Top 10 Discontinued Manga [Best Recommendations]

Manga readers hate when their favorite series go on hiatus but many forget there is a worse fate for manga we love. That’s right folks, when a manga stops production because of budget issues or poor sales the series becomes discontinued. This is a fate that means the end of a series and it kills us here at Honey’s Anime when it happens. Though to show we haven’t forgotten about some of the best discontinued manga, we have created this Top 10 Discontinued Manga list to act as both a memorial and a means of showing the world what manga died before their time.

Now for this discontinued manga list, we wish to first discuss a few ground rules we laid out for ourselves. There are a ton of manga out there that have been cancelled or discontinued for various reason but we’re only mentioning the ones that are considered extremely popular by us and fans. We are also omitting any manga that have been cancelled/discontinued because of a mangaka’s death. This list is for manga that were discontinued by choice of the mangaka or the production company. With those rules laid out, let us now being our Top 10 Discontinued Manga list properly. We apologize in advance for bringing back any sad memories of these series dying off in the world.

10. .hack//Link: Tasogare no Kishidan

  • Authors: Kikuya, Megane- CyberConnect2
  • Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Game
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: Oct, 2007- 2009

The famous online game known as the World is getting an upgrade. Now called The World R:X new features have been included making the game even more popular. However, middle school gamer Tokio Kuryuu is about to see The World R:X in a different way than most. When a strange girl appears before Tokio, she unleashes a strange power and sends Tokio inside the game. Now Tokio must learn why she decided to do this and how to escape from this virtual landscape.

Many fans of .hack//Sign know the fate already of .hack//Link: Tasogare no Kishidan. While it seemed as if .hack//Link: Tasogare no Kishidan was doing well, by volume 3, the series just died out. Was it poor sales or lack of fan base? Few will ever know. That’s why despite our love for .hack//Link: Tasogare no Kishidan it must be included in our Top 10 Discontinued Manga list which is a real shame since .hack//Link: Tasogare no Kishidan will never get an ending and will forever be unfinished.

9. Date A Live

  • Authors: Tachibana, Koushi- Takanashi, Ringo
  • Genres: Mecha, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: Apr, 2012- Nov, 2012

Dating girls can be a rough thing for most guys. Though for Itsuka Shidou, dating girls means more about saving the world. With a secret power only he has, Shidou must make alien-like women infused with power fall in love with him and then seal their powers with a kiss. Shidou’s first target is a girl with a rather large sword and an even bigger appetite. Who knew dating could be this deadly?

Many ecchi/mecha fans know about Date A Live in anime or light novel form. That’s why when Date A Live was officially given the green light for a manga adaptation, fans were more than willing to relive Shidou’s girl problems once again. However, unlike the longer running anime and light novel series that has Shidou getting with many different lovely ladies, the manga series would only ever release one volume which ended with Tooka’s tale. It always is a bummer to see a series end so early like Date A Live’s manga, but it’s even worse when it ends barely a year in its conception. Though at least if you want more action, ecchi and romance you can always continue with the light novels which are still releasing as of today.

8. Keijo!!!!!!!!

  • Authors: Sorayomi, Daichi
  • Genres: Action, Ecchi, Shounen, Sports
  • Volumes: 18
  • Published: Jul, 2013- Apr, 2017

In a not so distant future a new water sport has emerged in Japan. This sport is known as Keijo. Those that participate in Keijo fight in aquatic arenas to push their opponents into the water using only their chests and buttocks. A future Keijo hopeful named Nozomi Kaminashi has decided to enter the Setouchi Keijo Training School to learn how to participate in Keijo and hopefully find her way to big leagues. However, among a slew of other women who want the same can Nozomi use her body and make it to the top?

As ridiculous as Keijo!!!!!!!! was, the idea was truly something unique. With an anime release and signs of a fanbase, Keijo!!!!!!!! seemed destined to be released for quite some time. That’s why here at Honey’s Anime we know we weren’t alone in our surprise of Keijo!!!!!!!! getting the axe and thus being concluded prematurely. Though it goes to show you no manga is safe from the possible horror that is being discontinued. Well, at least there are 18 volumes of Keijo!!!!!!!! that we can continuously reread for enjoyment.

