gaudy displays, but as the president, people don’t say anything about Lory’s displays. Lory even has an entourage to pull off his entrances.

Lory, also known as Rori, is a hilarious Skip Beat! manga character who always seems to be more of comedic relief than anything else. However, he is one of the wiser characters in Skip Beat! as he understands both Kyouko and Ren better than they do themselves. Lory’s serious side and fun loving seem to completely contrast each other. For most of the story, Lory poses as the wise grandfather who watches over Ren and Kyouko like his own children, although he knows when to play the boss as well.

3. Fuwa Shou

Fuwa Shou is Kyouko’s childhood friend and apparent heir to a ryoukan in the country. He ran away to Tokyo with Kyouko to pursue a career as an idol and was apparently successful. Although Shou brought Kyouko to take care of him in Tokyo, he has no feelings for her and makes it known that he prefers women with big breasts and a fashion sense. It is Shou’s tricking of Kyouko that sparked the events of Skip Beat! and gave us the plot that we all love today.

Many people would be prone to hating Shou at first, but as the story goes on, Shou becomes a more delightful Skip Beat! manga character. He becomes more complex, especially when Vie Ghoul comes into the picture. And as Skip Beat! moves forward, we see more of how Shou cherishes his relationship and memories with Kyouko, although he has always just seen Kyouko as his and never given any real regard for her feelings. Plus, all of Shou’s appearance, while tense for Kyouko, end up being ridiculously hilarious!

2. Tsuruga Ren

Tsuruga Ren is a rather mysterious man and Kyouko’s senpai at their company. Throughout most of the manga, not much is known about him, although it is obvious that he is “Corn” from Kyouko’s childhood. Ren suffers from a great deal of stress and inner demons, but it is clear that Kyouko brightens his mood. While Ren acts polite and charming in front of everyone else, in front of Kyouko, he can act like a demon, scaring even Kyouko into hating him at first.

Ren is the undebated love interest of Kyouko in Skip Beat! and there’s a good reason for it. While Ren does emotionally manipulate Kyouko (can you really deny that regardless of how sweet he is?), Ren shows often how much he cares for Kyouko and is willing to take care of her, although he sometimes pulls away and asks as a jerk when she says something dumb. Ren is a rather mysterious character with a complex past, but he has a major part in Kyouko’s life.

1. Mogami Kyouko

Our main character, Mogami Kyouko, is the spunky girl with vicious inner demons and a stubborn will. She is the childhood friend of Fuwa Shou and the kouhai of Tsuruga Ren. Kyouko came all the way to Tokyo, giving up her chance at going to school, to be with Shou because he said he needed her, but found out that Shou was using her. Now, she dedicates herself to becoming an actress who can crush Shou.

Kyouko is an adorable character who can go from vengeful to a sweet princess in a matter of panels. This is how she really blows her cover in front of Shou, who knows Kyouko better than she seems to realize. Kyouko is also extremely talented as an actress and able to really pull the emotions of her character out to portray them with fearful accuracy on screen. As a character, Kyouko is completely dynamic and there is no end to how much she can surprise readers! While she seems very simple at times (like her dreams of being a princess), Kyouko has real depth to her like in childhood trauma with her mother, and how she reacts to things like love. There are so many sides to our main character that it really takes Kyouko out of the box and is the reason why Kyouko earns herself the spot of our most delightful Skip Beat! manga character!

Final Thoughts

Skip Beat! has to be one of the better shoujo anime that has come out that isn’t completely romance oriented. The manga is even better as we get to see more depth to our favorite characters who make the series as great as it truly is! Now, there are a lot of Skip Beat! manga characters and we’ve only touched the surface so please feel free to share your favorite characters and character moments in the comments below!

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