7. Zombie Powder

  • Authors: Kubo, Tite
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published: Jul, 1999- Feb, 2000

In a desert somewhere in the world, there lies an ancient treasure known as the 12 Rings of the Dead. The reason this treasure is so well known is because many know that within the 12 Rings of the Dead lies an odd powder known as Zombie Powder. If a person somehow gains this Zombie Powder, they can use it to raise the dead and also gain immortality. Many want this powder but only one can claim it. Thus, a cybernetically enhanced warrior named Gamma Akutabi has assembled several other warriors to help him gain the Zombie Powder. Though soon Akutabi and his team will realize the desert might be dangerous but so is the Rings that guard the treasure.

If the name Kubo Tite comes to mind, then you’re probably a fan of his Bleach manga series. Though before Bleach came one of Tite’s original works in the form of Zombie Powder. Similar to Bleach, Zombie Powder had everything a shounen fan loves such as action, hot girls and great art. Though, Zombie Powder might have been awesome for some it wasn’t for the majority and at 4 volumes—or 27 chapters—Tite’s work Zombie Powder ended abruptly. Though we will never forget Zombie Powder and that’s why it will be immortalized on our Top 10 Discontinued Manga list.

6. Log Horizon

  • Authors: Touno, Mamare
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Sci-Fi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: May, 2012- Jun, 2013

Shiro is one of the 30,000 players of a MMORPG known as Ender Tales. Like so many, Shiro hops back on Ender Tales when an announcement for an expansion is announced. However, something odd happens and Shiro alongside the other players of Ender Tales find themselves transported into the game world itself. Now within their favorite game, Shiro alongside his fellow players must find a means to escape this world and learn why they were sent here in the first place.

Log Horizon isn’t a completely new contender in the whole being trapped in a video game genre but it certainly was one of the better titles to use this theme. With an amazing art style, some interesting changes to the trapped in a game genre and a fun fantasy world, Log Horizon’s manga adaption should have continued for some time given that the light novel series is already pretty lengthy and well received. However, mangaka Touno Mamare had to end the manga after only one volume when some real-world drama occurred forcing him to stop the series. Thus, Log Horizon went from hiatus to just being discontinued and that is really is a shame. Though with a two season anime and several light novel volumes, Log Horizon still can offer fans of the manga a means of continuing where it abruptly ends.

5. Double Arts

  • Authors: Komi, Naoshi
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Shounen
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: Mar, 2008- Sept, 2008

In a far-off world a horrible epidemic dubbed Troy cripples the land. Those infected with Troy begin to have horrible seizures with no means of stopping them. While there is some hope for relief in the powers of healing spells used by the Sisters, their powers only act as a temporary relief and not a cure. Though, when one of the sisters named Elraine becomes infected with Troy it seems as if her fate has been sealed. However, by some miracle Elraine is saved by a young boy named Kiri when he touches her. As long as they hold hands Elraine seems safe so does that mean these two must forever hold hands till a cure is found?!

Mangaka Komi Naoshi’s Double Arts seemed like a very impressive shounen work. Action, adventure and fantasy fused with martial arts and comedy had all the means of becoming a series that would become one of the more unique works out there in the manga landscape. Though for whatever reason, Double Arts failed to impress readers and at only 3 volumes, Doubt Arts ended. What would happen to Elraine and Kiri? Fans of Double Arts would forever be left in wondering just like we are here at Honey’s Anime.

4. Kagerou Meikyuu

  • Authors: Tanigawa, Nagaru- Natsumi, Kohane
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, School, Psychological
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published: Jun, 2008- Oct, 2009

Souji Kushiki has just returned from boarding school but finds his home life not as he left it. Souji’s sisters—Harumi, Youko and Saki—aren’t acting the same and their new behavior is odd. Clingy, emotionally unstable and creepy Souji’s sisters are almost completely different people. The day after, Souji is horrified to learn at school a student was pushed in front of a train leading to their death. No arrest was made and the murderer remains at large but Souji wonders if this murder has anything to do with his three sisters…

Kagerou Meikyuu’s story was thrilling and intense. Filled to the brim with impressive art and a clever murder mystery plot, many felt mangaka Tanigawa Nagaru and Natsumi Kohane—responsible for the art—had a great manga in store. However, as quickly as Kagerou Meikyuu released 2 volumes later the series would disappear. Now fans had a new mystery to solve. What happened to Kagerou Meikyuu to lead to this series abrupt cancellation?

3. Shaman King

  • Authors: Takei, Hiroyuki
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 32
  • Published: Jun, 1998- Aug, 2004

Every half a century a special tournament is held known as the Shaman Fight in Tokyo. Here those with mastery over seeing the dead, use their powers and spirits to fight for first place. If you can manage to win, you will gain the means of changing the world in some form that you decide. You Asakura is training with his fiancé Anna to enter the latest Shaman Fight but his competition won’t be a walk in the park. Get ready for a supernatural action story in the form of Shaman King!

Back in 1998, Shaman King was released to the world and the fanfare was pretty large. Considered by many to be one of the quintessential shounen works, Shaman King seemed to be a series that would last for quite some time. Though, as you’ll see with our next two entries, no shounen series is immune from being cut before its prime and Shaman King was told to end prematurely. Though, there is a silver lining to Shaman King’s cancellation in the form of a reboot in 2008 under the same name which offered fans of the original work a fully revamped story and an actual conclusion. Though, many will always remember the greatness of the original Shaman King and the dreaded speedy wrap up that left many fans feeling unsatisfied.

2. Mx0

  • Authors: Kano, Yasuhiro
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Magic, School, Shounen
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: May, 2006- May, 2008

If you lived in a world of magic what would you do and or wish for? Would you want to be a powerful warrior? Maybe you would use your magic to save others and become a famous mage. During an interview Kuzumi Taiga was asked this question and he only had one response, take over the world. Can taiga make this wish a reality? Find out in Mx0 where magic is an all too real things except for Taiga who has no magical skill whatsoever.

As we’re learning—or for some already knew—the shounen world has given us a slew of impressive manga works. Here at Honey’s Anime one series we loved—while it lasted—was Mx0. With impressive art, a funny magical story and tons of action, Mx0 impressed us with each chapter and volume release. However, the popularity of Mx0 didn’t do much to stop the sudden halt the series got from being released in the weekly Shounen Jump. Thus, Mx0 was canned before it could get to that illustrious chapter 100 which still hurts to see.

1. Psyren

  • Authors: Iwashiro, Toshiaki
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Game, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural Psychological
  • Volumes: 16
  • Published: 2007-2010

What is a hero? Some might consider those who help others to be pretty heroic. Though, for Ageha Yoshina while helping people might be a thing he does, he doesn’t do it without a price. Though when Ageha gets wrapped up in saving a fellow classmate from a fantasy world named Psyren, Ageha might have to remove his usual fees. Welcome to the world of Psyren where the world may be a game but losing means death.

Coming in at the top of Top 10 Discontinued Manga list is Psyren by mangaka Iwashiro Toshiaki. Psyren had a lot of potential to be a long running shounen manga like One Piece, Naruto and the like. However, with most works popularity is key and Psyren was just not hitting the numbers it needed to. Luckily, unlike some of the other titles on our list, Psyren was at least given an ending, albeit very rushed. Though fans have spoken on numerous sites—and us being one of them here at Honey’s Anime—that Psyren deserved more and could have easily been a longer work.

Final Thoughts

Manga ending prematurely is a pain we hate to experience here at Honey’s Anime. Though at times it’s just an unfortunate reality that must occur. With so many manga out there, that have fallen to this fate though we’re sure our Top 10 Discontinued Manga list didn’t mention all of them. Let us know which manga you hated seeing end early in the comments below. As always folks if you love our work here at Honey’s Anime there is plenty more coming at you soon but our site already has hundreds of manga articles you can enjoy while you wait for new ones to be released.

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